How's the bracket, being months in?

Discussion in '20s (Shadowlands)' started by Resto, Apr 21, 2021.

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  1. Counsel

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    fuck it, i'm done with your stupid ass.
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  2. ZenwØw

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  3. toskosa

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    I dont afk out of bgs even against the triple hunter healer premades, But I cant blame ppl who do. It's not a lot of fun being gy camped for 15-25 minutes because its me and 9-14 lvlers vs turbo death squad. Anyone routinly rolling triple hunt/healer groups are not "playing with friends" they are doing it to stomp levelers. Not that its a big deal or anything probably 80% of twinks only play to stomp levelers anyway.
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  4. Pexela

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    Thanks for the answer. If i go back to this game ( kinda loathing Blizzard for what is quite a while now ), i'll still want to make a Shaman, so it complicates matters for me. The way Shamans are discussed, it feels like they need the gear versatility you speak of, because of reliance on stats that are not in the TBC slotted gear.
  5. Chops

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    Im no shaman genius so please dont take my word for this. But it would appear as though mastery is absolutely key for ele. I also think its looks really strong for resto, given that it increases healing based on target health... which could (im guessing) save you some considerable mana in panic healing situations. And healer mana wins fights.
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  6. accel

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    Regarding 300 IQ twinks deciding to leave a bg because they, based on their vast experience and wisdom, can supposedly accurately judge what the outcome of a match is going to be and predict a loss. Just opened a stream while eating. The very first bg. The streamer has a premade going, weakish in terms of the setup, but still a premade. The other team has three twinks, strong ones. One of the moron twinks on the other team decides that he computed everything and sees a loss and leaves. The other two twinks give the weakish premade a run for its money, the fight is damn even, then the bg gets decided by some random levelers who turned out to be better for the side that had the moron leaver. If the moron leaver was less of a moron and did not leave, the game would have been won in 6-7 minutes.

    So, stop this nonsense about how you are only leaving when it is hopeless bla bla bla. You don't know when it is hopeless. You are just leaving. Pluck-pluck-pluck-pluck, wear some feathers, chicken.
  7. fungchewuchi

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    i'll give em that it ain't chicken when it's the fourth match in a row they get put in that situation.
    and that choosing not to queue again isn't the same as afking out.
    i quit the 1 in my sshot not because i thought i'd lose but because i refuse to be the healer for a 6 hunter team. "be the change you want to see in the world" and all that. turns out i had two really fun and nearly hunter-free matches after that.
  8. glancealot

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    Everyone talking about afk out of losing games or expected losses, what about folks like prague that afk out of winning games. He afked out before the gates opened, when he realized the alliance premade he ended up with was gonna steamroll the horde pug i was with, what a bro!
  9. Hardc0re

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    Imagine being a twink and getting mad that someone else is overpowering you :D
  10. Kracks

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    I /afk pugs out of boredom usually
  11. Billyballo

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    With the support of BGE addon, It's actually extremely easy, and not only you CAN do it, but you SHOULD do it, for the simple fact that it's overall better for the health of the bracket: in games that you are clearly going to win with a stomp, not being oppressive and respec to a lesser or even meme spec helps the opposition to not feel oppressed and keep queuing.
    I thought ppl just didn't care and simply wanted to farm nabs, but I now start to believe that they can't judge how some games will go and act accordingly. (SOME is the keyword, you can't predict everything, but some games are going to be a clear stomp - the only time I respected to meme and lost was once in bfa, went from arcane to fire, they got 2 new good players and my lesser damage lead us to defeat).

    I could have told you from the very beginning 100% this was a stomp. Still stayed feral fearing early afkers and good russian twinks joining (always mind possibile russians twinks mid joining when considering if going lesser spec).
    BGE told me in the first 10 seconds of me joining that they had no heal, only 1 level 20, and that he wasn't heavy twink since no alch. We had 5 twinks, 1 of those a very good heal.
    Tell me, is this clear to you?
    If they had a good twink, I would not have considered him a chicken in the slightest for not wanting to play a game like this, and I would have considered a good move to afk out, log another char and join again.

    For the rest of the post, are you familiar with EVE online?
    I'll recap, no1 owes you anything. No one owes you content. If you decide to do your best to oppress your opponent, if you constantly bait in fw plexes, keep a cloacked falcon nearby or titan DD small gangs coming through gates, you can't call you opponets chickens when they stop coming or quit.
    I remember ppl coming to fight us in our home sistem, bringing content to us, for the simple fight that we would treat them fairly, never drop caps on them and always using their same ship types.
    Did you ever gave a crap about giving the opponent team a fair game?
    If you can't even understand how imbalanced some games are, I don't think you ever respeced to meme specs or told ppl to do so.
    To me 24 before and 29 then that pugged played exacly for the purpose of oppressing the opposite team (WHERE DID ALL THE 24 GO BTW? THE "I FCKING ALWAYS PLAYED A 24, I PLAY 24 BECAUSE I LIKE IT, IT'S THE RIGHT BALANCE FOR ABILITIES ECC. ECC." only played to oppress f2ps, and then ppl wonder why the f2p bracket now couldn't live by itself? After f2ps got farmed to oblivion and no1 gave a crap about them? Thanks for getting the addon working again btw, I'm afraid it may be too late but I truly hope to be wrong.

    For afking, and to answer the original question:
    if one faction is clearly stronger and the other have 2-3 min queue times, the bracket is great. You can once again enter a bg with any class and spec you want given that they are all pretty nice now, afk out if you are facing an hopeless bg heavy premade, relog another class and after 2-3 min join a different bg.
    The moment there are not enough ppl for 2 bgs, or queue times get 5-6, entering a game with a DH only to find a 3-5 man premade with hunter disc and having 9 levelers on your team can feel like a waste of time and get you to A- get your hunter or B- quit and try the new Stellaris expansion.
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  12. accel

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    I mean, it's an interesting twist to suddenly start talking about afking because your team is stronger (never saw it happen in practice, but whatever, I will believe that this sometimes happens) while the thread was talking about afking because your team is weaker. An even more interesting twist is somehow saying that those pointing a finger at twinks who cannot take a fight and leave are actually the worst oppressors because supposedly they are premading and want the poor souls to stay and be farmed. Mate, I am queuing 90% solo. :) It's news to me that if I decide to stay even when the enemy looks stronger, I am somehow part of the problem, but since you say it is, I guess I am simply lacking experience and wisdom to see this.
  13. Billyballo

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    I'm afraid you didn't understand anything of what I said.
    It may be a problem on my part, writing in english is getting more and more difficult not getting any practise nowadays, But i'm not sure I could really make it more clear withouth repeating myself.
  14. accel

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    Let's just hope the OP got what he wanted from the thread.

    BANKONE Member

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    solo Que: more often than not it’s gonna be a stomp either in your favor or not.

    the nature of Vet twinks since WOD has been in favor of premades. If you want to reliably win, then premade. If you want to reliably stomp, premade with fotm/ healer.

    If you want balanced games: Join the 20s wargame community where they will manually limit team comps to certain specs. But the game setup time is much longer as folks are not always forming or will be full with the same group of people who just WG.

    I personally have fun with with a mix of solo que during off-hours and premades during BG primetime. I take my Ls when I need to, and I also know when to AFK, especially during solo que.

    edit: I don’t play a hunter.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2021
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  16. Margooya

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    Tried to have some fun games today. Here's the state of this bracket : hunters hunters hunters and more hunters.

    Not sure I ever had less fun in any game I ever played at this point. Worst is, yeah, this is blizzard's fault for having such a huge power discrepancy. But all the twinks rolling a Surv hunters are ruining the bracket, for real, when so many classes could be fun.

    We're ruining our game ourselves at this point.
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  17. Counsel

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    healthy bracket...

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  18. icehawk

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    Lucky sports teams around the world don’t have the same mentality as our bracket......
    We’d turn up to the stadium only to see one team jump on the field.....
    Seems a few in our bracket may be a little precious.......
    I’ve been in some bg’s where like 6 out of 10 will leave.......
    Not Blood or Ice...... they’ll crack skulls anytime - anywhere.....:p
    Our bracket needs to take some concrete pills and harden up.....:POGGERS:
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  19. toskosa

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    Lol I would prob stay as alliance just to witness the insanity of this bg.
  20. glancealot

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    even when i solo queue, i somehow still manage to get, on average, ~30% close games. I can go through my most recent 100 BGs to give you the exact percentage ( this add on is great)

    if you solo queue up as a healer that has to healbot a dps to be effective, then you probably will have a worse time.

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