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    This thread will act as a source of reference, to help you find whichever potential items you may be looking for on your twink. This list will feature ONLY items that offer secondary stats.
    It is also worth noting that not all of the linked items have the same name on Horde, that they would have on alliance - So if you are looking for a particular item and cant find it, use the direct link to the quest, and change it to the appropriate factions version. I hope you all find this beneficial.

    -Zone name: [X]
    -Zone level range: [X]
    -Zone faction(s): [X, X, X]

    • Elwynn Forrest (1-20)
    Territory: Alliance
    1) quest=52 (rewards item=57525)
    • Ghostlands (10-60)
    Territory: Horde
    1) quest=9315 (rewards item=24340)
    2) quest=9170 (rewards item=156942)
    3) quest=9169 (rewards item=23401)
    4) quest=9167 (rewards item=22980)
    5) quest=9156 (rewards item=28303, item=22979)
    6) quest=9146 (rewards item=28144)
    • Loch Modan (10-60)
    Territory: Alliance
    1) quest=26148 (rewards item=58988)
    2) quest=26147 (rewards item=58994)
    3) quest=26863 (rewards item=58979)
    4) quest=13661 (rewards item=58992, item=131300)
    5) quest=309 (rewards item=58983, item=58982, item=58981, item=131204)
    6) quest=27037 (rewards item=59008)
    • Silverpine Forest (10-60)
    Territory: Horde
    1) quest=27601 (rewards item=62897, item=62896, item=62895, item=131680)
    2) quest=27483 (rewards item=62881, item=62879)
    3) quest=27518 (rewards item=62889)
    • Westfall (10-60)
    • Hillsbrad Foothills (15-60)
    Territory: Horde
    1) quest=28237 (rewards item=65715, item=65697, item=65675)
    2) quest=28556 (rewards item=65703)
    3) quest=28604 (rewards item=65729, item=65722, item=65704, item=65684, item=131700, item=131701)
    4) quest=28197 (rewards item=65672)
    5) quest=28231 (rewards item=65714, item=65696, item=131693)
    6) quest=28209 (rewards item=65673, item=131692)
    7) quest=28114 (rewards item=65670)
    8) quest=28331 (rewards item=65676)
    9) quest=28400 (rewards item=65728, item=65719, item=65701, item=65680, item=131696, item=131697)
    10) quest=28354(rewards item=65699, item=65678, item=131695)
    11) quest=28748 (rewards item=65666, item=131894)
    12) quest=28356 (rewards item=65727, item=65716, item=65698, item=65677)
    13) quest=28636 (rewards item=65724, item=65706, item=65686, item=131703)
    14) quest=28616 (rewards item=65723, item=65705, item=65685, item=131702)
    15) quest=28647 (rewards item=65725, item=65707, item=65687)
    16) quest=28484 (rewards item=65702, item=65682, item=131698)
    17) quest=28330 (rewards item=65718, item=65700, item=65679, item=131694)
    18) quest=28485 (rewards item=65726, item=65708, item=65688)
    • Redridge Mountains (15-60)
    • Duskwood (20-60)
    • Arathi Highlands (25-60)
    • Northern Stranglethorn (25-60)
    • Wetlands (20-60)
    • The Cape of Stranglethorn (30-60)
    Territory: Both
    1) quest=26602 (rewards item=4130)
    2) quest=26550 (rewards item=61535, item=131606)
    3) quest=26703 (rewards item=61626, item=61630, item=61632, item=131586, item=61628)
    4) quest=26612 (rewards item=61570, item=61572, item=131563)
    5) quest=26649 (rewards item=61598)
    6) quest=26822 (rewards item=61526)
    7) quest=26555 (rewards item=61553, item=61554, item=131555)
    8) quest=26450 (rewards item=61517, item=61520, item=61521)
    9) quest=26595 (rewards item=61538, item=61540, item=61542, item=131558, item=131559)
    10) quest=26664 (rewards item=61614, item=61616, item=61618)
    11) quest=26601 (rewards item=61564)
    12) quest=26606 (rewards item=61586)
    13) quest=26648 (rewards item=61600, item=61606, item=156952)
    14) quest=26818 (rewards item=61513, item=61516)
    15) quest=26434 (rewards item=61529)
    16) quest=26535 (rewards item=61546, item=61548)
    17) quest=26597 (rewards item=61558, item=61560, item=131560)
    18) quest=26633 (rewards item=61578, item=61580, item=61582, item=61584, item=131567, item=131568)
    19) quest=26599 (rewards item=11469)
    20) quest=26697 (rewards item=61608, item=61610, item=61612, item=157000)
    21) quest=26699 (rewards item=61620, item=61622, item=61624, item=131585)
    • The Hinterlands (30-60)
    • Western Plaguelands (35-60)
    Territory: Both
    1) quest=27167 (rewards item=62158, item=62157, item=62156, item=131646)
    2) quest=26999 (rewards item=62172)
    3) quest=27089 (rewards item=62217, item=62214)
    4) quest=27206 (rewards item=62222, item=62221, item=62220, item=62219, item=62218, item=131656)
    5) quest=27171 (rewards item=62167)
    6) quest=27202 (rewards item=62213, item=62210)
    7) quest=26938 (rewards item=62188, item=62186)
    8) quest=26931 (rewards item=62162, /item=62161, item=131622)
    9) quest=27017 (rewards item=62197, item=62196, item=62195, item=131631, item=131632)
    10) quest=27055 (rewards item=62201, item=62200, item=62199, item=131635)
    11) quest=27085 (rewards item=62209, item=62208, item=62207, item=62206, item=131637, item=131638)
    12) quest=27144 (rewards item=62227, item=62226, item=62225, item=62224, item=62223, item=131641)
    13) quest=27001 (rewards item=62179)
    14) quest=27155 (rewards item=62191, item=62190)
    15) quest=26923 (rewards item=62147)
    16) quest=26978 (rewards item=62171)
    17) quest=26955 (rewards item=62194, item=62193, item=62192, item=131627)
    • Badlands (40-60)
    • Burning Steppes (40-60)
    Territory: Both
    1) quest=28178 (rewards item=64503)
    2) quest=28184 (rewards item=64509, item=64508, item=64507)
    3) quest=28417 (rewards item=64500, item=64499, item=64498, item=156964)
    4) quest=28286 (rewards item=64537, item=64536, item=64535, item=64534, item=64533)
    5) quest=28227 (rewards item=64523, item=64521)
    6) quest=28327 (rewards item=64563, item=64562, item=64561, item=64560, item=64559)
    7) quest=28179 (rewards item=64505)
    8) quest=28491 (rewards item=64558, item=64557, item=64556)
    9) quest=28326 (rewards item=64546, item=64545, item=64544, item=64543)
    10) quest=28177 (rewards item=64501, item=156965, item=157011)
    11) quest=28253 (rewards item=64517, item=64516, item=64515)
    12) quest=28322 (rewards item=64574, item=64573, item=64572, item=64571, item=64569)
    13) quest=28266 (rewards item=64528, item=64527, item=64526, item=64525)
    • Eastern Plaguelands (40-60)
    Territory: Both
    1) quest=27533 (rewards item=63006, item=63005, item=63003)
    2) quest=27372 (rewards item=62942, item=62939)
    3) quest=27539 (rewards item=63014, item=63013, item=63011, item=62989)
    4) quest=27421 (rewards item=62965, item=62964)
    5) quest=27467 (rewards item=62984, item=62983)
    6) quest=27531 (rewards item=63010)
    7) quest=27523 (rewards item=63001, item=63000, item=62999)
    8) quest=27456 (rewards item=62980, item=62979, item=62978)
    9) quest=27369 (rewards item=62938, item=62937, item=62935)
    10) quest=27391 (rewards item=62961, item=62960, item=62959, item=62958, item=157007)
    11) quest=27392 (rewards item=62949, item=62948)
    12) quest=27482 (rewards item=62991)
    13) quest=27487 (rewards item=62994, item=62992)
    14) quest=27527 (rewards item=63022, item=63021, item=63020, item=63018)
    15) quest=27454 (rewards item=62976)
    16) quest=27620 (rewards item=62998, item=62997)
    17) quest=27382 (rewards item=62944)
    18) quest=27613 (rewards item=62968, item=62966)
    19) quest=27390 (rewards item=62956, item=62955)
    20) quest=27530 (rewards item=63017, item=63016, item=63015)
    21) quest=27477 (rewards item=62987, item=62986, item=62985)
    22) quest=27387 (rewards item=62954, item=62953, item=62951)
    • Searing Gorge (40-60)
    • Swamp of Sorrows (40-60)
    • Deadwing Pass (55-60)
    Territory: Alliance
    • Blasted Lands (55-60)
    Territory: Both
    1) quest=25690 (rewards item=59422, item=59424, item=59423)
    2) quest=25716 (rewards item=59376, item=59379, item=59377)
    3) quest=25709 (rewards item=59369, item=59370, item=59368)
    4) quest=25711 (rewards item=59373, item=59374, item=59372, item=59368)
    5) quest=25682 (rewards item=59414, item=59415, item=59417)
    6) quest=25706 (rewards item=59405, item=59403, item=59404)
    7) quest=25675 (rewards item=59407, item=59408, item=59406)
    8) quest=25678 (rewards item=59411, item=59412, item=59413, item=59410)
    9) quest=25688 (rewards item=59428, item=59425, item=59427, item=59429, item=59426)
    10) quest=25699 (rewards item=59420, item=59418, item=59421)
    11) quest=25720 (rewards item=59439, item=59438, item=59440, item=59437)
    12) quest=25695 (rewards item=59433, item=59432)
    13) quest=26174 (rewards item=59398, item=59397, item=59396)

    • Azuremyst Isle (1-20)
    Territory: Alliance
    1) quest=9564 (rewards item=24438)
    • Teldrassil (1-20)
    Territory: Alliance
    1) quest=935 (rewards item=156992)
    • Azshara (10-60)
    • Bloodmyst Isle (10-60)
    Territory: Alliance
    1) quest=9629 (rewards item=26008)
    2) quest=9761 (rewards item=26009)
    3) quest=9689 (rewards item=24346, item=24348, item=24347, item=131270)
    4) quest=9762 (rewards item=24349, item=24350)
    • Darkshore (10-60)
    • Northern Barrens (15-60)
    • Ashenvale (15-60)
    Territory: Both
    1) quest=26457 (rewards item=56643)
    2) quest=13920 (rewards item=56722, item=56723, item=131319)
    3) quest=13947 (rewards item=56661)
    4) quest=13943 (rewards item=56668, item=131322)
    5) quest=13842 (rewards item=119325)
    6) quest=13698 (rewards item=56648)
    7) quest=13621 (rewards item=56645)
    8) quest=13875 (rewards item=56655)
    9) quest=6621 (rewards item=17006)
    10) quest=13989 (rewards item=56707)
    11) quest=13640 (rewards item=56627)
    12) quest=13805 (rewards item=56727, item=56729, item=131304)
    13) quest=13730 (rewards item=56649, item=56650, item=56651, item=131302)
    14) quest=13798 (rewards item=56711, item=56713)
    15) quest=13853 (rewards item=56674, item=56675, item=131306)
    16) quest=26466 (rewards item=5812)
    17) quest=13644 (rewards item=56652)
    18) quest=26468 (rewards item=5820)
    19) quest=13987 (rewards item=56690, item=131327)
    20) quest=26464 (rewards item=56624)
    21) quest=13980 (rewards item=56693)
    22) quest=13712 (rewards item=60644)
    23) quest=13876 (rewards item=56623)
    24) quest=26482 (rewards item=56694, item=56696, item=131535)
    25) quest=6641 (rewards item=17692)
    26) quest=13886 (rewards item=56683, item=56685)
    • Stonetalon Mountains (20-60)
    Territory: Both
    1) quest=25822 (rewards item=57449)
    2) quest=26010 (rewards item=57477)
    3) quest=25730 (rewards item=57429, item=57430, item=131879)
    4) quest=26043 (rewards item=57482, item=131471)
    5) quest=25768 (rewards item=57435, item=131881)
    6) quest=25622 (rewards item=57426, item=57427)
    7) quest=25851 (rewards item=57467, item=57466, item=57465, item=131449)
    8) quest=25808 (rewards item=57446, item=57444)
    9) quest=25877 (rewards item=57440)
    10) quest=25669 (rewards item=57432, item=57431, item=131880)
    11) quest=25889 (rewards item=57459, item=57458, item=131455)
    12) quest=25912 (rewards item=57456, item=57455, item=131456)
    13) quest=25811 (rewards item=57443)
    14) quest=26048 (rewards item=57491)
    15) quest=26076 (rewards item=57499)
    16) quest=26063 (rewards item=57492)
    17) quest=26115 (rewards item=57511, item=57510, item=57509, item=131486)
    18) quest=25646 (rewards item=57422)
    • Southern Barrens (25-60)
    • Desolace (30-60)
    Territory: Both
    1) quest=14334 (rewards item=55956, item=55957)
    2) quest=14309 (rewards item=55902, item=55903, item=131344)
    3) quest=14335 (rewards item=55960, item=55961, item=55959, item=131348)
    4) quest=14346 (rewards item=55921, item=55922, item=55923, item=131349)
    5) quest=14394 (rewards item=55915, item=55916, item=55917, item=156968)
    6) quest=14318 (rewards item=55909, item=55910, item=131345)
    7) quest=14246 (rewards item=55894, item=55895)
    8) quest=14354 (rewards item=55952, item=55953)
    9) quest=14253 (rewards item=55891, item=55892, item=55893, item=131337)
    10) quest=6134 (rewards item=15864, item=15865)
    11) quest=14342 (rewards item=55934)
    12) quest=14282 (rewards item=55896, item=55898)
    13) quest=5581 (rewards item=55940, item=55941, item=55939, item=131233)
    14) quest=14306 (rewards item=55899, item=55900, item=55901, item=131343)
    15) quest=14227 (rewards item=55928, item=55924, item=55926)
    16) quest=1467 (rewards item=6794, item=131232)
    17) quest=14301 (rewards item=55906, item=55907, item=55908, item=131342)
    18) quest=14198 (rewards item=55963, item=55962, item=55964)
    19) quest=1456 (rewards item=55949, item=55950, item=55948, item=131231)
    20) quest=14332 (rewards item=55914, item=55913, item=131347)
    21) quest=14219 (rewards item=55946, item=131335)
    • Dustwallow Marsh (35-60)
    • Feralas (35-60)
    • Felwood (40-60)
    Territory: Both
    1) quest=28386 (rewards item=65342, item=65291, item=65310, item=65329)
    2) quest=28113 (rewards item=65277, item=65297, item=65316, item=65335)
    3) quest=28148 (rewards item=65314, item=65333)
    4) quest=27995 (rewards item=65279, item=65299, item=65318)
    5) quest=28338 (rewards item=21316, item=21317)
    6) quest=28366 (rewards item=65343, item=65294, item=65313, item=65332)
    7) quest=28126 (rewards item=65281, item=65301, item=65320, item=65337)
    8) quest=28382 (rewards item=65341, item=65290, item=65309, item=65328)
    9) quest=28368 (rewards item=65346, item=65349, item=65352)
    10) quest=28213 (rewards item=65283, item=65303, item=65322, item=65338)
    11) quest=28333 (rewards item=65344, item=65347, item=65350, item=65353)
    12) quest=28155 (rewards item=65282, item=65302)
    13) quest=28264 (rewards item=65285, item=65305, item=65324)
    14) quest=28288 (rewards item=65278, item=65298, item=65317)
    15) quest=28228 (rewards item=65287, item=65306, item=65325)
    16) quest=28389 (rewards item=65292, item=65311, item=65330)
    17) quest=28049 (rewards item=65276, item=65296, item=65315, item=65334)
    18) quest=28336 (rewards item=65345, item=65348, item=65351, item=65354)
    19) quest=28364 (rewards item=65293, item=65312, item=65331)
    20) quest=28359 (rewards item=65288, item=65307, item=65326, item=65339)
    21) quest=28257 (rewards item=65284, item=65304, item=65323)
    22) quest=28128 (rewards item=65280, item=65300, item=65319)
    23) quest=28374 (rewards item=65289, item=65308, item=65327, item=65340)
    • Silithus (40-60)
    Territory: Both
    1) quest=8321 (rewards item=20650)
    2) quest=8283 (rewards item=20647)
    • Tanaris (40-60)
    • Thousand Needles (40-60)
    Territory: Both
    1) quest=25588 (rewards item=63574, item=63575)
    2) quest=25790 (rewards item=63566, item=63567, item=63569)
    3) quest=28136 (rewards item=63659, item=63660, item=63661)
    4) quest=25542 (rewards item=63550, item=63551, item=63552, item=63553, item=131434)
    5) quest=27312 (rewards item=63592, item=63595)
    6) quest=28087 (rewards item=63648, item=63649, item=63650, item=63651)
    7) quest=25825 (rewards item=63611, item=63613)
    8) quest=25515 (rewards item=63542, item=63545)
    9) quest=27318 (rewards item=63600, item=63601, item=63602, item=63603)
    10) quest=27327 (rewards item=63636)
    11) quest=27329 (rewards item=63640, item=63641, item=63643, item=157025)
    12) quest=28125 (rewards item=63656, item=63658, item=157019)
    13) quest=28160 (rewards item=63667, item=63668, item=63669, item=63670, item=63671, item=63672)
    14) quest=28048 (rewards item=63621, item=63622, item=63623)
    15) quest=25762 (rewards item=63608, item=63610)
    16) quest=28159 (rewards item=63663, item=63664, item=63665, item=63666)
    17) quest=25704 (rewards item=63587, item=63588, item=63590)
    18) quest=28098 (rewards item=63652, item=63653, item=63654, item=63655)
    19) quest=25488 (rewards item=63558, item=63560)
    20) quest=25627 (rewards item=63624, item=63627)
    21) quest=28051 (rewards item=63583, item=63584, item=63585, item=157017, item=157018)
    22) quest=25661 (rewards item=63617, item=63618, item=63620)
    • Un'Goro Crater (40-60)
    Territory: Both
    1) quest=24735 (rewards item=53566, item=53567, item=53568)
    2) quest=24709 (rewards item=53600, item=53601, item=53602)
    3) quest=24855 (rewards item=53569, item=53570)
    4) quest=24690 (rewards item=53574, item=53575, item=53576)
    5) quest=24719 (rewards item=53557, item=53558, item=53559)
    6) quest=24695 (rewards item=53594)
    7) quest=24699 (rewards item=53592, item=53593)
    8) quest=24697 (rewards item=53563, item=53564, item=53565, item=156996)
    9) quest=24701 (rewards item=53581)
    10) quest=24730 (rewards item=53585, item=53586)
    11) quest=24926 (rewards item=53572, item=53573)
    12) quest=24736 (rewards item=53589, item=53590, item=53591)
    13) quest=24733 (rewards item=53587, item=53588)
    14) quest=24707 (rewards item=53597, item=53598, item=53599)
    15) quest=24692 (rewards item=53577, item=53578, item=53579)
    16) quest=24718 (rewards item=53583, item=53584, item=156995)
    • Winterspring (40-60)
    Territory: Both
    1) quest=28782 (rewards item=67168, item=67185, item=67202, item=67225, item=67218)
    2) quest=28614 (rewards item=67216, item=67166, item=67183, item=67200)
    3) quest=28625 (rewards item=67213, item=67163, item=67180, item=67197)
    4) quest=28831 (rewards item=67172, item=67189, item=67206, item=67221)
    5) quest=28540 (rewards item=67162, item=67179, item=67212, item=67196)
    6) quest=28470 (rewards item=67210, item=67159, item=67176, item=67193)
    7) quest=28628 (rewards item=67181, item=67164, item=67214, item=67198)
    8) quest=28519 (rewards item=67161, item=67195, item=67178, item=157021)
    9) quest=28513 (rewards item=67177, item=67160, item=67194)
    10) quest=28742 (rewards item=67169, item=67186, item=67219, item=67203, item=67226)
    11) quest=28710 (rewards item=67205, item=67171, item=67188)
    12) quest=28460 (rewards item=67158, item=67175, item=67192, item=67209)
    13) quest=28842 (rewards item=67222, item=67174, item=67191, item=67208)
    14) quest=28639 (rewards item=67167, item=67184, item=67217, item=67201, item=67224)
    15) quest=28522 (rewards item=21322)
    16) quest=28840 (rewards item=67173, item=67190, item=67207)
    17) quest=28722 (rewards item=67223, item=67165, item=67182, item=67199, item=67215)
    18) quest=28828 (rewards item=67220, item=67170, item=67187, item=67204, item=67227)

    • Ragefire Chasm (10-60)
    Location: Orgrimmar
    1) quest=30996 (rewards item=82892, item=82893, item=82894, item=82895, item=131711, item=131712)
    • Wailing Caverns (15-60)
    Location: Northern Barrens
    1) quest=26870 (rewards item=65985, item=65937, item=65961, item=66003, item=65911, item=131615, item=131616)
    • Shadowfang Keep (15-60)
    Location: Silverpine Forrest
    1) quest=27968 (rewards item=65984, item=66002, item=65960, item=65936, item=65910, item=131684, item=131685)
    • The Stockade (20-60)
    Location: Stormwind City
    1) quest=27739 (rewards item=65989, item=65915, item=65965, item=65941, item=131683)
    • Blackfathom Deeps (20-60)
    Location: Ashenvale
    1) quest=34672 (rewards item=65962, item=65938, item=65912, item=131713)
    • Gnomeregan (24-60)
    • Raorfen Kraul (30-60)
    Location: Thousand Needles
    1) quest=26905 (rewards item=65968, item=65991, item=65944, item=65918, item=66007, item=131617)
    • Maraudon (30-60)
    • Razorfen Downs (35-60)
    Location: Thousand Needles
    1) quest=33514 (rewards item=65996, item=65975, item=65951, item=65926, item=66009)
    • Dire Maul (36-60)
    • Uldaman (40-60)
    Location: Badlands
    1) quest=2280 (rewards item=65947, item=65971, item=65921)
    • Stratholme (42-60)
    Location: Eastern Plaguelands
    1) quest=27208 (rewards item=65928, item=65977, item=65953, item=65998)
    • Zul'Farrak (44-60)
    Location: Tanaris
    1) quest=27070 (rewards item=65999, item=65978, item=65954, item=65929)
    2) quest=27068 (rewards item=65955, item=65930, item=65979)
    • Blackrock Depths (47-60)
    Location: Burning Steppes
    1) quest=27578 (rewards item=65932, item=65956, item=65980)
    • Sunken Temple (50-60)
    Location: Swamp of Sorrows
    1) quest=27605 (rewards item=65931)
    • Lower Blackrock Spire (55-60)
    Location: Burning Steppes
    1) quest=27440 (rewards item=65981, item=65957, item=65933, item=66000)

    If you aren't aware, you can scale any of these quest items on wowhead with this tool:

    Screenshot (152)_LI.jpg

    To view your item as an epic-proc, just filter it 12+ item levels higher than your character level (this would be an epic proc for a level 20):

    Screenshot (153)_LI.jpg

    Did I miss anything? Let me know!
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
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  2. Baelo

    Baelo Grandfathered

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    Literally no one:
    Jwl: Here's a quest gear depository

    ty for making it tho ThinkingFace
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  3. ohti

    ohti has-been Moderator <TF>

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    this guide will be quite useful to anyone that twinks under level 60.

    maybe not helpful to you and your level 87 warlock though
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  4. Deceptionsz

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    i wish u were US, id clap them cheeks on my 85 ww > : )
  5. Baelo

    Baelo Grandfathered

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    Or my 85 warrior!

    But yes i agree with you.
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  6. Anony

    Anony Guest

    Just stepping in and saying please continue

    I find it really helpful

    Thank you
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  7. Sin'dor

    Sin'dor Member

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    ...but that's "literally" how these sorts of resources get made.

    If some over-entitled sociopath requested an curated list of every quest item, they'd be justifiably ridiculed or ignored... but occasionally someone happens to be doing so much research for themselves that they think "Hey, if I just spend some extra time formatting my findings, I bet it would help a lot of people".

    I personally have zero interest in this list... but I'm damn tempted to start contributing to it, simply because of the amount of "unrequested" work @jwl is already putting into it.
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  8. Baelo

    Baelo Grandfathered

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    I'm too old for memes i guess.
    Just like you, I will never be using this guide, but I still appreciate the work and effort he put into it.
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  9. Pezza420

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    hi is there a BIS list for an 87 warlock thanks
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  10. Chops

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    Absolutely clutch work, @jwl
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  11. OP

    jwl FC - Pagle

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    Agreed. Since the recent patch, I always wanted to see somebody make something along the lines of what I just did. I feel like it'd be awfully convenient to have every quest item in one, easy to read place.

    You're welcome. Its finished.
    I may or may not add a dungeon-quest spoiler, farmable BOE spoiler and an honorable mentions for primary stat items that deserve recognition. A lot of work went into this, so I may hold off on edits for a few days.

    I actually wasnt doing any research for myself. I just thought others would find this useful.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
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  12. Conzil

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    Think there is a good plate chest in Elwynn that could be added to the list
  13. OP

    jwl FC - Pagle

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    Very possible. I left out starter zones (1-20).
    Might have to look through them, as they could help a great deal of level 10s out. My intent with this thread was to showcase tri-stat gear. And to my knowledge, starter zones are 99% single-stat items.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
  14. Boz

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    This is awesome @jwl Thank you for taking the time to put this together.
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  15. OP

    jwl FC - Pagle

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    Dont mention it ;).

    I've just updated the list with all* tri-stat items from starting zones quest. Unfortunately, there aren't many at all. But there still were a few worth mentioning :)
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
  16. Imnotabelf

    Imnotabelf Legend

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    So why only tri-stat?

    Field Tested Spear from Elwynn Forest has insanely good primary stats.
  17. OP

    jwl FC - Pagle

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    Because the majority of players are looking to stack secondary stats.
    If primary stat items were to be incorporated with the secondary stat items, it would compromise the distinction of my entire list. If there was to be a list dedicated to primary stat items, it would require an entirely new spoiler, which is more than doable. But like I said, it's awfully tedious and ultimately, not worth adding every single primary stat item to this list, simply because *in most cases* the tri-stat items are better in every way.
    I stated above that there may be an "honorable mentions" where we could shoutout specific items that scale extremely well (for instance, the weapons that grant 6+ main stat obtainable at level 5) but until then, I dont think I'll be adding such a thing.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
  18. Imnotabelf

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    I mean arguably two of the best weapons available would be Hand of Argus Crossfire and Field Tested Spear, even w/o secondary stats.

    I think including them in some way is worth while.
  19. OP

    jwl FC - Pagle

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    As do I, but to argue them as "best weapons" varies by bracket. A lot more doors open up at higher level. Its likely that I'll make an honorable mentions tab soon, to showcase items like those.
  20. Arkant

    Arkant Freedom~

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    Argus Crossfire beats every ranged weapon on your list unless I missed one simply because its stats are way overbudget. The same should apply to Field Tested Spear.

    Most people are looking for tri-stat quest rewards not because secondary stats are better than primary stats but because they get secondaries in addition to the primaries other items have. Those two items get primaries in addition to primaries.

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