Dungeon drops Trading for Vet\F2P?


I am a bit confused, is there any scenario where a sub account can trade with a f2p/vet account for a dungeon drop? I tried running an xpoff 20 with a vet 20 to see if I can trade any extra dungeon drops and it wouldn't let me.

Am I doing something wrong or vet\f2p can't get the tradeable dungeon drops Period?
Yeah it's also one of the things that create a very toxic experience if you're legitimately a noob who is using the trial account for its intended purpose of trying the game out to see what it's like. I once looted a staff that was of zero use to a rogue but the mage in our dungeon wanted it very much. Alas, I informed them that as a F2P I am unable to trade and the mage unleashed a tirade of pure vitriol upon the Pook such as the world has seldom seen. If I was a noob just trying the game for the first time that would have left a very deep impression (as it was I just said "Dude, blame the Blizzard Wizard, not the Pook").

Now I get that they want to severely gimp the F2Ps so that they aren't abused by bots making thousands of free accounts to spam, but if you're a veteran account those restrictions shouldn't apply (nobody is going to buy thousands of copies of the game to spam). The only reason they exist on veteran accounts is because Blizz doesn't want people playing unsubbed. Blizzard should just get with the times and make their game free up to the current expansion but they have an attitude of "We don't do things the way others do things" and honestly I think they'd rather just pull the plug on WoW than do things the way the modern industry does things. Their heads are stuck in 2005.

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