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Is there some way to remove a poll from a thread if it has been closed? Looks ugly with a poll on top of my thread, and I might wanna poll other things in the future.
Come join Warlords of Warsong on Mankrik (H) or Pagle (A) today! Both guilds are fully funding 19s, the most active twink guild in the game wants you! We do weekly events, guild and 19 community, with cash and gold prizes. We offer Guild Currency that can be used to buy WoW Sub time, Merchandise, and some gear! This is a Twink guild like no other!
Day 2 : Finally leveled up to 20 in BGs and it was fun actually winning as alliance for once XD got two achievements
Started farming Halls of valor for the Speed trinket and got it in 5 runs :0
Going to keep farming for a speed proc so I'll never have to farm it ever again :)