1. fungchewuchi

    WoW 20's Atlas Dragonflight

    Chubakass's old spreadsheet used to be my fav back in the heydays of SL 20s, and with the renewed interest in socket gear because we can now stack sl gems for speed & hps, I thought people would appreciate it if someone updated things for current ilvls. Thus: WoW 20's Atlas Dragonflight (beta)...
  2. Twentified Patch 10.20 Update Development Notes

    Twentified Dragonflight: Guardians of the Dream 10.2 Update Development Notes CHARACTERS New! Updated model and customizations for Moonkins. 4 new hair colors for Blood Elf. CLASSES DEMON HUNTER Sigil of Flame is now baseline. Chaos Nova has been added to talent tree. Sigil of Misery has...
  3. Zpectre

    LvL 11 or LvL 20 character

    Question: Which is more fun to play PVE? As of now I have a Druid, warrior, monk and mage @ LvL 10/11, but I am curious if it makes any sense to level them to 20? Note: I do not wish to take part in any pvp activities
  4. Simplified PTR 10.1.5 Patch Notes for 20s

    World of Warcraft Version 10.1.5 PTR – Fractures in Time Well, I guess since Conzil didn't announce anything today, I'll put out some simplified news for 20s. The next PTR is setup to expand Warlock pet customizations, and fixing Chromie time, as well as removing most restrictions. Other...
  5. Zulu

    20s Never Dies

    Hello <3 Firstly I would like to say, despite the road bumps, the abandoned desert which is our current bracket. 20s will never die. Why? We are THE free to play bracket. We have started a new initiative to help onboard new players to WoW via the 20s bracket, with daily dungeons being run to...
  6. Szivexe

    How long does It take to fully gear a warforged 20s twink?

    I'm not new to twinking, but I quit after they implemented the seperate xpoff brackets. I see the vet 20s are still good though... I was thinking of going all out and having every class as a 20s twink but it would entirely depend on the time to gear and I have zero idea what the rates are having...
  7. Twentified Patch 10.0.05 PTR Notes

    TWENTIFIED DRAGONFLIGHT 10.0.5 PTR DEVELOPMENT NOTES NEW FEATURE: TRADING POST A new feature is making its way to World of Warcraft — the Trading Post! Complete monthly activities to earn currency toward decking out your characters in cosmetic transmogs, pets, and mounts— with new items and...
  8. List of Quests That Can Proc Epic (ilvl 87)

    This is not fully tested, but any corrections/additions are welcome. Quests marked as Green, reward a green, but can upgrade to a blue ilvl 61, and double upgrade to an epic ilvl 87. Quests marked as Blue, will grant a guaranteed a blue ilvl 61, and have a chance to upgrade to an epic ilvl 87...
  9. Vito.

    Reviving Wargames/Plebmades

    Well, I guess I am back for a bit and thinking of bringing back 10v10 wargames. There were many questions on rules and how these usually are ran, but those who have already played plebmades in BFA this will just be a refresher or rules have been added. First off there are many viable comps...
  10. asa

    Sky Golem for F2P

    Besides being a huge time sink, is it possible to make a https://www.wowhead.com/item=95416/sky-golem being a solo F2P?
  11. Vet account turned free trial

    Hello , I recently asked Gm for 1 day of free gametime to try update twink (told gm it to buy token), it was granted but now it expired and i can't q BG (Free trial acc can't perform this action). I don't get it why i lost vet status. Is it really possible they saw i tricked them and want to f...
  12. asa

    Mages on solo dungeon

    There's any enchant or item for Mages and other caster like lifesteal, proc healing or shields for a pure solo FTP? Or anything to make them viable?
  13. senseisamxd

    Question on shoulder enchants

    So, I've been seeing a lot of armories where they have +2 AP and +2 crit on shoulders. example: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/bleeding-hollow/Anthania Any info on where to get it? I've been scouring the forms and wowhead for a while with no luck
  14. Twentified 9.2.5 Patch Notes

    NEW UPDATE!!! - Class Tuning 5/27/2022 - Source: https://www.wowhead.com/blue-tracker/topic/us/class-tuning-and-pvp-adjustments-coming-in-9-2-5-1250542 CLASSES All classes now generate more threat when in a tank specialization. HUNTER Beast Mastery All damage abilities and pet damage...
  15. Is There a "Best" Rogue Spec Atm

    Just rolled a rogue without really knowing what spec to play. Any input would be helpful, doesn't have to be the meta just wanna know what's viable atm. Thanks!
  16. scrow666

    20s F2P achivments, fishing and more.

    Generally i want to ask your ideas of what can we do f2p with our 20lvl twinks other than PVP and gear up. In my case i farm some of the world events (even the micro ones i think they are the best) and with farm i mean that i gather some pets, mounts and achievements. I do the Anglers rep for...
  17. Syneptic

    20s BGs don't open?

    Hi everyone, I'm playing on EU (Krag'jin) and I get baaarely any BGs to open. If they open it's always like 4vs10 players. Could be 10 Hordes vs. 4 Allies, or sometimes 10 Allies vs. 4 Hordes, they're always unequal. Do BGs open where you guys are playing? If so, on what servers are you...
  18. Kakakaka

    SL 20 Wargames

    With the amount of response on the previous thread, I'm going to organize wargames again. The first form will be on: January 14, 2022 at 8:00 PM EST. There will be streams available for those who want to watch. Rules regarding the games are in the discord under the info tab. I hope to see you...
  19. Kakakaka

    Wargame Interest?

    Hey. Been about half a year since the previous set of wargames, and since then a lot of changes have gone through that have changed the meta a bit. To the point, I want to know how many people are still around and willing to play. If this thread gets enough votes to satisfy me, then I will...
  20. Ivo

    20s Arena War Game Discord [EU]

    Hello everyone! A few guys from the EU arena community made an arena server with a similar goal as the US one https://xpoff.com/threads/20s-arena-discord.96764/ . Everyone who wants to play is welcome regardless of skill level. We have all kinds of players ranging from absolute noobs to multi...