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May 25, 2019 at 4:35 AM
Feb 5, 2015
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Elwynn Forrest

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Famous WoW Personality, from Elwynn Forrest

Goats are tighter than deers. Plus they lactate which I am into....You know, for cereal. Nothing else. May 23, 2019 at 3:01 PM

jwl was last seen:
May 25, 2019 at 4:35 AM
    1. jwl
      Goats are tighter than deers. Plus they lactate which I am into....You know, for cereal. Nothing else.
      1. Druhgy likes this.
    2. jwl
      "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I guess I'll go eat worms" :( *Drinks vodka*
    3. jwl
      Necromancer class officially released on ESO. TTYL xpoff
    4. jwl
    5. jwl
      I appreciate streetball more than fundamental basketball. A lot more personality, art & talent to be found there
    6. jwl
      You guys still like me, right?
      1. Sketchbag likes this.
    7. jwl
      I feel terrible for everyone that keeps rerolling hoping to get multiple off-stat items, on a single toon. I just play the game & enjoy it.
      1. Druhgy likes this.
      2. Dathvynar
        its like playing new leagues in Path of Exile.
        May 13, 2019
    8. jwl
      You guys are all jerks for roasting me for no reason whatsoever. I cant believe this behavior is tolerable...I am to be respected here.
    9. jwl
      I should specify that I am looking for Leather* versions - preferably quickblade. Doubt there are any left though :/
    10. jwl
      WTB enchanted Mechanized Snow Goggles on US
    11. jwl
      Quit flapping your gums at us Hashdowns, we're doing our thing
      1. Sketchbag likes this.
    12. jwl
      Just know that all of my viewers were DYING at how bad you are, and that my twitch chat was going crazy. You blew our minds
    13. jwl
      Watch the vid, sanit. You took so much fall damage from TOT, I almost got my "damage control" achievement. Wish I saved the other games vs u
    14. jwl
      The only reason I have that game saved is BC it was my first time queueing into you. With your big ego, I thought it'd be fun to crop ya. TY
    15. jwl
      Bro you got cropped 5 wargames in a row the 1 night alliance played vs. us & you lost nearly every RBG against me lol. No need to lie
    16. jwl
      Sorry for coming to your favorite bracket and taking over the competitive scene m8. Mr. Columbus is just untouchable w the flag on his back
    17. jwl
      @Sanit I'm not trolling. Stats speak for themselves - You have a 0% win rate against me in WGs and like a 10% in Randoms. Farmer Jwl crops u
    18. jwl
      People dont understand the distinction between spilling facts & trolling. These are facts, and nobody can accept the reality of it.
    19. jwl
      The levelers & 29s just cant keep up
    20. jwl
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    Elwynn Forrest


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    "I am renowned as a humble, cordial individual.
    I understand why players may be afraid of queueing into me, but there truly is no reason as to why they should be discouraged. After all, I am just a fellow Earthling.
    With that said, I do not appreciate you boasting the fact I am the alpha-male of the twink community.

    On the contrary, I do see where you are coming from;
    Armor durability has gone red.
    Resurrection sickness has become a common thing among my opponents.
    Deserter debuffs, warlocks life-tapping themselves to death, before I have the opportunity to destroy them with my battlehammer…

    Is this what the community needs? I cant be held responsible for creating a bracket, then destroying it.
    I refuse to be held responsible."

    - Twink God, AKA Christopher Columbus, AKA Yung Marinara Sauce, AKA Jwl, 2019

    Fastest dispels in twinking.
    Professional camgirl.
    Best TC in twinking.
    Juke lord.
    FC god.

    Twink Count: 86
    Jwl#11489 & Jwl#11487
    *** https://www.twitch.tv/jwl1996 ***

    Im famous. If you want an autograph, hand over your guild charter.
    66-0 VS. Sanit