Mages on solo dungeon

There's any enchant or item for Mages and other caster like lifesteal, proc healing or shields for a pure solo FTP? Or anything to make them viable?
I mean, it might be worth to swap to frost to get Blizzard and CoC. You lose the raw damage output of Arcane, but you can kite groups far easier.
If Frost, might be useful to pick Ice Nova and cast it at the end of Frost Nova's duration (to trigger Shatter crits).

On 2-3 mobs packs, I guess single target arcane damage should be superior. Remember to Poly and Slow If needed.
Your mage shield is based on your base HP, so shifting a bit into stamina can help with the part where you can refill it every 30 seconds. That, the heirloom neck, and smart use of Alter time can give you some more HP cushion.

Still, mages aren't going to be a primary soloing class. You're going to have to reduce your incoming damage while hoping to kill priority targets before they can kill you.

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