this is 20s specific, so no HOA
I am 20 f2p and can use chromie time, so BfA is doable for me.
Something else is in the plans. I don't know about something (so write more precisely). Some are outright bugs and will not be added. 28 Epic BoE will be added, but there are already good guides about other BoE items.
Well, it depends if F2p can use chromie time, or not. Look at
this stuff is obtaiable with chromie time (still not bis of course)
As far as I know Chromie-feature is nothing more than a phasing-tool and access to que into different dungeons. Not even mention that BfA-timeline is default setting (aka real time)
True, but it will get a LOT more difficult to get bis equiment as F2P if you don't have chromie time.
Don't want to gum up forums with another thread, this looks like a good a place as any for info.

What scales better in a BG "Superior Striking" or "Major Striking" World they both give +5 weapon damage, not sure about a BG.
Hello friends, my name is Chubakass. I'm crazy about WoW and twinking. I've been looking for various tricks in the game for 12 years now. You hardly heard about me earlier, because I play on Russian servers.

I want to present to your attention "WoW 20' Atlas by Chubakass". I'm trying to systematize the best stuff for level 20 players. Equipment, trinkets, BoE-items, enchant, gems, consumables, etс - everything will be here.

I hope you will find useful information in this guide. Although this is more an atlas, not a guide.
The project is constantly under development, so we need your feedback.

p.s. Some of the information may be inaccurate because it comes from open sources.
p.p.s. All recommendations are based on my subjective opinion and experience.

This is incredible. Thank you for this.
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BC/Wrath gear just generally doesn't have it.

I dont even think we have decent gems for it either. Even if the talasite gets nerfed, +3 main and +2/2 will still stand out.

I didnt look into it much, but i think most of the mastery gems are locked at higher ilvl requirement.

edit- I wanna upvote the OP again! This was such a help to my lazy ass!
Great info!

As for chromie time, as f2p I can use it but not all dungeons seem available. E.g. in tbc I can que 8 dungeons (lvl 10-50 and 15-50), the last one being Escape from Durnholde. I can not que The Mechanar. Am I missing something?
some used to be lvl 25 req, they dropped them to 20, but never added them to the possible queue list.
I know it was pinned for a long time on Discord, but I seize this opportunity to thank you personally here : )

Huge work!

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