1. A12

    F2P "Free" Game time using Gold & Battlenet Balance

    Active Subscriptions: With an active subscription there are many ways to "renew" your subscription. you can use in-game gold, credit cards, pay-pal, & battle.net balance to buy wow tokens/game time/battle.net balance or 1, 2, 3, & 6 month subscription services via (real money)...
  2. Simplified PTR 10.1.5 Patch Notes for 20s

    World of Warcraft Version 10.1.5 PTR – Fractures in Time Well, I guess since Conzil didn't announce anything today, I'll put out some simplified news for 20s. The next PTR is setup to expand Warlock pet customizations, and fixing Chromie time, as well as removing most restrictions. Other...
  3. Starter Edition Cataclysm 2023

    Starter Edition Cataclysm 2023

    Playing World of Warcraft Starter Edition Cataclysm one more time, waiting for friends.
  4. Whitemane Shill

    World of Warcraft Starter Edition - How to get started

    Now is the best time to get back into World of Warcraft. If you are thinking about joining WoW or know a friend who has been interested in joining you in Azeroth, it's easy to give it a try today. This document is intended to provide the rules necessary to play World of Warcraft Starter Edition...
  5. Whitemane Shill

    WoW Starter Edition | Cómo comenzar (español)

    Ahora es el mejor momento para volver a World of Warcraft. Si está pensando en ingresar a WoW o conoce a un amigo que ha estado interesado en unirse a usted en Azeroth, es fácil inténtelo hoy. Este documento tiene por finalidad brindar las reglas necesarias para jugar World of Warcraft Starter...
  6. Conzil

    My Hardcore F2P Account Journey

    Intro Sup y'all I used to watch some of the Classic Hardcore videos back when they first did Road to Ragnaros back in 2021 / 2022 and now that Hardcore is making a comeback I've been inspired to try it out myself, the thing is... I don't play Classic, I play Retail F2P. So I thought I would do...
  7. Cant queue BG at 20 (f2p)

    Cant queue BG at 20 (f2p) been years since i logged over here although i was fairly active on twinkinfo back in LK days. never stopped playing, but the xp in bg thing is a drag, as you level out super quick even with leaving BG before the end. decided to try f2p on an old acct, but when i try...
  8. Ogien

    Updated F2P Guide?

    Anyone know of an updated F2P lvl 20 Guide. Most of the info I found online seems pre-level level squish and is out of date. Currently I am farming WOD dungeons for iLevel 87 gear and levelling Shadowland enchanting for gear enchants. Wanted to see if I am on the right path.
  9. Zulu

    20s Never Dies

    Hello <3 Firstly I would like to say, despite the road bumps, the abandoned desert which is our current bracket. 20s will never die. Why? We are THE free to play bracket. We have started a new initiative to help onboard new players to WoW via the 20s bracket, with daily dungeons being run to...
  10. Twentified Patch 10.0.05 PTR Notes

    TWENTIFIED DRAGONFLIGHT 10.0.5 PTR DEVELOPMENT NOTES NEW FEATURE: TRADING POST A new feature is making its way to World of Warcraft — the Trading Post! Complete monthly activities to earn currency toward decking out your characters in cosmetic transmogs, pets, and mounts— with new items and...
  11. Slynx

    EU Dragonflight - any f2p access?

    After an extended nightmare of trying to reinstall/upgrade/patch WoW programme, found invites to Dragonflight on login with alts. Was busy with real life, but ran some of the (Azeroth-based) intros with three alts. On going back on Monday, these intros were closed, and trying to get an alt on...
  12. List of Quests That Can Proc Epic (ilvl 87)

    This is not fully tested, but any corrections/additions are welcome. Quests marked as Green, reward a green, but can upgrade to a blue ilvl 61, and double upgrade to an epic ilvl 87. Quests marked as Blue, will grant a guaranteed a blue ilvl 61, and have a chance to upgrade to an epic ilvl 87...
  13. Rest In Pieces for now, f2p

    I guess I missed a lot while playing classic but RIP can't q bg's as f2p in dragonflight.
  14. 20-29 Simplified Guide to Dragonflight Pre-patch for F2P/Vets

    Simplified Guide to Dragonflight Pre-patch (10.0) This is just a brief overview of the major points of the Pre-patch, as well as an introduction to the Invasion Pre-patch event. There is no definite date for item scaling, but if I had to guess, it will likely happen at launch. There will also be...
  15. Paroag

    f2p PvE guardian druid in-depth stats analysis

    Here is a guide no one ever asked for. Let's dive in. Introduction Guardian druid is a very strong spec at 20, combining very good damage output, very good damage mitigation, and good self healing capabilities. How to best optimize your stats to make the most out of your druid ? If you made...
  16. Twentified 9.2.5 Patch Notes

    NEW UPDATE!!! - Class Tuning 5/27/2022 - Source: https://www.wowhead.com/blue-tracker/topic/us/class-tuning-and-pvp-adjustments-coming-in-9-2-5-1250542 CLASSES All classes now generate more threat when in a tank specialization. HUNTER Beast Mastery All damage abilities and pet damage...
  17. Toy Spotlight: Worn Doll

    Worn Doll is an interesting toy thats spawns a creepy doll that follows you around. But did you know that the toy that follows you around is an actual neutral mob and can actually attack you and others? Archvaldor covered this a while back: In actuality, its very difficult for this doll to...
  18. Timur

    New to f2p twinking

    Kia ora! I'm Timur, joining you from Aotearoa New Zealand. I play on US servers and I'm allergic to FOTM. The mere suggestion that priests are overpowered in this bracket made me abandon my original planned twink. Although I'm new to f2p thinking I've been playing WoW for a pretty long time...
  19. freetrialcoop

    DK f2p are you out there?

    Are there any other DK f2p out there? If so hardy hello to you ya! If not why not?
  20. Dj3nka

    Microsoft's acquisition and the future of WoW

    https://www.reuters.com/technology/microsoft-buy-activision-blizzard-deal-687-billion-2022-01-18/ Who is ready for the expanded f2p game and a game pass? A level 20 cap might not be a thing forever. Jokes aside, i think we can expect more cross platform stuff and even mobile with this IP. With...