How's the bracket, being months in?

Discussion in '20s (Shadowlands)' started by Resto, Apr 21, 2021.

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  1. icehawk

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    Only 6 Huntards.......
    Was 7 just now.....

    Below is some video I shot from the Alliance's perspective.....
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  2. Bambucea

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  3. accel

    accel Member

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    A weird thing happened yesterday which threw a wrench into my logical "you leave a bg crying about impossible odds = you are a chicken" construct.

    My team has 3 twinks, all queueing solo. The enemy team has 5 people in a premade, 4 of them twinks and 1 a high-level character (just there for the ride), half of the twinks are non-fotm specs. OK, we are a little outnumbered plus some of the enemy might be in voice and we are not, but fine, let's fight and find out who will win. Half into the bg, turns out it's pretty even overall and we are winning slightly. Good, right? Nah. One of the twinks on my side decides that it is "hopeless" and leaves. The healer. The only one we had. Sure as hell just in a few minutes we are losing instead of winning. Now, I wouldn't have written about any of that if it wasn't for what happened next: the other twink on my side also leaves. And I cannot call him a chicken! It really is not his fault, we'd have won the game if it wasn't for the first twink - who is a chicken alright - leaving.

    God damn it, my logical theory of chicken is ruined now. Turns out some chicken give other potential chicken immunity by leaving first. Who knows what other surprises does nature have for us here.
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  4. Nechiforus

    Nechiforus Member

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    I stay and fight until the end. Even if I know beforehand that the BG is lost, I still stay and do my best. This helps me become better by learning the strategy of the enemy.

    You want easy kills? Come and get them...
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  5. glancealot

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    two twinks on my side left 2 minutes into the game and were replaced by random levelers...the final result confirms that they a), have poor judgement and b), don't welcome competition.

    would have been an easy 4 cap for us if they stayed.

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  6. Chops

    Chops Soccer Dad Moderator

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    we're just whining about specific games and specific people afking at this point. get it back on topic or at least into some form of conversation thats going somewhere or Im closing the thread.
  7. pallyallah

    pallyallah Member

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    Hunters aside and the rare few twinks with OP GF items I feel like this is the best overall experience and contains everything we have ever wanted for years. I'm loving how quickly you can make new twinks and gear them with BiS and how it's a nice balance between BOP and BOE gear and you can also go 100% in either if you really wished to.

    I also can't think of any other time in recent history where there is a vast amount of viable specs and classes and theres not really any totally dog shit specs about. The only other thing I can think of that'd make it even better (which will never happen and has been asked for since battlegroundforums and pwndepot) would be a rated arena and not one where you need an addon to access
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  8. Chops

    Chops Soccer Dad Moderator

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    there's actually a plan for this if I can ever convince the powers that be to upgrade the forum software.
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  9. glancealot

    glancealot Member

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    Or a personal elo rating system when it comes to bgs. Like LoL.
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  10. Loveto

    Loveto Legend

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    As the person on the top of that screenshot, lets just say the game would've been much closer and not an "easy 4 cap" for the horde. :slight_smile: Some of us do keep an eye on objectives and time left. I wouldn't be messing around at stables against Corban and other horde if we were behind. I would've looted your body at the bottom of lumbermill cliff, but was curious if you could run back and rez at the top by the flag? Which you did, so kudos for that.

    After 5 months in the 20 bracket, it's been pretty good. The variety in getting geared, gearing choices, gems, enchants, viable specs, fast queues, etc make for a good bracket.

    I don't think it has quite devolved into a hunter only and busted weapons bracket. Yeah, it's not fun being on their receiving end. But there are plenty of moments during a BG where one can make them pay.

    Lately, I try to queue only with one friend or solo. We try not to queue as hunter (only marksman for us). The games are definitely more fun than rolling as a boring 5 man faceroll group. We lose a lot more (yes, horde sometimes has 5 man premades, a crapton of survival hunters, geared twinks, better pugs, and/or many healers).
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  11. JadeFire

    JadeFire Member

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    Sort of what everybody else is saying. You are just waiting for the 2-3 games a day that are not ruined by hunters.

    Pretty much everything else is on par... sure i49s are dumb as hell... the bramble staff is just dumb as hell, but other than that everything else is a choice with downsides/upsides even things like Eng Goggles/Ghost Iron Dragonling... anything is arguable for/against.

    There are maybe 3 things you just can't argue against... Crusader/Circle of Flame/PVP Trinket (maybe even not this).

    The best part is that there IS NO BIS... there is only "what are you trying to do" gear... something that did not exist in previous xpacs.
    Last edited: May 3, 2021 at 7:24 PM
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  12. CIHC

    CIHC That One OG and GY Ticket Vendor

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    Its okay, if someone lets me free cast someone gets globalled.
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  13. KainUFC

    KainUFC Legend

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    Id almost rather just PVE twink than play BGs.
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  14. toskosa

    toskosa Member

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    I have a few toons that I only pve on, it can be nice to just take a break from pvp and chill in dungeons and stuff.
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  15. Andre

    Andre 281425 Moderator 20s Coordinator

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    until you get accused of ruining some neurotic raid hero's "dungeon experience".
    levelers can be just as toxic as twinks.
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  16. toskosa

    toskosa Member

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    Really? I have never had this happen to me before. Although levelers are def just as toxic thats for sure. I have seen some shit in dungeons man shit that baffled my mind. Like one example being the other dps in my group vote kicked the tank because he was a bm monk. I asked why this warranted a kick and they said because bm monk is not an 1 tier mythic dungeon spec. This is a true story rofl and i was left dumbfounded. But for the most part dungeons are just silent monster slaying adventures.
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  17. accel

    accel Member

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    I bet the OP no longer reads the thread, but I will make one more note regarding the proverbial state of the bracket. This is from the point of view of a hunter, if that's important (I know, I know, alas). Also, EU, maybe it's different for US.

    The games can get pretty boring. Lately, they have been. I kind of knew that "I am tired of one-sided games even if they go my way" is not a pose, but now that I actually experienced it multiple times, it's pretty demotivating. You get a party, you sit for 10-15-20 minutes in a queue (queues have been long lately), then you crush the enemy in 2 minutes and the bg ends 2 minutes after. Bummer. Have your win which feels like nothing, now back to queue. Some days you are on the winning side like that, other days you are on the losing side. It sucks both ways.

    I really wish hunters were in line with other specs. Honest. Saying this as a hunter. But I don't think this is the whole issue. For one thing, if we are talking about specs that define games, it isn't just hunters, it's absolutely, 100%, totally, completely hunters AND healers. But even aside from some specs having a much bigger impact than others... I doubt even a perfect balance would fix much.

    It seems that the bracket is naturally gravitating towards imbalances of a much higher order. Eg, one of the factions has a couple of premades logging, they roll over the other faction for some time, twinks on that other faction decide to log for the winning side or they sit out and go pve some gear if they do not have characters on the winning side, the winning side keeps winning for some time (could be days or weeks), then the losing side dries up and queue times for the winning side get longer, the winning side gets a bit tired of sitting in queues and goes somewhat apathetic, then the losing side gets a couple of premades itself and conquers it all back, and lots of twinks flock back to the formerly losing and now winning side, repeating the cycle.

    Meh. (Not worse than on max level though.)
    Last edited: May 5, 2021 at 7:13 AM
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  18. Bop

    Bop Diamond Cow

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    Arenas, you say... Say more.
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