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Hey I am curious to see if Battle for Azeroth can pull a Warlords of Draenor for low levels.

For those that may not been there or remember I will give a small backstory to the most eventful twink xpac.

5.4 was here rogues warriors and hunters were oneshoting, even without enchants.
Battle fatigue had made it near impossible for fcs to stall a battleground so games were very fast pace and very unforgiving to mistakes.

Although 5.4 was somewhat fun it would eventually burn alot of people out. A 8 month drought of content cause the game to feel stale. Many of the premades were torn over what classes and compositions ahoukd be allowed. Around july/june the wargame system was deactivated.
While people could bg many did not like the fact a nightstalker ambush could end any healer life and pull a fc with stacks so easily. Many players left the game.

This drought was the beginning of the greatest organizations and events taking place. With pugs/random battlegrounds popularity being down community leaders knew they would have to draw players in to the brackets themselves. The 19 leaders had been plotting for probably the most well...

I thought you guys would enjoy this funny video I made.
First off, I am happy to say, after discussion and ideas along with Conq and Zeiren both being big Strife players in the past... Strife is now the official twink server of XPO! Due to requiring special modules and our account registration script, we will have separate websites, BUT we will be sharing the same Discord server, adding some Strife channels soon!

Based on polls in our forum section here on XPO, the community has decided the rebirth of Strife will be a level 70 Twink server on WotLK Patch 3.3.5a! It will be a closed world inside of AV with world bosses and quests. There will be portals leading to malls, practice dummies, dueling areas, raids and dungeons along with BGs and both scrimmage and rated arenas.

For those unaware of Strife. We first started as a level 19 Twink server at the start of TBC expansion. To this day we were the only twink private server to ever peak over 3,000 players online! What an epic day that was! Furthermore to this day, no other Twink server has ever come close to our average players online. At the start of Wrath, we upgraded to that expansion and rebranded as World of Dalaran offering...
#Synnergy - Twink Cup Champions!
post videos from games that were played and you made some nice plays, plese only post videos from AFTER the damage changes! Will add sick highlights to OP.