1. KangOfWar

    Recruiting Twinks For Selling 10-50 Power Leveling

    Hey all, first time posting long time lurker. You may've seen me as Kangofwar or Kanghouly. After talking to some 20s members, I was encouraged to write a post basically hiring existing twinks from the 20s community, while also teaching briefly what it is I do so that others can start too. I...
  2. Zulu

    20s Arena Discord

    Hello friends and enemies <3 New things coming to the 20s bracket, come get involved. Looking to set up arena events for fun regular games, Notifications will be sent out on discord: https://discord.gg/WshJ8uXnUW Please if you are a Guild coordinator, please feel free to link this discord in...
  3. Current statement of EU lvl20 horde pvp

    So the current statement is a FUKING BIG PART OF SHIT! We have pushed around 20+ matches from tomorrow+today. Summary is 2 wins at start and we stand around 17+ suck in a row. Its dont fuking a thing if premade, russains or any crap goup we face against. There are still many brainless solo...
  4. Twentified 9.1 Notes

    Happy patch day, partially inspired by the previous 20's patch notes thread , here's a copypasta'd 9.1 patch notes with all the relevant 20's info filtered out CLASS CHANGES DEATH KNIGHT Blood Damage of all spells and abilities increased by 6%. Frost Chains of Ice now has a spell...
  5. CigNus

    How do I get that? | 20s Guides

    This is just an archive of all the "How-To" videos on my channel that are useful to 20 twinks. A lot of these guides might seem very self explanatory to you veteran twinks and F2P GODS out there, but to those just starting out, a lot of info can get lost in the random threads on here. Intro...
  6. Leveling vanilla enchanting efficiently?

    Hello Everyone, I have recently taken back my old F2P account and I haven't really found anything about leveling efficiently vanilla enchanting for my crusader. Do you have any information that would prove useful to me or can you redirect me to any ressource about the subject? Feel free to...
  7. Jaska

    F2P Guide to Shadowruby Band Crafting (An Alternative Way of Obtaining Chaos Crystals)

    1. Introduction Hello, guys. After doing all the possible Legion content on my level 20 paladin (zone quests, dungeon quests, rare mobs) I was only rewarded with 7x https://www.wowhead.com/item=124442/chaos-crystal. To say the least, it left me very frustrated, as I was aiming for at least...
  8. Lvl 20 balance druid

    Hey, I have played with feral for most time with my druid, but now i thought to switch balance to feel little caster type. Honostly I dont where to start: - I see mostly 2 tpyes of build int/crit/haste or int/haste/vers. - Really dont get this astral power / cast 2 wraths / cast 2 other s**t...
  9. CigNus

    Twentified Patch Notes [August 9th Hotfix]

    There's usually a lot of patch notes that don't apply to the 20s bracket. I want to make it easier to digest, and I obviously have way too much time on my hands... Stuff I'm not sure about I've added [UNSURE] to the front of it. Usually means I can't figure out if its a valid level 20 ability...
  10. WTB/Trade Harmonious sockets ILVL28

    Hey guys Looking for harmonious rings x2 and neck / back with sockets too pls I don’t care about tert ILvl 28 I also have a fair few of random items socketed we could maybe do a swap? aman’thul US
  11. Gobolord

    World Drop Farming Compendium (ilvl 28 BoEs)

    INTRO: Hey guys, I've gotten to a point in gearing where my remaining upgrades are random world drops. Namely ilvl 28 uncommons, and legion epics for chaos crystal. After searching through this forum, I found a few threads and some comments discussing the best places to farm. Since they were all...
  12. 20s and queues

    Hey, I just need to know if 20s get queues with xp off or do games only pop for f2p/vets with no sub/game time? Trying to see if it's worth the effort making a twink on a subbed account. Thanks.
  13. Gryffon

    Blizz removed the Honor Kills from the PvP tab?

    Anyone else see this? Im guilty of always looking at it, and I miss it now.
  14. Gryffon

    Farming IL 28 gear in Nazmir, only getting cloth.

    I am farming on a level 20 hunter in Nazmir and I am only getting cloth greens. Am I just farming the wrong mobs, or is something else going on?
  15. Nkopala

    Spanish-speaking Latino Forum

    Some time ago there were different forums dedicated to specific languages, but they have been deleted including some long important writings related to the subjective experience of each nation, country language. For this I wanted to know what the reason is and if it is possible to add a portion...
  16. Asylum

    Shadowlands F2P Baseline Guide

    INTRODUCTION Shadowlands is perhaps the most historic expansion to an MMORPG we have ever seen. The sheer scale of the leveling system changes is only rivaled by overhaul projects for other MMOs. So, with that said... @Chops & I are aiming to cover the absolute essential "Quality of Life"...
  17. Shadowlands - Legion gear fix?

    First of all, hello! I'm septvm/yutoh ingame. So as everyone knows now, the legion dungeon gear was nerfed from ilvl44 to ilvl25ish, We all can see so many posts about it already (including this one, sorry!) But i made this thread in the hopes of finding a solution, as it seems some people...
  18. Asylum

    F2P/Vet Picture Thread

    a fresh thread for the tons of fresh Shadowlands Dragonflight content that has descended upon us.
  19. US Epic Battlegrounds

    TL;DR: Scheduling of this event has been put on hiatus due to lack of interest. Hopefully a break will rejuvenate public interest. With the expansion coming to an end and more people playing 20s than ever before due to quarantine, this is probably NA's only (and last) shot at getting epic...
  20. US Party with the Firefighters - WoW's 15th Anniversary

    Howdy fellow community, WoW's 15th Anniversary is coming much sooner than we initially expected (this upcoming Tuesday to be exact.) I'm sure anyone that's even remotely active on retail knows about the AV event that's coming up and its once in a lifetime potential. If this version of AV...