f2p 20

  1. Dungeon drops Trading for Vet\F2P?

    I am a bit confused, is there any scenario where a sub account can trade with a f2p/vet account for a dungeon drop? I tried running an xpoff 20 with a vet 20 to see if I can trade any extra dungeon drops and it wouldn't let me. Am I doing something wrong or vet\f2p can't get the tradeable...
  2. Shadowlands Enchanting on a Vet account.

    Can't seem to DE any SL gear even though I picked up enchanting on my vet character. Is that intended or did I miss the memo on something?
  3. Rest In Pieces for now, f2p

    I guess I missed a lot while playing classic but RIP can't q bg's as f2p in dragonflight.
  4. freetrialcoop

    DK f2p are you out there?

    Are there any other DK f2p out there? If so hardy hello to you ya! If not why not?
  5. Most Popular F2P Realms?

    I've been looking for a list of popular f2p realms, but haven't seen a thread on it. I've seen people say a few things here and there but I just wanted to make this thread so theres a place other people can look to as well. If you have any answers I'd appreciate it.