1. rosetwinks

    [Infinitely Divisible Ooze] now fixed!?

    Trying to gear a fresh 10 worgen guardian druid and grabbed ooze trinket BUT it seems to be doing no damage now, does anyone know if it has been fixed or?
  2. blue09

    How to one-shot boses (Vanilla up to WoD)

    Seeing as coming next patch, they are nerfing all SL items, I want to share with you guys a fun method to help you get easier gear from those zombie brain runs of WoD or to enhance your speedruns. Use this trinket It drops from last...
  3. Captain Keelson

    Scabbard of Kyanos

    Hi all. I decided that I would farm Scabbard of Kyanos. Please tell me at what level should I farm them? 20? I didn't find any threads on the forum about this trinket its draenor item
  4. Magrain

    What is considered wrong? And is it too late to turn back? (Apologies for the clickbaity title)

    I have started "Magrain" probably around 7-8 months ago. This wasnt the only "Magrain" that was made, I think most of you guys already know that I created 8 toons legion gear/relic epic proc quests blah blah blah. My mind boggled with hesitation and whatever the fuck is going on inside it...
  5. Chubakass

    WoW 20' Atlas by Chubakass

    Hello friends, my name is Chubakass. I'm crazy about WoW and twinking. I've been looking for various tricks in the game for 12 years now. You hardly heard about me earlier, because I play on Russian servers. I want to present to your attention "WoW 20' Atlas by Chubakass". I'm trying to...
  6. OP Pre-patch Trinket (Max Level)

    Was perusing the Reddit and saw this: Seems like Sanguifang's Pulsating Canine is broken right now. Seems like it drops from Sanguifang from the Black Empire Daily Assault Zones. Not sure if lowbies can...
  7. Brilliant

    Quick Tip for Harlan's Loaded Dice

    Hi there guys. Just thought i'd give a quick tip for Harlan's Loaded Dice Farm. for those who needs/wants it. If you go into the dungeon with the level 50 as leader it seems like it gives the buff Sign of the warrior to the group. and always gives the char that needs the Dice loot. and on my...
  8. Northrend jewelcrafting sprint trinket w/ 2 sockets relic of the past to lvl 14 leaves it with +3 stam and 1 stam socket bonus. there are 4 other options to this trinket, but to me this is the jewel, ill link the rest so you can easily see them...
  9. Jonnes

    AGM has been unseated. New BIS Trinket for 1s discovered.

    The change must have been recent, as I am pretty sure these things had level requirements as recently as yesterday. 13 stam vs agms 5. Cant get them right now as darkmoon faire isnt open. Thankfully, they're the ones you get out of the chest, not the ones you get after collecting 12.
  10. EU+US Trinkets & necklace

    Hello everyone, I got an F2P Priest and i am looking for the last item of my stuff. Do you know where i can fin/win/buy some trinkets and necklace. I know i can win one at the fishing contest in strangleronce but i rarely play the sunday.. For the necklace i know there is one in the Blackfathom...
  11. mczizegg


    YES YES YES!!! On my 25th chest ill got the 970 Trinket, bye bye 845 Agi Trinket and Hi sweet 3960 Intelligence *__*
  12. US WTS ilvl 880 Eyasu's mulligan for lv 101 twinks

    Looking to sell trinket ilvl 880 Eyasu's Mulligan. New to all of this so you can add my btag Amadore112#1599
  13. Strength

    Mechanics for items with engineering lvl req

    A friend of mine transmogged gnomish engineering-only goggles and then dropped gnomish engineering for a goblin engineering trinket. Upon relogging, his (gnomish) goggle transmog was removed, as he was now goblin engineering. At level 60, your engineering is maxed/capped at 375, with gnomes...
  14. Zuro

    EU Looking for AGM realm-hop partner (Horde)

    Hey i still need AGM on a few chars. If you also want it but the 110s keep fucking it up we can make a little deal... I made lvl 30s on low pop german realms and moved them to STV. The idea is that you do the same for me and we can get the agm within weeks? We can take turns.