1. Sponsor

    Level 10 Rogue Twink Guide [Cataclysm Classic]

    Good morning all, it's been a while since I've written a guide and it feels good to be back at it! This will most likely start off as a Best-in-Slot (BIS) list for level 10 Rogues and get updated gradually into a full complete guide including spec, talent, macros, abilities, and races later on...
  2. TheDruidMan

    Level 30 Warlock Demonology Guide (Patch 10.2.6)

  3. rosetwinks

    First time 20 Twink, any help would be great!

    So I currently have a bis 11 Twink(wind walker monk) and just finished up the last item on my 10 Twink(arcane mage) Love those toons but its time to move on to a new challenge and have a bit of fun while im doing it! Obviously besides scaling, what class/spec I choose for 10/11 twinks is limited...
  4. Asylum

    It has been a pleasure.

    Usually these kinds of announcements come with a heavy heart; this is not the case here. I am relieved to hang up the reigns. I am very grateful for being allowed the opportunity to herd cats on these forums over the last 2 (or 3) years. However, father time is a cruel asshole who keeps...
  5. Exp-off and Exp-on Players will not be separated in Wrath Classic BGs

    Source: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/xp-gains-from-pvp-in-wrath-classic/1304907 Semi-fresh news straight from Blizzard's mouth: Apparently, this news has been received with mixed reactions, with some saying that twinks ruin low level pvp. I, for one, am happy that all the people...
  6. zazzyfraz

    Diablo Immortal "XPOff" clan

    Hello Diablo Immortal allows you to group up with players on your server. you can also join a clan, similar to a guild. Diablo Immortal does not currently have cross-server gameplay for Co-OP/Campaign gameplay, however, When it comes to PvP, cross-server play will be enabled. There currently is...
  7. zazzyfraz

    Veteran Level 20 Shadowlands Twink BoE Farmer's Guide/Compendium

    See something I missed or a mistake? Got a suggestion? Let me know via DM or reply Guide to farming BoEs for level 20 "twinks" in Shadowlands Listen up. I’m zazzyfraz. I’m gonna drop some Knowledge here about twink BoEs in Shadowlands as a reputable seller and trader of goods between twinks and...
  8. I’d like to second this..

    https://xpoff.com/threads/stop-deleting-my-contributions-to-this-nice-forum-chops.96271/ Literally the only site I’ve found with such toxic mods. if you don’t agree with him in particular, and if you manage to sway even a small minority of this community to your opinion(regardless of what it...
  9. zazzyfraz

    Level 50 doesnt have an XPoff bracket. (fixed)

    12/8: lvl 50 on SL account with xpoff now have their own xpoff queue, RIP
  10. US <Plenty Twinks> HORDE Tichondrius 20-29 Twink Guild

    <Plenty Twinks> was founded as a place for level 20 twinks to find other twinks for battlegrounds or arenas and is supposed to be a friendly environment that welcomes everyone in the bracket, so please remember to be kind to all members. We're a new guild looking to recruit any level 20-29...
  11. zazzyfraz

    EU+US Are you prepping a 120 for level 50 SL twinking? Read

    Hey just wondering if people are prepping toons for BfA twinking in SL. Legion 110 twinking is a lot of fun right now, bg pop in 10 mins. There are somethings you might want to be trying to get. This thread is updated with Shadowlands item levels. SL dungeons seem to drop 110ilvl gear. M...
  12. Phyllis

    Something Generally Important

    Hey sorry I would really like to bring up the elephant in the room and I'm not sure where is the most appropriate forum to say this... Can someone update the XPOFF logo so that the Shadowfang is WEARING the fishing hat instead of SKEWERING it? I think it looks weirdly unintentional and I mean...
  13. KPI

    US New Vet Guild BH-US "Wild Weasel Woodchuckers"

    Rule 1. Vulpera Only If you don't look like a rodent don't even bother.
  14. Beafycritz

    US Looking for Horde Vet guild

    Hello! I am Zaphy, i have been part of XPOff for a good amount of time now, i was the previous GM of District 19, and have been playing twinks since MoP, i have just recently found a guild to play my alliance vet toons with, and am now searching for a horde guild to play my horde 20's with, i...
  15. KPI

    EU+US I think this is worth 100%

    Used one of my portable BMAH items, and took a gamble. I think i scored big on this one. Drop your best BMAH or AH Snags below.
  16. Eleannor

    Community for 15th Anniversary's Alterac Valley

    Starting next Tuesday (11/05/19), a special version of Alterac Valley will be available until the end of November(?). This time-limited battleground will be special because: Alterac Valley will be featured in its original state, when it was first release (most likely it will mean different NPC...
  17. DigitalChemyst

    WoW's 15th Anniversary XP-OFF BG's!!!

    *TLDR: If you queue with XP-OFF in the new BG on Tuesday, everyone will be in the same queue! If you want to do the other BGs, you MUST PARTY SYNC! Use the communities below to do that!* With the 15th anniversary event coming this Tuesday, I thought it would be nice to get in on the BG action...
  18. KPI

    Is Lag7 undetectable by WoW Classic Anti-Cheat?

    Rumors from a community discord server have peaked my interest, players have been using Lag-Manipulation since day one of wow classic launch from unlimited sprint on rogues to Forever existing Beserker Rage on warriors, these players have not received any punishment by blizzard almost 2 months...
  19. KPI

    EU+US Theory Crafting BiS Feral Weapon.

    Was doing my dailies in Mechagon after obtaining https://www.wowhead.com/item=168804/powered-piscine-procurement-pole After looking into it more the item itself does not have a scale by level filter on Wowhead, If this is obtainable on a level 19 Would it be BiS for a Feral Druid assuming they...
  20. Not Getting Any Queues With XP Off

    I am a lvl 29 twink with my XP turned off, but I never get any queues that pops. In fact I dont even get an estimated average wait time. I think there isn't enough lvl 20s with their XP turned off to form a BG. Is there a way I can keep my XP off, but still get queues?