1. US Epic Battlegrounds

    TL;DR: Scheduling of this event has been put on hiatus due to lack of interest. Hopefully a break will rejuvenate public interest. With the expansion coming to an end and more people playing 20s than ever before due to quarantine, this is probably NA's only (and last) shot at getting epic...
  2. US Party with the Firefighters - WoW's 15th Anniversary

    Howdy fellow community, WoW's 15th Anniversary is coming much sooner than we initially expected (this upcoming Tuesday to be exact.) I'm sure anyone that's even remotely active on retail knows about the AV event that's coming up and its once in a lifetime potential. If this version of AV...
  3. Radical

    Selling Grandfathered Arcanum Leg Enchants

    Hello twonks. @Boognish recently stumbled across a handful of grandfathered arcanum enchants and we've teamed up to sell them here on twinkinfo. 3x Arcanum of Focus (3sp at lvl 20) 4x Arcanum of Rapidity (4 haste at lvl 20) 4x Arcanum of Protection (6 dodge at lvl 20) Prices: Focus 750k (1mil...
  4. Kakakaka

    US Greetings.

    New 20's player here, With the bracket dying, let's get straight to the point: Who is the best currently? By that, I mean to ask simply what players are actually impressive or good at the game. I haven't been playing this bracket very long, but within my small experience of ~150 bg's...
  5. ohti

    US <Teldrassil Firefighters> - Alliance Kel'Thuzad Guild

    Hello! Future ohti here. If you're reading this thread after October 31st, 2022, <TF> has (mostly) moved to Classic under a new name. More info can be found here: https://xpoff.com/threads/hey-sport-soccer-dads-is-recruiting-wotlk-39s-alliance-pagle.98626/ <TF> will continue to be around on...
  6. EU+US BiS Talents Guide

    hey so heres a list i've put together for each spec talking about what talent you should pick and stuff if the choice is a no brainer I wont go into much detail but if you can pick and choose i'll explain why also theres apparently a photo upload cap of 25 so some of the last few specs are...

    US 20s Horde Community

    Hi all - since there doesn't seem to be a community specific for the 20s bracket, I decided to make one on US Horde side (Vets & F2P). Hopefully this will help with forming groups and sharing info in-game. Link is below, please share with anyone you'd like. US Horde 20s XPON
  8. EU+US Alterac Valley?

    So I know that it's an "option" to queue for alterac valley. I was wondering if there was a way that we could recruit massive amounts of Vets and F2ps to all queue up at the same time (both horde and alliance obviously) and somehow get it so an AV pops. I haven't played AV since burning crusade...
  9. ohti

    Veteran Quick Start Gearing Guide [BFA]

    Introduction Welcome to the veteran's quick start gear guide. The purpose of this guide is to give new veterans a solid reference when gearing their toons. Some of this can apply to pure free to play players aswell, but not all of it. This was a doozy to write, so I needed some help. Proper...
  10. Schalood

    EU Random Epic Battleground

    We can queue, get on, get in.
  11. icehawk

    EU+US Patch 7.3 gear changes for 20's

    With the recent changes in 7.3, I was hoping to get a list of gear changes all in the one place. If you are aware of any changes to BiS gearing, please post and I'll try keep this thread updated. This relates to 20's only. I don't have a lot of toons, so I can only report what I've found on...
  12. US <Warsong Outriders> BH Horde 20-29

    <Warsong Outriders> 20-29 Guild, we are looking into making a team for wargames vs other guilds, and arenas. We can fund most of the pieces like the rock and the neck, if you guys are interested in joining add Craftyfc#1271 or message Gaspedalyo-Bleeding for inv.
  13. US 20-29 PvE

    Hello, for those of you who don't know me I am Towerz the Night Elf Druid along with several other alts. I have been looking for more interested people for raid like content. I have found a few bosses and areas throughout azeroth that are fairly consistent with raid like difficulty. Many places...
  14. Dark

    US Looking to join a Vet guild.. but not just any guild..

    So I'm going to be resubbing one of my Vet accounts soon (just for 1 month), and I'm interested in joining an *active* 20-29 Twink guild. However I haven't quite decided on which server or faction to reroll on. I might even make a couple toons on each faction. The thing is, I'm looking for a...
  15. US Any Active 20 Guilds on PvP Servers?

    As the title says. I am wondering if there are any active 20-29 VET guilds or other 20s on any PvP Servers... Started 20 twinking on AeriePeek back in WoD, because it was one of the more active servers (does not appear to be anymore). I would like to move my toon over as I find the Normal...
  16. icehawk

    EU+US Best 20 PvE & PvP tanking class?

    I'm just asking some opinions from the 20 - 29 community. What do you think is the overall best tanking class for 20's? I'm looking for an all-rounder PvE and PvP tank class. I've only ever twinked a 20 Prot Warrior. Prot Warrior's are fairly decent in PvP with a stun, charge and slow and ok...
  17. US New Bug

    Was going to Q with a couple 29s and got this message
  18. Epichealtime

    <Techno Death Machine> 20-29 Horde Bleeding Hollow Limited Funding Available

    Hey Guys :D This Guild is an answer to Horde's current predicament in battlegrounds. We will focus mainly on group queueing pugs to contest current Alli Alpha Guild <Stuck at Graveyard>. I can offer you aid in leveling both your characters and your professions as well as insight into the...
  19. Epichealtime

    US <Techno Death Machine> Bleeding Hollow Horde 20-29 Limited Funding

    Hey Guys :D This Guild is an answer to Horde's current predicament in battlegrounds. We will focus mainly on group queueing pugs to contest current Alli Alpha Guild <Stuck at Graveyard>. I can offer you aid in leveling both your characters and your professions as well as insight into the...
  20. icehawk

    EU+US Vet Hunter tests - post Legion Pre-Patch FYI

    For anyone that's interested in Hunters in this bracket (well Vet's and F2P's that is - this info may not be the case for 29's), I've done a lot of DPS testing and bg tests on all 3 specs now and can confirm the following from my findings post Legion pre-patch (I'm sure this is already common...