19 bracket

  1. Warlord Daboo

    March Madness 19s Arena Tournament! $100 Cash Prize! 3/11/2023

    Warlords of Warsong is hosting our March Madness Arena Tournament to be played On March 11! Teams must sign up by March 10 to participate in the event. This event is a CASH PRIZE EVENT The Current Cash Pot is $100, and we encourage participants to add to the cash pot to make the event even more...
  2. WoW19 WOTLK Classic

    WoW19 WOTLK Classic • What is this ? • WoW19 WOTLK Classic is a discord server for the twink 19 EU and US • What will you find in the discord ? • In the Discord WoW19, you will find: • Guides for all in-game classes (BIS gear, talents, glyph etc…) but also many other guides to help you...
  3. "The Club of Kings" Moon Guard Horde is recruiting

    After the possible changes to the 20s F2P bracket, me and a friend decided to go 19s instead of 29s like most. If you are good and want a competitive environment, join us! We will help gear you as much as possible. Add me on jexar707#1713 Goals: - Battlegrounds and Arena premades and...
  4. Mende

    Instant level 19 twink Pserver

    Came across this level 19 twink private server Twink Land. As the looks of it it looks pretty new and you get all your BIS gear and enchants right when you spawn in the game. After looking around it looks like you can transmog your gear as well. All the transmog gear costs gold and it looks like...
  5. Life

    US <Golden Twinkiees> - The Largest & Most Social guild is recruiting 20s for inhouse wargames & arenas on retail! We’re back!

    <GOLDEN TWINKIES> The Largest, Most Social, & Fun Having Twinking Guild is recruiting all TWINKS! We are prepping and organizing for Cataclysm and the War Within! We are going to go into the new expansion's with an explosion! I want 10v10 Wargames in all 3 brackets in-house for GT 19/29's and...
  6. Asrael

    Elegon - Lion's Fall | Level 19 Mists of Pandaria Twinking!

    Elegon - Lion's Fall 5.4.8 is a Level 19 Twink Tournament Server which offers a **custom Progression, custom Content and yearly Level 19 Twink Cups!** We are based on a very strong 5.4.8 Core and dedicate ourselves to remake the Timeless Isle to the Hub of Twinking. The most special thing about...
  7. Naxx cloth shoulders.

    Hello! Im kinda new to the twinkscene and saw a couple of guys with naxx enchants on shoulders the other night. Which are the best cloth shoulders to apply it on? (Mage)
  8. <True Twinkz> Horde Sulfuras WoW Classic 19,29,39,49,59 twink guild

    <True Twinkz> Horde Sulfuras wow classic True Twinkz is a very active and fun guild that has been around for over a year now, TT is re-emerging as one of the most active twink guilds all of classic wow. We are a R rated adult guild who enjoys smoking some weed, drinking some beers, talking...
  9. Nicozy

    Musikhjälpen 2020 Charity, Help out <3

    Hello everyone, hope everyone is holding up in these times and getting by! This week Musikhjälpen, a charity event that runs every year for a week in December on Swedish Television started. 3 Hosts are locked in a "cage" eat only liquid food for a week and play music 24/7 while having guests...
  10. Minigank

    Need more Alliance 19s NA server

    Hey yall Minigank/Crazie here... need more 19s to que up or add my btag so we can que up together... btag= Minigank#1827
  11. X Asylum - Kilrogg Alliance

    It’s a long shot, but I wanted to know if any of my old guildies from X asylum on kilrogg around the vanilla-bc era made 19s in classic. A few names I remember are Lunatik Ankleshanker Spronny
  12. Powerlol

    Warmane - (Beta) Instant 19 - Progression realm

    Greetings everyone, As a private server coordinator, I've to actually be on point with any news regarding it's scene. In all honesty, with classic being a thing, twink private server scene hasn't changed a lot. But Warmane staff has decided this week to do something special for a few of the...
  13. Twinkcraft - Custom 19 Server

    Hi all, I've been working on a twink server the past two years on the 3.3.5a WotLK client and I'd like to share some information about it to hopefully bring interested people into our community. Twinkcraft isn't currently released but I'm working everyday to bring it closer to a releasable...
  14. Warlord Daboo

    The Battle for Gurubashi - Hosted by Warlords of Warsong! September 4th!

    The Battle for Gurubashi - Hosted by Warlords of Warsong Warlords of Warsong and the active 19 Guilds of Mankrik will attend the largest ever WPvP event on September 4th, 2020, in Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale. The Battle for Gurubashi is a large scale “War” event, similar to “The...
  15. Bigbus

    Sword of the Night Sky

    Is this worth using as an fc? Haven't seen anyone use it over Shadowfang but seems interesting..
  16. Wereßear

    Seeking Active Guild 19s

    I am looking to return to the 19 bracket. Old vet twink. Can do any role. FC experience, healing experience, premade experience. Good attitudes, no cancer mentality. Thx! I listed a few builds I have generated in SixtyUpgrades as examples. But I can play any class. My designs: War (20% crit w/...
  17. _Hasted_

    EU delete

  18. Woah

    Community Introduction: Woah

    I would like to introduce myself to the classic 19 twink bracket as, 19 Priest [H] Woah aka [H] Wholemilk Where do I start..I guess from the beginning. I started playing WoW a few months after the initial release and never leveled my first character past 19, which at the time was a warrior by...
  19. GyTheRogue

    19 Twink Guild - Skeram Horde

    Hello all, I'm finally stepping my foot into twinking after burning out on the AV farm in classic. I played a plethora of 19s on retail and most of my guildies stayed on retail. I had toons named Gy, Gylol, Gyrogue, Gylock, ect. all in <Business Time>, I was wondering if any of you guys are...
  20. LeetMeep

    US <Aspire> On Kurinnaxx! The Only Alliance Twink Guild On The Server

    I've really been procrastinating making this post for some time but ALL of us in <Aspire> just wanted to say HELLO to all the other 19 twink guilds and let you all know we are out here too! If you happen to be on Kurinnaxx here are some reasons to join <Aspire> We've got over 60+ built 19...