Twentified 11.0 PTR Patch Notes - Release Date: July 23rd


The War Within Pre-Expansion PTR Development Notes
Release: July 23rd, 2024

Hi guys, long time no see! With the expansion right around the corner, I just wanted to gloss over some of the major changes happening in a few weeks. If you feel like something was missed and should be added, feel free to comment down below.



Highlights for F2P Players:

  • New! Account-Wide Storage (Warbands)
  • New! Flight paths will now be unlocked account-wide
  • New Riding Skill! Artisan Riding and Skyriding (Both Regular Flight and Dragonriding)
  • New Dragonriding Mounts! All current flying mounts can now be used for Dragonriding
  • New Zone! Access to the Dragon Isles/Bel’ameth
  • New Transmog Restrictions! Add items to Transmog Wardrobe, regardless of level or equipment-type (e.g. Island Expedition gear). Also, the ability to Hide Pants PepeLaugh.
  • New Account-Bound Currency Conversions! Transfer currencies such as Curious Coins, Seafarer's Dubloons, and Timewarped Badges between all your characters! F2P players can finally buy the mount!
  • New PVP Battleground! - Deephaul Ravine (10v10)
  • New Class! Dracthyr Evokers (Starting at level 10)
  • New Pre-Event! For a Ring Heirloom (Band of Radiant Echoes), 32/30 slot bags, Transmogs and Battle Pets
  • New Dungeons! Follower Dungeons (Play Dragonflight dungeons with NPCs)
  • New UI Overhaul! Spellbook and Character Select Screen

Major Class Changes:

  • Expand the potential of your alts with account-wide progression across your family of characters on your account, regardless of their Faction.
  • Share Warband Bank access, Dragonflight and War Within Renown, achievements, collections and more.
  • Your account may take several minutes to gather and convert all characters on first login.
  • The first Warbank tab will cost 1000g.

  • Human Racial: No Place Like Home – Your Hearthstone cooldown is reduced by 5 minutes and gains an additional charge. Replaces Diplomacy. (No More +10% Rep for Humans)

  • The amount of talent loadouts that can be saved on a per character has been increased to 40 (was 10).
  • Talents that increase melee range have been removed.
  • All Fear, Silence, Sleep, Stun, and Interrupt visual effects have been updated with a new visual. Additionally, all movement speed slowing effects greater than 50% will now display a universal Slow visual on the target.

  • New Login page and character select screen. 4 characters can be pinned, across all realms.
  • View character professions from the character select screen.
  • View character gold from the character select screen.
  • The number of character macro slots has increased to 30 (was 18).
  • A map legend has been added to the main map next to the pin and filter options.

  • Players can now add items that cannot be equipped to their wardrobe. (This includes higher level items.)
  • Players can now hide pants.

  • New PVP Battleground - Deephaul Ravine - 10v10 PVP battleground, similar to Silvershard Mines, with a capture point in the center.

(NOTE: There will be portals to active event zones in the middle of Legion Dalaran.)
  • On the first week, events happen every 90 minutes. On the second week, every 60 minutes. On the third week and fourth, every 30 minutes.
  • The active event portal will be highlighted.
  • Be there ASAP, the event typically ends 10-30 minutes after starting.
  • Final bosses are Invulnerable for up to 1 minute after spawning.
Residual Memories (Warbound Currency) - Used to purchase items from the event vendor. 1500 per weekly per zone (x3). 500 per boss. Can be repeated on alts and transferred.
Band of Radiant Echoes - New Heirloom Ring available. Crafted using 1 Lifeless Stone Ring (sold by vendor), and 20 memories from each zone.
Memory of Northrend, Memory of the Eastern Kingdoms, Memory of Kalimdor - 1 per mini-event, 5 per final boss. Used to craft the new Heirloom Ring.

Zone Rotation: Searing Gorge -> Dustwallow Marsh -> Dragonblight
  • During the first week of the event, zones will cycle every 90 minutes. (7/30 - 8/5)
  • During the second week of the event, zones will cycle every 60 minutes. (8/6 - 8/12)
  • During the third and fourth weeks of the event, zones will cycle every 30 minutes. (8/13 - 8/26)



  • Reduced the percentage granted by Avoidance and Leech rating by 50%.

  • Chains of Ice now learned at level 13.
  • Anti-Magic Shell now learned at level 14.
  • New Talent: Death Pact.
  • New Talent: Death’s Reach.
  • Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle can now be Runeforged on 1-handed weapons.
  • Veteran of the Third War now grants 20% Stamina (was 10%). Now a 1-point talent (was 2).
  • Outbreak now learned at level 13.
  • Epidemic now learned at level 18.
  • Sudden Doom causes your next Death Coil or Epidemic to critically strike.
  • Sudden Doom now also causes your next Death Coil/Epidemic to burst a Festering Wound.
  • Dark Transformation cooldown reduced to 45 seconds (was 60 seconds).


  • New Talent: Feline Swiftness.
  • Swiftmend and Moonkin Form have been removed from the talent tree and made baseline for the respective specs.
  • Moonkin Form is now baseline.
  • Mastery: Razor Claws has been redesigned – Now increases damage of Cat Form bleed and other periodic abilities.
  • Cat Form no longer increases the range of auto-attacks and melee abilities by 3 yards.
  • Swiftmend is learned at level 11.

  • Evokers now start at level 10 (was level 58).
  • Evokers now unlock the talent pane immediately after choosing a specialization in the Forbidden Reach, and they no longer learn “temporary” talents as they complete the Forbidden Reach experience.
  • Several base spells that were previously learned at level 58 are now learned at level 10.

Beast Mastery
  • Harpoon is learned at level 14.
  • New Talent: Mongoose Bite.
  • New Talent: Flanker’s Advantage.
  • New Talent: Quick Shot.
  • New Talent: Lunge.
  • Mastery: Spirit Bond has been redesigned – You and your pet deal increased damage and take 3% reduced damage, increased by 100% when within 25 yards of each other.
  • Tip of the Spear has been redesigned – Kill Command increases the damage of your next non-pet spell by 15%, stacking up to 3 times.

  • Arcane Missiles has been redesigned – Can now only be cast when you have Clearcasting.
  • Arcane Familiar has been redesigned – Casting Arcane Intelligence also summons you a Familiar that attacks your enemies and increases your maximum mana by 10% for 1 hour. Now passive.
  • Clearcasting has a 10% chance of triggering when casting any damaging spell.
  • Arcane Orb is now baseline.
  • New Talent: Consortium’s Bauble.
  • New Talent: Arcing Cleave.
  • New Talent: Charged Orb.
  • You can no longer trigger Clearcasting by casting damaging spells while out of combat.
  • Arcane Surge is now guaranteed to generate Clearcasting.
  • Arcane Blast now has a 5% increased chance to generate Clearcasting.


  • Multiple applications of Greater Judgment may overlap. This also functions with Retribution’s multiple stack application.
  • Sanctuary has been redesigned – Consecration’s benefit persists for 4 seconds after you leave it.
  • Mastery: Hand of Light has been renamed to Mastery: Highlord’s Judgment – Now also causes Judgment to have a chance to blast the target with the Light, dealing Holy damage.
  • Righteous Cause has been redesigned – Each Holy Power spent has a 6% chance to reset the cooldown of Blade of Justice.
  • Art of War has been redesigned – Your auto attacks have a 20% chance to reset the cooldown of Blade of Justice. Critical strikes increase this chance by an additional 10%.

  • Void Tendrils now root targets for 15 seconds (was 20 seconds).

  • Cut to the Chase moved from Assassination talent tree to baseline all specs, triggering from Envenom/Dispatch/Eviscerate.
  • Vanish’s guaranteed stealth duration now 1.5 seconds in PvP combat (base 3 seconds).
  • Airborne Irritant now reduces Blind’s duration by 70% (was 40%). This gives it an 18 second duration when applied in an area.
  • New Talent: Rapid Injection – Envenom deals 10% increased damage while Envenom’s effect is active.
  • Adrenaline Rush has been updated:
    • No longer increases global cooldown recovery rate by 25% while active.
    • Now increases global cooldown recovery rate equal to your Haste while active, up to 25%.
    • Now increases Energy regeneration by 50% (was 60%).


  • Soul Leech is no longer baseline and has been added to the Warlock tree.
  • Mortal Coil projectile has been updated with a new visual effect.
  • Chaos Bolt has been removed from the Destruction specialization tree and is now baseline.
  • New Talent: Backlash.
  • New Talent: Indiscriminate Flames.

  • Berserker Rage now auto-learned at level 12.
  • Spell Reflection is no longer available at 20.
  • Piercing Howl is no longer available at 20.
  • Second Wind gains an additional effect – While you are below 35% health, restores 1.0% health every 1 second. The amount restored increases the closer you are to death (max 2%).
  • New Talent: Storm Bolt.
  • New Talent: Pain and Gain.
  • New Talent: Bounding Stride.
  • Fury Warriors now learn Defensive Stance by default.
  • Slam’s Rage cost removed.
  • New Talent: Fight Through the Flames.
  • Defensive Stance no longer reduces damage dealt by Protection Warriors.
  • Improved Heroic Throw has been removed.

  • The item levels of leveling gear have been adjusted to be rewarded at an appropriate item level through level 70.
  • Heirlooms at 20 are ilvl 68, dungeon blues are ilvl 84, and warforged are ilvl 89.
  • DPS trinkets and items with additional effects reduced by 33% for tank and healer specializations.
  • The sale value of the Elegant Canvas Brush has been reduced to 100 gold.
  • Spellbook has been redesigned and moved to the same window as Talents and Specializations. There is an option to toggle to the old version in the top right corner.
  • Mount Journal now has a button called Switch Flight Style that lets you switch between steady flight (normal flying) and Skyriding.
  • Upon learning Skyriding, the Skyriding talent tree is now accessible via a button within the Mount Journal.
  • Professions has been added to the micromenu where the Spellbook button was previously.
  • Option to replace spiders with alternative creatures. Option under Accessibility > General > Arachnophobia Mode.
  • Icon can be used to mark your player character for visibility. Option under Accessibility > General > Self Highlight.
  • Highlight your character’s silhouette when blocked by objects in game. Option under Gameplay > Combat > Show Silhouette when Obstructed.
  • Updated Objective Tracker art.
  • Updates to many world map icons, including: Rare, Rare Elite, Cave Entrances, Teleporters, Great Vault, Catalyst Convertor, Digsites, Pet Bettles, Dungeon, and Raid.
  • Wardrobe UI has been overhauled allow better filters.
  • The camera will now allow for the player character to be more obstructed by the environment before colliding and pushing the camera forward.
  • Use the console command “cameraIndirectVisibility [0,1]” to turn the feature off or on, and use “cameraIndirectOffset [0, 10.0]” to modify the sensitivity.

With these changes, we'll see slightly less burst damage in the bracket, and the reintroduction of BC Gemmed gear over Warforged gear. And we'll finally have flight on F2P/Vet characters! Also, we'll get access to Follower Dungeons as well, which will make farming that initial set of gear SO MUCH EASIER on DPS classes. All in all, pretty great changes for the PVE-side of things. Hopefully, some of these changes bring some balance to the PVP bracket as well, but eh. But, I'm hoping moreso that one day, they find a way to consolidate all lower/non-max level PVP into one big bracket so that we don't have to wait so long for BGs to pop. GLHF!
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So basically we can have one alt with each profession and not have to juggle professions anymore? Like putting gems from an alt into the warband storage?
Kind of - there are profession items that still require that profession to keep aka Pandaria Golbin glider for cloak tink if not a Demon Hunter or soon Evoker but if on a Vet linked account one may be able to give their F2P characters items to create a Jeeves ;) but that still needs Northrend Engineering @ 75 to use (if not a Goblin without their Pack Hobgoblin ability)

But if Warband Bank Distance Inhibitor is unlockable by a F2P, then Jeeves/Goblin bank access is kind of moot.
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Also to note, be careful of using enchants or similar on items because they can't be used in warband bank if the item becomes soulbound, only non-soulbound items can be put into the warband bank.

The key is to put the item unbound with the enchant for it, then use on your intended character. I locked out more of these on PTR by accident :O
The new human racial is pretty lame…
It is almost a lesser version of the Shaman 'Astral Recall' but on the Hearthstone items. To be frank, Best Deals Anywhere via Goblin is now BIS reputation perk with all the reputation merging changes over time as you get the exalted pricing without the grind in theory.
The July 23rd pre-patch release date has been officially announced!

Official Blizzard Pre-patch announcement:™-pre-expansion-content-update-goes-live-july-23
Official Warband Preview:™-pre-expansion-content-update-goes-live-july-23
Official Pre-Event Preview:

- Added a note about Flight paths, as flight paths will now be account-wide.
- Updated the pre-event timer, as the timer will get faster as the weeks progress.
During the first week of the event, zones will cycle every 90 minutes.
During the second week of the event, zones will cycle every 60 minutes.
During the third and fourth weeks of the event, zones will cycle every 30 minutes.

Something I didn't really mention in the post was The Warband Map to Everywhere All At Once, which, in combination with the account-wide flight paths, invalidates all the previous heirloom Scouting Maps (e.g. Scouting Map). However, this will only be available to Vets with the Dynamic Duo achievement (requires 2 max-level characters). It pretty much uncovers all areas of the map that your other characters have discovered. It is recommended not to use it on the new Earthen Allied Race, however, as their exploration XP bonus is doubled due to their racial - Wide-Eyed Wonder.
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Dear Blizzard....

Why the fuck do newly added mounts still have a high level req?
You learn Skyriding and 100% riding at level 10 in The War Within
Having them require a level above that makes no sense.

I understand that mounts had a high level req when flying had a high level req, but now it makes no sense
No new mounts should have a req level above level 20


Here are some TWW mounts, it feels like they are just randomly picking a level

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