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<Golden Twinkies> We need more 20 twinks! We’ve made lots of new rules for wargames to make them way more competitive and fun! Come join the largest twink guild on retail!
What an interesting day thus far.
Happy Norwegian independence day boys <3
Dollar Store finds: Warcraft Pop Up hardcover book 5$ The art of Diablo hardcover book 5$ WTF that's almost 100$ on Amazon rn. Huge score for my library ❤️
Still kinda funny they plan on allowing us access to the MoP event, if we can make our cape scale as high as we can see on some pictures we'll be broken as hell, even more than on DF. It's not like f2p are already known for being overpowered with appropriate level gear. Maybe there'll be some kind of limitation but I sure do hope there won't be.

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