1. zazzyfraz

    379 ilvl Zaralek Caverns greens fixed after 6 months

    After 6 months blizzard has finally nerfed the 379 ilvl Zaralek Caverns greens. Lol There's still some other stuff that isnt fixed: Cobalt Watchers Cloth set Ottuk Hide Leather set Ohn’aharn Falconers Mail set Wrymforged Plate set Season 2, Upgrade Level: Explorer 1/8, Required 60, ilvl 376...
  2. nikolayy2013

    Scaling in the SL campaign

    So I started out just fine, all the quests were scaled down to 20 until I got to Ardenweald. Done the first part just fine, got the zone ability etc. Got to a point where the quest leads me to kill 60s. Did you guys encounter the same thing or is it only me? Noticed that rares, not all of them...
  3. Versatility Shoulders at 48/49

    Has anyone had any luck finding Shoulders with Vers on them in the shadowlands content, either via the Bastion part or Threads of Fate dailies? So far I've seen everything but Vers on them it seems, and I've had this character for 3 weeks or so now. My toon is a Warrior but I'm pretty sure its...
  4. Shadowlands + Level 50 Boost is Free for Previous Expac Owners (Until Sept 5th.) Looks like Blizzard is pretty much giving away Shadowlands ahead of the Dragonflight release to all players who have previously bought an expansion. A semi-unprecedented move, because they have given players...
  5. WTS Ilvl15 Redbeard Crest

    Hi all, As above, I have an ilvl 15 no level requirement Redbeard Crest I will not be using. Would be good to see it to a new home, if interested let me know. It’s currently on OCE realm as I’m an Aussie but we can make something work if need be. Cheers.
  6. asa

    Sky Golem for F2P

    Besides being a huge time sink, is it possible to make a being a solo F2P?
  7. asa

    Mages on solo dungeon

    There's any enchant or item for Mages and other caster like lifesteal, proc healing or shields for a pure solo FTP? Or anything to make them viable?
  8. Help pls

    Hi guys can you help me? Tell me please, is it possible to stay in the game at lvl 19 in BG with a trial version? When I disabled Experience I can't use bg( shadowlands patch, and what's the best eu server for lvl 19? thanks what is the best eu server for lvl 19?
  9. zazzyfraz

    Veteran Level 20 Shadowlands Twink BoE Farmer's Guide/Compendium

    See something I missed or a mistake? Got a suggestion? Let me know via DM or reply Guide to farming BoEs for level 20 "twinks" in Shadowlands Listen up. I’m zazzyfraz. I’m gonna drop some Knowledge here about twink BoEs in Shadowlands as a reputable seller and trader of goods between twinks and...
  10. Syneptic

    20s BGs don't open?

    Hi everyone, I'm playing on EU (Krag'jin) and I get baaarely any BGs to open. If they open it's always like 4vs10 players. Could be 10 Hordes vs. 4 Allies, or sometimes 10 Allies vs. 4 Hordes, they're always unequal. Do BGs open where you guys are playing? If so, on what servers are you...
  11. Blackvenom Blade question.

    Hello, I have been seeing youtube videos recently of battered junkbox openings trying to get a ilvl 25 BvB. In the video it is said that if scaled properly it is worth gold cap, is this accurate? I do not have very much knowledge about twinking and item scaling but I havent seen many people...
  12. zazzyfraz

    Possible GF'd Version of "Instructor's Divine Bell" incoming

    Instead of nerfing existing trinkets, Blizzard is adding a new version of Divine Instructor's Bell. This is likely to keep the trinket from becoming too strong with its new 9.2 ilvl at max level. The power of the buff is reduced, but it is 15 seconds instead of 9. It is likely that this will...
  13. Modrov

    Alliance level 50 twinking community recruiting people.

    Hey, mayabe many of you have no ideea about, but twinking on an account without Shadowlands is a thing ! We have a community on Alliance for that, we are a lot of active people playing together, mostly PvP, but we do all kind of stuff together. If you are bored of Shadowlands overall and looking...
  14. zazzyfraz

    Level 60 Shadowlands 9.2 guide

    Previously on "N-E-E-P-A" twinking: Patch 9.2 Eternity's End will release on February 22nd for NA / February 23rd for EU. Shadowlands Season 2 PvP season will be ending on February 21st (NA) and 22nd (EU) at...
  15. Myzdikal

    New Possibility Found: Chromie Time AND Threads of Fate? [DEPRECATED]

    EDIT: As of the hotfix on November 5th this is no longer possible due to the maw skip requiring level 50 now. Disclaimer: If anything happens to your account as a result from replicating what occurs in the video below, I am not liable in any way. I am simply sharing new information that I found...
  16. Weapon Enchant Off-Hand

    Hello, I have a level 10 BM monk and I'm trying to find some new weapons since Bramble was nerfed. I farmed two weapons with sockets (two 1h swords and 2 fist weps) but noticed when putting enchants on my off-hand they do not all. Tried Lifesteal, Fiery, Crusader (for fun), and...
  17. Asylum

    20s DH Guide (Shadowlands)

    Intro(vers) I see you have decided to cast aside others' doubts & persevere through the meme: #DHisBad@PvP... Welcome! Let me show you how to put the "Emo" back into Demon Hunter. The experience is unlike any other, and with time you will learn to dodge some of the pitfalls; but ultimately...
  18. Samhain

    Old MoP Vet looking for guidance

    So I played free to plays as well as veterans back in MoP and WoD, I've since then played other games and classic wow. I want to come back to the faster paced retail game and play casually but I have no idea where to start, a lot has changed since the time I last played, is the 20 bracket active...
  19. Current statement of EU lvl20 horde pvp

    So the current statement is a FUKING BIG PART OF SHIT! We have pushed around 20+ matches from tomorrow+today. Summary is 2 wins at start and we stand around 17+ suck in a row. Its dont fuking a thing if premade, russains or any crap goup we face against. There are still many brainless solo...
  20. Germinus


    No 44 items. 14 ilv cape on lvl 10.