F2P/Vet Picture Thread

I remember when the Darkmoon Faire was completely reworked from scratch and got its own island in late 2011.
I told myself I would never farm that zeppelin mount.

A decade has passed...

Look who just got its own Hindernb :monkaLaugh:, I mean zeppelin. :D

Woot! I farmed it too. It was my reason for returning to the faire over and over again once I found out what a disappointment that PvP trinket is.
Turn on wow sound so u can hear the pop
Connect some headphones to your pc
Wear them around the house

have AI program a script that picks up the queue pop sound, sending that signal to your vibrator which you keep snug in place at all times
So did you attend the NYE party on your server? Well this is how Alliance parties on Moon Guard. Don't you wish your server was as lit as Moon Guard?

Thanks Embu, this is a great initiative. Gave me a reason to go back through some old screenshots. Lots of good memories, found some 24 & 29 friends I used to bg & arena with. Such fun times.

Corrected for you..... don't forget the green & gold! :p

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My screenshot is from 2015, around the time when I started to really get into 20's. This picture is entitled 'Dreaming'.
Iceháwk, all decked out in leather, while on his crusade to explore worlds not previously known to him, stumbled across this farm in Pandaria. He dreamed of a day when he could one day learn to plow the fields like a Tiller, and eat of the land and cook like a Pandaren........
Who says dreams don't come true......;)

One good thing about not being able to PvP, Hawk has pursued some of his long lost dreams...... now, all that's left is to learn to cook like a Pandaren.........

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