1. Bakedaflol

    20s Dragonflight enchants

    Note: Post-launch or Pre-launch is referencing 15th of November. Wich is when the pre-patch event, and the new Chromie updates are likely scheduled to kick in. Hence why you can't test the scaling changes on the PTR yet. So even though pre-patch is set to start on the 26th of October, Not all...
  2. Captain Keelson

    Scabbard of Kyanos

    Hi all. I decided that I would farm Scabbard of Kyanos. Please tell me at what level should I farm them? 20? I didn't find any threads on the forum about this trinket its draenor item https://www.wowhead.com/item=118882/scabbard-of-kyanos
  3. Valbo

    SMF vs Titans grip

    Can someone with more knowledge about this grant some advice? I've heard/read Epic/Blue Cudgel + Truncheon for SMF is BiS(?) but is it still worth it to use Green cudgel and truncheon? Was dumb enough to half way gear my warrior until I realized cudgel is oneshot try & ofc it didnt proc, so im...
  4. sxcpablo

    Righteous Orb as a F2P Warrior

    Hello guys, I'm having a hard time trying to solo Stratholme as a F2P Warrior, I can't make it past the first zone; also I'm kind of in a pinch, because I messed up and I alraedy learned crusader (with vanilla enchant 300 and everything), any tips on how to do this solo? Should I juggle...
  5. Blackvenom Blade question.

    Hello, I have been seeing youtube videos recently of battered junkbox openings trying to get a ilvl 25 BvB. In the video it is said that if scaled properly it is worth gold cap, is this accurate? I do not have very much knowledge about twinking and item scaling but I havent seen many people...
  6. Lyrvana

    Qike - 20 Twink Assa/Sub Rogue Gameplay

    Hello everyone ! :slight_smile: I have been streaming for a few days on my rogue lvl 20. I will post content regularly on my channel: https://www.twitch.tv/qikecute. I hope you will like it ! Any tips, or constructive criticism are appreciated! Love to everyone who supports me and the twink...
  7. Jai

    20 WW Monk - Did anyone test BiS enchant(s) & weapon(s)?

    Hey guys, As the title says, this is a question for Windwalker Monks only. I came back to WoW after a while and I am not really sure which enchant(s) for our new weapon(s) is/are BiS in Battlegrounds. I am running a 2h weapon now that the artifacts have been nerfed, and I do not have the...
  8. WTS Few Speed Socket Leathers Stormscale-EU

    EDIT: Boots sold. Gloves: 5 int/agi 8 stam 7 crit 4 vers 5 speed + socket Also legs if someone needs them: 7 int/agi 11 stam 10 crit 4 vers 6 speed + socket. Can also trade for some legion boe ilvl 17 epics!
  9. New Farming Community (US)

    Looking for farmers levels 10 through 25, i've just made this community and i'm looking to branch it out over multiple servers. Not a discord community, simply just in game. Add me on btag Jimmyguapo#1216 or simply reply to this thread. Looking for geared farmers, not full boa farmers. Picky but...
  10. Nkopala

    Manifesto Starter Edition | Cata

    Este es el inicio del próximo manifiesto a cerca de World of Warcraft Starter Edition en la expansión de Cataclismo. This is the start of the next manifesto about the World of Warcraft Starter Edition in the Cataclysm expansion La información será añadida en español y será próximamente...
  11. 20 Twink Solo Warlock Classic Dungeonmaster Completed!

    I am pleased to announce I have completed the 20 Classic Dungeonmaster run on Warlock. To date this marks the 4th class I've pushed through this run for the first time ever, I'm so stoked! This was a great run for me, warlock is easily S or S+ tier for the runs, and a much needed break after my...
  12. 20 Twink Solo Death Knight Classic Dungeonmaster Run completed!

    Hey guys, I am excited to announce that I have completed every single dungeon at level 20 for the Classic Dungeonmaster Challenge!As with my druid, I am on my main account, so again no nifty "Classic Dungeonmaster" Popup this time around. I really hate that lol. This has been utterly exhausting...
  13. Question about f2p vet if already have allied races.

    Does the game allow me to use level 20 allied races if I created them when I had a membership when I switch to f2p by ending my sub? I may have to race change if not. :(
  14. Gobolord

    F2P Engineering Guide

    Intro: Ahoy, once again I have just finished my foray into engineering as a F2P, and I wish to present what I learned. First and foremost, I want to say that Cataclysm engineering is not nearly as hard as a few posts have made it out to be, provided you are adequately prepared. That being said...
  15. 20 Paladin Twink Solo Classic Dungeonmaster Completed!

    I shared this on the bliz forums, wanted to share it here of course! I finally completed the Classic Dungeonmaster Achievement on my lvl 20 Paladin twink: Solo!!! "I’m so pumped to have gotten this done, to my knowledge no other 20 paladins have pulled it off, just hunters so far. At any rate...
  16. Gobolord

    LvL 20 F2P Gems and Jewelcrafting guide.

    Intro: Hey everyone, I’ve recently gone through Jewelcrafting on my linked F2P, and this guide is basically everything I wish I knew before I got into it. This guide is not meant to help you decide which gems to use, just what gems are available to you and how to get them. The only gems lvl...
  17. Chubakass

    WoW 20' Atlas by Chubakass

    Hello friends, my name is Chubakass. I'm crazy about WoW and twinking. I've been looking for various tricks in the game for 12 years now. You hardly heard about me earlier, because I play on Russian servers. I want to present to your attention "WoW 20' Atlas by Chubakass". I'm trying to...
  18. Vaspelior

    F2P Professions Question

    Hi boyz and girlz, I'm a new F2P Twink player and I have trouble with professions x) My questions are : As a F2P, we have acces to all extensions profession ? And if yes, what are the extensions to prioritize for enchanting and leatherworking ? And finally, after collecting all my gear, I...
  19. Wildlands

    Best Spec for Lvl 20 BGs in Shadowlands

    Title Let's also assume all the OP stuff gets nerfed. What will be the top specs?
  20. DeLindsay

    BiS post PTR nerfs, all Twink Levels

    This is literally what I think of every time a new Member asks for the new BiS after the PTR nerfs hit, without bothering to actually check the Forums for Gear Guides, enjoy.