1. Level 79 Fire Mage PvP Vol.2 - Classic WOTLK

    Level 79 Fire Mage PvP Vol.2 - Classic WOTLK

    Nearly79 Fire Mage PvP Volume 2.Unleashing the Power of the 79 Fire Mage! Head - Visage Liquification Goggles - 22SP 14HitShoulder - Brutal Gladiator's Sil...
  2. XP Elimination in BG TRICK UPDATE

    Hello everyone, I see a lot of people in bg with the XP Elimination Debuff and nobody ever wants to explain how the trick is done. Letting know more people will allow the bg(s) to be more balanced , assuming twinks will join opposite factions. And even without twinks, hunters are currently way...
  3. YoungTattedX

    BoE Drop Changes ?

    I have been doing some research into some BoE items for some of my twinks. Upon looking into it further I see most if not all of them are above level 20 (21,27+) So i was generally wondering if there was a patch that changed the ilvl of the BoE drops perhaps. I even tried looking at other...
  4. Any 29 Twinks Out There?

    Hey guys, I am new here at XPOff, but I have recently started forming an exclusive 29 twink guild/team for eventual scheduled BG's! Looking to anyone that could be interested or would want to play together. Of course, the point of contact would be Vinillo, Stabdeez, or Beardeez or message on...
  5. Somfas


    Hello again everyone. Let's explore what a "Intended bug" is. This is a quote from Blizzard end user license agreement "cheats; i.e. methods not expressly authorized by Blizzard (whether accomplished using hardware, software, a combination thereof, or otherwise), influencing and/or...
  6. Paradox

    WoWPortal Progressive PVE Server [Inviting Twinks]

    Greetings everyone! WoWPortal is inviting Twinks to join our Server that was designed for Twinks and Twinks Game Style! You may have heard about us?! We are a server designed to accommodate players that simply wish to play the game and enjoy every aspect of it regardless of their schedule or...
  7. Nicozy

    Musikhjälpen 2020 Charity, Help out <3

    Hello everyone, hope everyone is holding up in these times and getting by! This week Musikhjälpen, a charity event that runs every year for a week in December on Swedish Television started. 3 Hosts are locked in a "cage" eat only liquid food for a week and play music 24/7 while having guests...
  8. DeLindsay

    BiS post PTR nerfs, all Twink Levels

    This is literally what I think of every time a new Member asks for the new BiS after the PTR nerfs hit, without bothering to actually check the Forums for Gear Guides, enjoy.
  9. Thotfc

    29's Armory & Guild Compendium

    I thought this would quite possibly be a cool implementation for classic and to be able to show off your builds to give people a good general idea of how to gear for new players coming in example of linking an armory (be sure to fill out the talents section)...
  10. Azialtwink

    <Green Tinted Goggles> LF guild to face in a 10v10

    Hey! Azial here! "are u mentally deficient? ur also running 2x agms" Quote from Quck'best'eu I'm the GL in <Green Tinted Googles> and we're looking for teams who want to have some real and fun 10v10 premades versus us. We're all BiS and every single one of us in the core team have the AGM...
  11. pixistx

    Pixi's Most Loved Twinks List <3

    These "Best of" twinks lists are causing a negative feedback loop of pointless argument between adorably dorky low bracket PvP players. Really, everyone is just listing their friends and themselves. It is actually kind of cute. So I have decided to make my own list of twinks. It doesn't matter...
  12. Vergil

    EU WTS Level 20 epics EU Horde

    Updated, improved and fully stocked I now specialize in the procurement and acquirement of level 20 twink items on the following realms. -Argent Dawn -Tarren Mill -Stormscale -Ravencrest -Aggramar -Ragnaros -Silvermoon -Outland -Draenor -Twisting Nether -Shattered Halls -Anachronos -Kazzak...
  13. Diibzee

    World PvP?

    Do you guys ever take your twinks out for some world PvP? If so what levels do you normally take out and where do you head to? What faction are you and do you aim to find people in your level range or are you just out triggering lowbies?

    WTB ALL EPICS LISTED BELOW - (AREA-52 HORDE OR ALLI ) Pale Skinner Foamspittle Slicer Blade Hard-Crawler Carapace (Blue lvl 20 Talon of Vultros) (Any Epic tradeable 1h/ranged) Btag ; AaronTXR#1216 Discord ; _Aaron#2592
  15. Donor

    dark souls twinx

    n e 1 twink in dark souls? edit here r my twink clips
  16. What toys do you use in PvP with your twinks/main?

    I see a lot of people, especially twinks, using specific toys that give you a buff like the "Black Ice" for example. Some toys are also used with certain abilities through a macro, a popular one is the "Fire-Eater's Vial". Now my question is what toys do you use to gain permanent buffs or buffs...
  17. Goggles

    Silvermoon Tunic (Epic)

    Hey, I'm going to start farming epic silvermoon tunic / robes. I need someone to phase me and will give epics to for free if they do help phase. PM me in game Goggles-BleedingHollow. Currently alliance side but will be going back to horde soon. Also you can add me on btag: Andrew#17436 thanks
  18. WorthANickel

    US WARGAME DATES AND SCHEDULING (NOT FINALISED) First come first serve basis put your name down in any day you wish (you can do every day).
  19. Ilvl rankings below level cap?

    Is there anyway to search for ilvl rankings either overall or per class whilst below lvl cap? I've looked at sites like wowprogress but can't filter by level. I'd like to see how my 110 rogue twink compares but can't work it out. Would appreciate any tips, thanks
  20. US Tichondrius Twink guild Twinkaholics

    Hello I just created a new guild in Tichondrius Hord. All levels twinks are welcome. If you are looking for a home my battle tag is Cronker#1659. Or you can search for Twinkaholics. Cheers