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for the Insane
a fresh thread for the tons of fresh Shadowlands Dragonflight content that has descended upon us.


one i-lvl 44 char down ... 30+ or so to go.

edit: rip i-lvl 44 guy. O well, still 30+ or so to do.
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This isn't my pic, it's snipped from Wowhead. I'm just being a bit cheeky. You know that quest in Pandaria where you act as a sniper and pick off Hozen from like 1 mile away.......
Welcome to SL's Marks Huntards.......

Lucky they took away https://www.wowhead.com/spell=6197/eagle-eye from 20 Marks so at least they are limited by the settings of their graphics card as to how far they can shoot you from :p:eek:
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Having a blast gearing up my rogue again, after the 19 blockage hit midway through BFA I kinda ditched her, I'm gonna be making a montage of the chaos that is pvp rn so really excited :eek:
Being in that guild was an experience, I'll tell you that much
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