F2P/Vet Picture Thread

Pook Portrait Boralus 3.png

A pic of the Pook looking her most roguishly rogue... or would be if Blizzard made a leather armour set that looked like this.
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And for those wondering. I made the leather biker armour with a program called Marvelous Designer and the gnome figure I exported and on OBJ using WoW Model Viewer which I imported into free 3D rendering software Daz Studio where I rigged it to work with that software.
This is why I freaking love being on Moon Guard. There's always somebody up to something silly somewhere in Stormwind. This fellow named Bwok Bwok cloned the Pook!

too many pooks.png

*Don Knotts Voice* This is too many Pooks. The brochure said there'd only be a few Pooks but this is too many.

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