1. zazzyfraz

    Crafted lvl 50 offhand has extra stats

    This crafted Shadowlands level 50 Offfhand item below has abnormal amount of Main stat. @Cattywompus told me this first. intellect offhand Raid 130 boe vs SL crafted offhand Nice for a new caster toon
  2. zazzyfraz

    (US/NA) Lvl 50 boes for trade/free

    I’ve got the following level 50 BoE's, I’m willing to gift//trade them to xpoff members who are serious about playing the bracket. You'll need to link/show me your toon. i'm also willing to carry "3-mask" visions, for chance at 120ilvl Azerite gear, for some gold. both factions. (bugged SL...
  3. zazzyfraz

    Roll call

    we're 4 days out from lvl 50 bracket officially becoming an xp-on twink bracket are you going to play a level 50 BfA/battlechest account lvl 50 BG "twink"? what faction and region will you be playing 50? Poll is attached, multiple answers enabled. post an armory if you feel like it. if...
  4. Brilliant

    What level for level 20 BOEs ?

    What level do you need to be to get 20 BoE Epics from Legion ? and also BoE Greens from Legion/BFA ? and whatnot. anyone have screenshots or any info on this ?
  5. Sponsor

    US Join the 1-10 Community [A]!

    Come join us in the new community group for 1 to 10 twinks on Alliance! This group will allow you to network with other like-minded twinks, share findings, talk achievements and much more! 1 - 10 Community
  6. pixistx

    Pixi's Most Loved Twinks List <3

    These "Best of" twinks lists are causing a negative feedback loop of pointless argument between adorably dorky low bracket PvP players. Really, everyone is just listing their friends and themselves. It is actually kind of cute. So I have decided to make my own list of twinks. It doesn't matter...
  7. Wallhack

    Xfer to Bfa=>Legion possible?

    Hello ! Someone know if it's STILL possible to transfert a character from bfa account to a Legion account? And if i fusionned a new account with my bfa account, it's gonna be a Bfa account or Legion? Thanks !
  8. BFA twink transfer to Legion account

    If you transfer your 110 twink to a legion only.account will you be able to equip your bfa stuff still or are you stuck with legion only stuff? I have alot of time into my prot paladin twink and want to battleground with him even if there is longer ques for 110s on legion accounts or not because...
  9. mczizegg

    EU+US Kazuz - Level 110 Twink | ilvl 310 PvP Video

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share my last PvP Video on my Shaman Twink in BfA. I had a lot of fun but without necklace essences im getting kinda bored. Feel free to check out my Video and thanks for watching :) I'll play Wow Classic for some time. Some players knew about my gear and now its...
  10. Can level 19's still use Green Lens?

    I recently started making a level 19 twink and as I was leaving Stormwind yesterday, I inspected a level 19 mage who had the Green Lens equipped. It was not a transmog, it was physically equipped with stats of the Aurora. Prior to seeing this, I had read a topic about the Green Lens which...
  11. Xpoff new brackets

    Are the twinks dead now with patch 8.2? I recently came back and cannot get a bg with xpoff cause of the long queue, I tried to make the glitch with the macro "/ click on StaticPopup1Button1" and it also not working, do I lost my money paying the month? I just came back to do twink!
  12. New Speed Twink 110 or 111

    Hey y'all it's been a long time. Took a break from wow the last couple of months and now I want to make a new speed demon hunter on the other faction (hi, Horde). Now, while my old dh is decently geared I'm not yet...
  13. Diibzee

    Free level boost

    So i have a free level boost sitting around on my account from my original BFA purchase I am thinking of finally using. With that being the case what exactly are my choices here? I see 110 twinks, I see 111 twinks and I see 119 twinks.. I know the obvious answer of "well your base stats are...
  14. UmrenTV

    General *NEW* CRAZIEST and FASTEST Leveling 15-80 in BFA!!! 3-10 min/level! Boosting Strategy for Low Level!

    I've made a quick guide in 2 parts on how to level your low level alts (15-80) the FASTEST & Easiest WAY possible in Battle for Azeroth! If you have low level alt between level 15 and 80 (I will do 1-15 and 80-90 + 90-100 + 100-110 soon, whenever my research is done), and you wonder how to...
  15. Samadius

    PTR New Enchants inc

    Here are some new weapon enchants, looks like it is for patch 8.2 (no release date yet). wowheads level scaling adjuster doesn't look so updated yet for other levels than 120. But the idea of the enchants are still interesting. Looks like "two enchants in one", might be interesting. Some...
  16. What is the F2P and Current BG Meta

    So what's the current Meta right now for BGs? I haven't played in a while, but when I logged in it seemed like just the side with more twinks usually wins. What's the current meta for F2Ps/Vets who don't want to resub? And are any big changes coming to Class Balance in 8.1.5?
  17. PTR Possible new gear for lvl 110?

    I was looking through Wowheads article of the new items coming tomorrow, where i found something interesting. In the MOP timewalking section, it...
  18. Zaden

    110 Fury Twink?

    Has anyone twinked a 110 Fury warrior? I have a DH and Boomkin twink but haven't really seen much on fury warriors. Are they viable in PvE/PvP? Any armories to look at please?
  19. bigdiqvilio

    Probably the best Transmog

    Hello Guys ! Today I figured out there is a thing called " Transmogrification ", I would appreciate any thoughts and feedback on my current Transmog. :-))))))))
  20. UmrenTV

    FULL GUIDE & Checklist: How to Be Powerful Twink in BFA in 21 Steps!

    In this Post I will show you EXACTLY the way of becoming STRONG twink in 21 STEPS in Battle for Azeroth. I promise you, if you do everything correctly, this twink of yours… will either beat level 120 in duels and make them cry for their mommy, or can boost your friends or customers in Dungeons...