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The FC'ing Guide
A manual by Dan (Vanillamilk/Blueprint)

For your eyes, and your eyes only.​

Before you continue reading, you should know, that FCing is not a science, but an artform.
And same as I tell my gym students*, only you can find out how to perfect your gameplay,
*its your body, no one knows it better than you do.
These are only tips, good willingly helping you become the best YOU you can be.

First of, this will hopefully not only improve your performance ingame,
but hopefully also learn you a thing or two you can carry along sides with you in life.

I'm not gonna tell you what gear to get, I'm not gonna tell you how to use your 3 spells, I'm gonna show you how you're gonna master the thought process of FCing. If you manage to perfect all teese steps, you'll be one of the greatest flag carriers alive, I salute you.
Some of the information does not only count for fcing, but also general knowledge, if you're openminded, and have run out of things to learn in...