EU+US Player from XP OFF asked for the separation

Discussion in 'Level 10-19' started by shanker, Mar 15, 2019.

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  1. shanker

    shanker Member

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    while this player has some impressive twinks, i truly do not believe the he/she played in the XP-off/on era, and was busy building twink trophies. only certain brackets had life in that era which was then 19's 20-29 until it became 20-24 bracket (due to F2Ps), 70-79 later became 70-74 which had life because the basic game was BC capped thru WOTLK, thru CATA, and half way into MOP

    the above wow forum post occurred near the time that a streamer decided to do 39's. there was some friction at the time along some players felt their bracket was being robbed. streamers adventure into twinking did not last long, as he did not have the patience for 9-15 minute ques, viewer metrics supported this, he declared twinking was dead, players build them but don't really play them.

    WOW had issues when the brackets were split when the players base in 9 mil++ range, we would be lucky if the NA realms have 15% of that population now.
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  2. artonkn

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    We know we asked for it, I wanted it back since we first heard it was going away.
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  3. Kirise

    Kirise Member

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    You've been around at least as long as I have. While 19s, f2ps and 70s saw a lot of activity, that doesn't dismiss the herculean organizational efforts of 29s, 39s, 49s, 59s, and the 60-69 bracket at various points of the first XP-off segregation. Maybe you never played in those brackets (though I was sure you were in at least one of them), but a lot of old school players credit their best memories from them.

    If twinks can't muster the time and energy to make games happen for themselves, maybe they should perish instead of crapping all over levelers. At least until Blizzard puts forth a stronger effort into instanced PvP matchmaking.
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  4. Flamer

    Flamer 2014 and 2016 Twink Cup Champion

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    Who cares

    you haven't been relevant since like 09
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  5. Pitter

    Pitter patter

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  6. SPQR

    SPQR ♥ + ►+ ✝ ʘʘ = ⌐■_■ Highway To Hell

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    Back when legion dropped and brackets were merged, alot of people said it is a bad move and how quality will drop off.
    In fact they were the majority.

    Truth is: evolution of people and opinions is part of life.

    Think most 19s would say

    You will find alot of fucking weird and funny ass shit on this forum.
    All you need is to hit that search button mate.
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  7. Apnea

    Apnea Grandfathered

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    39s was it for me, not much in this game can beat the fun I had during that time. Maybe a bit of the 29s organizing on Skywall back in the day, that was pretty sweet too.
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  8. OP

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    besides 19's, 70's, and later a F2p account, i also had five 29s, two 39s, tested a non twink 49 for pops, two 59s, one 69.
    19's there was a mass migration to RUIN battlegroup based servers, i was lucky in not having to move, i did not move my 29's/39s to the battle groups they migrated to at the time. the GM of our 29/39 guild did along with others. but if you played along time ago, you remember hunters killed those brackets, several revival attempts along with 49's etc were short lived. then blizzard merged battlegroups in BGs, i was getting some pops on my 39s but then the toxic class was ferals. 19's were really fast and proactive in insuring this was not a issue, teams would vote kick ferals even if it made them short manned at start. when 19's did cash comps, in the rules no ferals, this was not the case in 39's

    thru those years and in the end 19's, 20-24, 70-74 survived going into the template xp on/off together again BGs when most all brackets returned.

    as for mustering the time and energy, that requires players. WOW player base is no where near what it was years ago. the game has gotten too huge twinking wise with 11 X9 brackets, and a 110 only bracket so interests are spread. classic WOW incoming will force decisions to be made with 6 more brackets in another game along with a further split of the diminishing player base. i agree with the remaining player base, and few new incoming players, twink mini-mades/premades is not good either. but blizzards latest ideas of instanced matching making of players vs AI = no loss maybe working. could you imagine every warfront being a AV or Ashran. carebear has taken over
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  9. Korvynah

    Korvynah Member

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    Instead of creating drama like you're in High School (maybe you are) and fighting among members of the community, how about we figure out a resolve to this separation issue. Or if that's not your cup of tea try posting something that is productive. Ridiculous, honestly. Delete this thread.
  10. Allybeboba

    Allybeboba Grandfathered

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    A few got what they wanted and f*cked over the hundreds of thousands.
    Enjoy the long queue times. I don’t have that kind of time to sit on my a$$ on a video game just to play a sub 20 minute BG. We already had war games for “quality”.

    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 15, 2019, Original Post Date: Mar 15, 2019 ---
    That’s what many people fail to realize. The player base isn’t what it was 10+ years ago. Not in numbers and certainly not in attitude. Hell, this site is a prime example. The guide section is all but a ghost town.

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  11. Chops

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  12. Sanit

    Sanit Member

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    Sounds like ole allyboi enjoyed beating up on levelers.

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  13. DAXinko

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    one #roastme was not enough
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  14. Jrmilk

    Jrmilk Member

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    Ive been twinking for years. Since vanilla. I enjoyed it because i hated the end game grind. I dont like beating up on levelers or lopesided games. Which is why 90% of the time i Q up solo on my priest. I always jumped to the side losing to try and balance it out. I dont like only playing wargames ive been through that. one side gets trashed and less twinks play. where it ends up being the same 9-10 people playing everytime. And eventually just dies. The only brackets that are going to get games outside of scheduled games in other brackets that believe me wont grow are 29s 19s. I most likely will be removing my subscription. Dont want to just play a few wargames here and there.
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  15. Frogturtle

    Frogturtle Member

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    2 kinds of players:

    1. people who suck and want everything to be easy whilst having high ilvl

    2. twinks

    If you’re a twink, you should be loving this patch

    Have a nice day
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  16. Faerondil

    Faerondil Grandfathered

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    I get your sentiments but I highly doubt this change came due to ‘a few’ wanting twink vs twink rather than the masses of levelers and anti-twinks crying daily on the forums.
  17. notoriousthf

    notoriousthf Born US, Raised Mexican

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    Guides these days share the same gear. Back then, you had to appropriately level to get as much gear as possible without going over on exp, and it all depended on your setup.
    Best advice is to either recruit more and Q more, or QQ more.
  18. jwl

    jwl Famous WoW Personality

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    I've been MIA for a while. I still dont know exactly what has been going on & I would appreciate it someone would inform me.

    But I stand by my statement in that post.
    Our community is big enough to get games going without a bracket merge.
    Do I believe games would be as common as they once were? Of course not. That was never in my case.

    I didnt pull numbers out my ass. I used credible data pools from the in-game Bracket communities. The only reason twinking will die out is if WE LET IT. I understand that nobody wants to step up and try to organize things, but that is what it'll take.
    There is no reason as to why we shouldn't be able to pull 6+/6+ twinks together in the majority of our brackets during peak hours to get some competitive WSG going on. There truly isnt.

    I've been twinking for over 10 years: I've seen the fallouts it has rung & am well aware of what could potentially happen. But is my statements really that inconceivable? They aren't. Nobody just wants to work for anything and nobody wants to make twinking competitive or worth participating in.
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  19. Goesid

    Goesid Immortal Twink Fancy Pants

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    Because guides weren't needed throughout an entire expac. We didn't kill the guide section, legion did. Who the hell needs a guide to fill every slot with any item that is mail and press the button that is glowing and mash face the rest of the time.
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  20. Blackberryy

    Blackberryy Those peanut butter vibes Super Moderator

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    Those of you who are happy with the change, Realize hopefully that it didn’t take a bracket separation to try and organize war games. What’s happened, is that now twinks do not have the option to choose. Not everyone twinks to be completely bis and in fact I know a lot of them use purposefully weaker gear so they are not at a massive power advantage. There are very select few that I know of that are old twinks and completely willing to go the extra miles for 1 stat here and a better on proc there etc. Do you really think there are enough real twinks out there willing to farm day and night to be at the peak of performance for competition? I don’t, like I said, twinking is a dying breed and what legion and bfa has brought is not twinks, but a massive base of followers. This is all fine and such for the meta we had a week ago, but now you cannot expect those players to want to be what twinking truly was back in later dates. You will all be sadly mistaken when your ques go from bad to worse. I have been twinking my entire wow time, with my sub starting before achievements were a thing. I have seen the highs and lows of activity and the ones that keep asking others to try as hard as they try. That’s inconceivable, I in my own bracket tried it for years even with merged ques and it was near impossible since I like to set me own precedents and farm for weeks + to get what is truly bis. I hate to see it and hate to say it. But you guys should get ready for a drought you have never seen before in this twinking population. All I hope is that it doesn’t scare away the true players that do what we do.
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