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Back in March of 2023 I randomly got credit for completing one of the Traveler’s Log activities even though I was on my Free Trial account, I started looking for more activities that could be completed with the hopes that I would end up getting some Trading Post Tenders.


Sadly after 3-4 months of testing with no luck I basically gave up. However, last month it was discovered that not only was one of the activities were possible to complete, but six of them. These activities were enough to be able to loot 200 Trader's Tender from the cache.

Some of the F2Ps reading this might be a bit confused right now, so here is a small explanation what the trading post is and how it works:

The Trading post is a an in-game shop located in Stormwind or Orgrimmar where players can purchase mounts, pets, toys, and cosmetics for an in-game account wide currency called Trader's Tender.


The player can earn up to 500 Trader's Tender per month from the Traveler’s Log, the log can be found in the Adventure Guide (but F2Ps will need to use an Addon to access the Traveler’s Log properly). To earn the Trader's Tender you need to complete different in-game activities. The bar at the top of the Traveler’s Log shows your current progress, each time you reach one of the thresholds you will receive the reward listed and it will be deposited directly into your Trading Post Cache.


Normally the player needs to have an active subscription to receive progress on the monthly activities, but as I explained above, we have recently discovered that Blizzard has forgotten to add this check on a few of the activities, meaning that we can obtain Trader's Tender.

Traveler's Log Addon

@Brihan has been nice enough to create an addon that lets F2Ps access the Traveler's Log.
  • Unlock the Traveler's Log panel interface (first tab in the Adventure guide) for those who had it locked
  • Notify in chat when detecting progress on an activity of the traveler's log
  • Optionally: track automatically the activities currently in progress (enabled by default on F2P/VET accounts)
You can download it here: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/brihans-f2p-travelers-log
If you discover any bug or something not working correctly with the addon you can leave a comment here or you can DM @Brihan.

Monthly Activities Testing

Each month I will update the table below with all the tasks that a F2P has the possibility to complete, my hope is that you guys will help me test some of them to see if you get any progress, I will mark which ones work and which ones don’t give any credit, this way we can all get the maximum amount of Trader's Tender each month.
If you notice that I missed to include any tasks that might be possible to complete as F2P, please let me know.

Once an activity has been tested it will be moved out of this section and either deleted or added to the confirmed list below depending on the result.


Darkmoon Faire​

Hearthstone Anniversary​


Vet Only​

Confirmed Activities

These are the activities that have already been tested and confirmed to give credit without an active subscription during the current active month.
(The "Not really F2P Activities" consists of mostly Vet stuff or things that require certain things most F2Ps won't have, I won't be testing those and it will be up to the vet community to do those activities)

F2P Activities

Wow... So Empty :Sadge:

Not really F2P Activities

F2P Activities

Not really F2P Activities
F2P Activities

Not really F2P Activities

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Traveler's Log Addon

@Brihan is currently working on an addon that does the following for F2Ps:
  • Enable the access to the Traveler's Log interface where you can view current progress, task rewards, and task details.​
  • Notify in chat window any if any progress is detected on monthly tasks during gameplay.​
  • Optionally: Track activities currently in progress.​
He has promised to have it done by tomorrow and I will then update this post with a link where you can download the addon.
Idk who that guy is, but he better get the stuff ready in time! :FrogeTorch:

Need some more people to test the different tasks as, while i think some activity are 100% doable as requirements are met (officially at least), some might also be a bit bugged like those quoted at the beginning of the post, where different accounts earned progress not the same way / inconsistently. Meaning it's not because one task doesn't get completed on the first try that there isn't a way to make it work :NotLikeThis:
ik im a noob, but 1 point = 1 tender?
(edit: nvm, checked the pic in op again, is it 1000 points = 100 tenders?)
also, you can actually loot the cache containing the tenders?
ik im a noob, but 1 point = 1 tender?
(edit: nvm, checked the pic in op again, is it 1000 points = 100 tenders?)
also, you can actually loot the cache containing the tenders?

Every milestone you hit on this bar gives you 100 Tenders (This month it's 200 due to being the Trading Post 1 year anniversary)
It's 200 points between each milestone, so if u get 650 points in a month you will be able to get 300 tenders for example.
The bar at the top of the Traveler’s Log shows your progress, each time you reach one of the thresholds 100 Trader's Tender will be deposited into your Trading Post Cache.

And yes, once you have tenders in the cache you can loot them.
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I am not subed now. If buy the mount requiring lvl 45 with my lvl10 toon, will it be learned by my high lvl later after sub?
thank you for the new post. Very nice
concern the Cata TW tasks, did. some of you also try while in cata timeline?

And also gathering just in cats zones?
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I tested on a low level on a paid account, you auto learn it and it gets added to you collection even when not high enough level.
Thx. I purchased as a vet account. Able to activate and use. BTW, just noticed 2H refund tip so it is safe to try out. Have to say the mounts are dirt cheap.
I didn't notice how I got it but my account has 3k Tender and it is an amount shared across BNet account. Clicked on the cache and received another 1.2k.
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if i don’t get these popups, is it still working or nah (it’s also strange, i remeber having them on another character)
They only popup when fully completed, and yes, it should be popping up even without the addon.

and while you are at it, can you poke @Brihan to hurry up with his addon? :D ( it is much appreciated, ofc <3 )
The addon was 100% finished 7h ago, but curseforge is taking some time to verify it, so that's all we are waiting for right now.
So, the addon should be now stable enough to be used by everyone!

It is available for download on Curseforge over here:
https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/brihans-f2p-travelers-log :POGGERS:

Even though Conzil and I tested it in depth, there might still be some bugs remaining. If you find one, or think a behavior of the addon is abnormal, don't hesitate to hit me directly in PM :PepeComfy:
hmmm...so if I follow it right, you can do your 1000 monthly tokens with the General Activities (but the 7500 honor might take a while).
Not bad actually, nice job finding that!

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