1. ohti

    Shadowlands Level 10 Picture Thread

    Anyone else staying at 10 or level up to 10? Idk, maybe this thread will be a dud (or maybe I'll be the only one who actively posts in it I'm cool with that too xd.) This might go without saying, but until a 1-9 picture thread is made I welcome any 1-10 twinks to share their PvE adventures...
  2. Asylum

    F2P/Vet Picture Thread

    a fresh thread for the tons of fresh Shadowlands Dragonflight content that has descended upon us.
  3. Anexa

    Post your Classic HK's

    Anyone here who isn't just all talk and actually loves twinking and plays the game? If so, then post your amount of honourable kills of any twink bracket! Here is mine, I've been slacking lately due enjoying summer :( This is not a competition nor PvPenis thread, it's mostly to check out...
  4. Turdel

    Old Screenshots?

    What do you guys got? Vanilla, BC, WoTLK, Cata, premade, pug, arena, whatever as long as it pertains to 19's these are some but i got alot more
  5. EU+US 29's World Record BG Damage

    207k Damage...
  6. Mythic Al

    EU+US Level 1-9 Screenshot Thread

    I'll start by my surprising (at least to me) venture into Starter Edition level 5s. The Final Boss? Engage! At this point I got pretty damn lucky, and a passing Warlock threw down a Which rewarded me with precisely the vendor trash I...