20 vet f2p

  1. Dungeon drops Trading for Vet\F2P?

    I am a bit confused, is there any scenario where a sub account can trade with a f2p/vet account for a dungeon drop? I tried running an xpoff 20 with a vet 20 to see if I can trade any extra dungeon drops and it wouldn't let me. Am I doing something wrong or vet\f2p can't get the tradeable...
  2. Bakedaflol

    20s Dragonflight enchants

    Note: Post-launch or Pre-launch is referencing 15th of November. Wich is when the pre-patch event, and the new Chromie updates are likely scheduled to kick in. Hence why you can't test the scaling changes on the PTR yet. So even though pre-patch is set to start on the 26th of October, Not all...
  3. Siynoth

    Siylock, destro warlock chaos bolt crit compilation

    Disclaimer: this project was mainly to test out editing software for the first time (Adobe After Effects) and is not meant to shocase any skill whatsoever, purely showing off big juicy chaos bolt crits. Amory link is in the description. If the video is received well I would like to make a...
  4. Chey


    Hey guys, well outside my comfort zone with this one, limited editing (of games) some voice chat included and all mistakes, panic moments and bad positioning left in! Includes some fun shuffle 3v3 games with guild and solo queue 2v2. I make these videos because I enjoy doing it and never...
  5. Cataclysm Enchanting

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to lvl up cata enchanting since I cant enter any dungeons. If it is I would really appreciate if anyone could let me know how to do it. I just want to get to cata enchanting 20 to see if an enchant works for twinking at lvl 20
  6. Apash

    Legion Order Hall - available and worthwhile stuff to get

    This is inspired by the Garrison thread, so I want to ask the same question. What are we able to get trough the Order Hall as level 20's, and are the Order Mission worth it? Sofar I have only 2 'champions' and all the missions either give xp, or the legendary item currency which is useless for a...
  7. Nocontest

    400k HK Club

    Finally! Feels so good to see that 4 in front of the HK total. To my twink knowledge this places me 5th on the all time 20 NA twink list. Below are what i believe are the NA Top 5 Hk leaders. If anyone knows of others please list them, thank you. 1. Traffik(Active) 516k +...
  8. 20 Twink Solo Classic Dungeonmaster & PVE Guide

    20 Twink Solo Classic Dungeonmaster & PVE Guide So you want to build a level 20 twink and test your might in PVE? You ran in groups with other players and squished all the content easily, kind of boring eh? Than you had a thought....what if I....SOLOED this? Can it be done? Is hunter really the...
  9. 20 Twink Solo Monk Classic Dungeonmaster Completed!

    Hello friends! I am pleased to announce I have completed the Solo Classic Dungeonmaster run on my monk, Mitsurugi! I will post a few SS's here, and the write up about my experience below!
  10. Nocontest

    Shadowlands Stand Outs!

    Hey All, I know its still kinda early in the xpac and some people are still subbed and gearing, but I wanted to make this list anyways :) . Below is a list of peeps I've compiled and dubbed as stand outs in the BGs. Some classes I've yet to encounter a stand out yet (Shaman, Dk and DH). The...
  11. 20 Twink Solo Shaman Classic Dungeonmaster Completed!

    It is with greatest pleasure that I can announce the completion of the Solo Classic Dungeonmaster Achievment with a level 20 Shaman my friends! Posted below is the write up about the class, it is much shorter than some others :)
  12. Question about f2p vet if already have allied races.

    Does the game allow me to use level 20 allied races if I created them when I had a membership when I switch to f2p by ending my sub? I may have to race change if not. :(
  13. ——————

  14. 20 Paladin Twink Solo Classic Dungeonmaster Completed!

    I shared this on the bliz forums, wanted to share it here of course! I finally completed the Classic Dungeonmaster Achievement on my lvl 20 Paladin twink: Solo!!! "I’m so pumped to have gotten this done, to my knowledge no other 20 paladins have pulled it off, just hunters so far. At any rate...
  15. Germinus

    20 Holy paladin.

    So. Im atm theorycrafting 20 hpala... What would be good shield to go with (on mobile wont link) mara 1h mace that returns mana, for pvp? I think 1h + shield would be better for pvp, than 2h artifact ilv 33..? Toughs?
  16. Wildlands

    Best Spec for Lvl 20 BGs in Shadowlands

    Title Let's also assume all the OP stuff gets nerfed. What will be the top specs?
  17. ilvl 45 Heirlooms?

    Hello, I'm brand new to the twinking scene and have been doing my best to get geared up before my wow time expires, I was late to the party with getting the azerite and ilvl 49 artifact weapons so i have just been running around with ilvl 32 ones, but I saw a level 20 horde twink (I'm alli) with...
  18. Wildlands

    20 F2P in Shadowlands

    World of Warcraft already updated their Twitter bio and banner to Shadowlands theme, but included a little tidbit in their bio about being able to play the first twenty levels for free. Hopefully this is confirmation the F2P level cap is not being changed in Shadowlands. Still not 100%, but...
  19. WTS Black ogre kickers level 20 ilvl 32

    I have epic upgraded level 20 ilvl 32 black ogre kickers for sale. Frostmourne US
  20. KPI

    US New Vet Guild BH-US "Wild Weasel Woodchuckers"

    Rule 1. Vulpera Only If you don't look like a rodent don't even bother.