Twentified Patch 10.20 Update Development Notes



Twentified Dragonflight: Guardians of the Dream 10.2 Update Development Notes

  • New! Updated model and customizations for Moonkins.
  • 4 new hair colors for Blood Elf.


    • Sigil of Flame is now baseline.
    • Chaos Nova has been added to talent tree.
    • Sigil of Misery has been added to talent tree.
    • Aldrachi Design has been added. Increases parry chance by 3%
    • Disrupting Fury has been added. Grants 30 fury upon successful interrupt.
    • Shattered Restoration talent is now 1 point for 10% increased healing.
    • Unrestrained Fury talent is now 1 point for 20 maximum fury.
    • Aura of Pain, Pursuit and Felblade has been moved to a lower tier. No longer available at 20.
    • Havoc
      • Dash of Chaos added. Allows Fel Rush to return to initial position.
      • Improved Fel Rush added. Increases Fel Rush damage by 20%.
      • Demon Hide added. Increases magical damage done and reduces physical damage taken.
      • Accelerated Blade added. Increases Throw Glaive damage.
      • Deflecting Dance added. Grants absorption shield for up to 15% of max health during Blade Dance.
      • Critical Chaos is now 1 point. Increases fury refund chance by 30%.
      • Burning Hatred now increases fury generated.
      • Felfire Heart and Fel Eruption removed.
    • Vengeance
      • Meteoric Strike now reduces Infernal Strike cooldown by 10 seconds
      • Ascending Flames has replaced Fel Flame Fortification. Increases Sigil of Flame damage by 50%.
    • Balance
      • Aetherial Kindling has been replaced by Lunar Shrapnel. Increases Starfall damage by 20%
    • Restoration
      • Regrowth initial healing increased by 20%.
      • Regrowth heal over time effect increased by 42%.
      • Rejuvenation healing increased by 25%.
      • Wild Growth healing increased by 15%.
      • Wrath and Starfire damage increased by 90%.
      • Abundance caps at 12 stacks, for a maximum of 60% crit/cost reduction.
      • Cenarion Ward healing increased by 25%.
      • Swiftmend healing increased by 30%.
    • Survival
      • Wildfire Bombs now deal 40% increased damage to your primary target.
    • Holy
      • All healing reduced by 3%.
      • Holy Light healing increased by 40%.
      • Flash of Light healing increased by 30%.
    Power Infusion Haste reduced to 20% (was 25%) and duration reduced to 15 seconds (was 20 seconds).
    Shadow Word: Death now deals 8% of the Priest’s maximum health in damage when it fails to kill a target instead of the backlash damage being based on damage dealt.
    • Discipline
      • Schism has been redesigned to be a passive talent – Now causes Mind Blast to fracture the enemy’s mind, increasing your spell damage to the target by 10% for 9 seconds.
      • Mind Blast now has a 24 second cooldown (was 9 seconds).
      • Mind Blast damage has been increased by 30%.
      • Power Word: Solace has been removed.
      • New Talent: Sanctuary – Smite will absorb damage from the enemy's next attack.
      • Penance damage increased by 15%.
      • Penance healing increased by 30%.
      • Power Word: Barrier now reduces 20% of all damage taken (was 25%).
      • Atonement now heals for 32% of damage done (was 40%).
      • Atonement healing is now increased by 50% when not in a raid.
      • Flash Heal healing increased by 40%.
    • Holy
    Holy Word: Serenity healing increased by 30%.
    Flash Heal healing increased by 40%.​
  • MONK
    • Rising Sun Kick is now baseline.
    • Life Cocoon healing increased by 33%.
    • Soothing Mist healing increased by 40%.
    • Enveloping Mist healing increased by 25%.
    • Refreshing Breeze removed as a PVP talent.
    Sap is now a baseline ability.
    • Airborne Irritant has been added. Reduces Blind cooldown and duration by 50% and becomes an AoE.
    • Improved Sprint added. Reduces Sprint cooldown by 60s.
    • Numbing and Atrophic Poison has been moved lower. No longer available at 20.
    • Assassination
      • Shadowstep is now a baseline ability.
      • New Talent: Caustic Spatter (Passive) – Using Mutilate on a target afflicted by your Rupture and Lethal Poison applies Caustic Spatter for 10 seconds. Caustic Spatter causes 30% of Poison damage dealt to splash onto other nearby enemies, reduced beyond 5 targets. Limit 1.
      • New Talent: Path of Blood (Passive) – Increases max Energy by 100.
      • Bloody Mess is now a 1-point talent. Per point value has not changed.
      • Thrown Precision has been adjusted:
        • No longer increases Fan of Knives damage by 15%.
        • Now increases Fan of Knives critical strike chance by 10% (was 5%).
        • Now causes Fan of Knives critical strikes to always apply your weapon poisons.
      • Seal Fate has changed:
        • Moved from Class talent tree to Assassination.
        • Now a 1-point talent.
        • Effect now always triggers from critical strikes (was 50/100% chance).
      • Internal Bleeding’s effect is now also applied by Rupture.
    • Outlaw
      • Grappling Hook, Blade Flurry, Roll the Bones, and Restless Blades are now baseline abilities.
      • Prey on the Weak has moved from the Class talent tree to Outlaw, and has been renamed Sting Like a Bee.
      • Float Like a Butterfly has been added. Restless Blades reduces Evasion and Faint cooldown.
      • Blinding Powder has been added. Reduces Blind cooldown by 25%.
      • Precision Shot has been added. Increases Pistol Shot and Between the Eyes range by 10 yards.
    • Subtlety
      • Shadowstep and Black Powder are now baseline abilities.
      • Without a Trace added. Grants an extra charge of Vanish.
      • Cloaked in Shadows added. Vanish grants an absorption shield of 30% of max health.
      • Fade to Nothing added. Movement speed increased by 20% after gaining Stealth.
      • Exhilarating Execution added. Finishing moves heal up to 5% health and 10% absorption shields.
      • Terrifying Pace added. Shuriken Storm grants 30% movement speed after hitting more than 3 enemies.
      • Find Weakness has been adjusted:
        • Moved from Class talent tree to Subtlety.
        • Now a 1-point talent.
        • Now causes attacks to bypass 30% of armor (was 15/30%).
      • Shadow Blades has been adjusted:
        Now causes all attacks (was combo point generating abilities) to deal 20% additional damage as Shadow (was 50%).
        • Now causes abilities that generate combo points to generate full combo points (was 1 additional).
      • New Talent: Ephemeral Bond (Passive) – Increases healing received by 8%.
    Inspiring Presence added to the talent tree. Increases Rallying Cry potency and duration.
    • Restoration
      • Healing Stream healing increased by 20%.
      • Healing Surge healing increased by 30%.
      • Healing Wave healing increased by 30%.
    • Demonology
      • Demonic Core is no longer baseline.
      • Shadow Bolt damage increased by 30%.
      • Fel Invocation added. Improves Fel Invocation and Soul Strike.
      • Shadow Invocation added. Improves Bilescourge Bomber and grants spells a chance to summon a bomber.
    • Destruction
      • Chaos Bolt damage increased by 15%.
    • New recipes have been added.
  • Battleground Blitz Brawl
    • The Battleground Blitz brawl is a new Brawl coming in Guardians of the Dream that is a 8v8 solo queue Battleground experience. It’s our first foray into what could potentially become solo queue Rated battlegrounds in the future.
    • Demon Skin now additionally grants a 45/90% armor increase.
    • Affliction
      • New PvP Talent: Jinx – Casting a curse now applies Corruption and Agony to your target, but curses now costs 1 Soul Shard.
    • We’ve reworked the user experience to make reallocating talent points easier. You can now remove a point and spend it elsewhere without a large part of your build disappearing. Disconnected talents are simply marked in red, and can be reconnected to make the build valid again.
    • To perform the old behavior of mass unlearning all dependent talents, press Shift + Right Click.
    • Added a option to add shortcut to Chat Settings so you can more easily control which chat windows display pings.
    • You can now click the frozen item slot to select it instead of having to locate it in the list.
  • Added a tooltip to the magnifying glass on the World Map.

- New Moonkin model!
- New Blood Elf hair colors.
- Demon Hunter and Rogue re-work. Some new talents and spells added.
- Single-target healing spells have been buffed.
- Resto Druid damage buffs.
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Also we saw the Disc Priest Sanctuary talent right? Could be hard to time but an 80% reduction on Aimed Shot etc would be

Would be great but thats actually a typo lol. The Official PTR notes were a little bit messy and inaccurate this time. Did a bit of cleaning up but missed a few here and there. I'm guessing the dev saw the formula for damage reduction and didn't bother to look any further


80% of SP, modified by Versa. This is how it looks on PTR:


Which was essentially how it functioned for Disc Priests back in Legion after a certain level, this talent restores that functionality. It wasn't a ground-breaking addition, but it was nice to have. Doubt it would do much to an aimed shot crit lol
Buffs for resto druids are going to be insane at low levels..

Looking forward to the Battleground Blitz Brawl! Hopefully it helps balance out the games and reduce queue times.
This dh rework is a massive nerf for lvl 20 :(
I am really considering to roll another class for the first time since the first day of sl

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