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  • If you're going for "The Seeker" don't forget Legion Profession Quests. It's easy to swap between Gather Prof for their Quests.
    30-49's can do the TW Black Temple Quest for 500 badges. You just can't use Premade Group finder
    Update on Class Order Hall Followers: Max iLvL is 910. Get them to 895, THEN use an Epic upgrade. Once they hit 900+, you can't upgrade more
    Just saw a 60 DH do 5100 scaled DPS to my 10 Hunter's 136. I was nearly 10x the next highest DPS. What's Black Rat pet?
    It's fun ripping Threat off WELL geared 60 Tanks on a 10 Healer, while also being top DPS by like 3-4x lmao.
    Besides Ticketing and "hope" how does a Panda get back to Turtle Island after getting the 1st Artifact and leaving to start the 1st Zone?
    Endless Tincture of Renewed Combat (Trinket) scales with something. TT shows 130 at 15, but Heal is actually 144.5
    Schematic: Dark Iron Rifle NOT trainable at 10, even with 300 Eng. Blizz needs to fix all this broke ass shit.
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