Dat FOTM life

Discussion in 'Level 10-19' started by Potatosoup, Jan 21, 2019.

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  1. The Saint

    The Saint I won't like you

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    He only used that clip cause you didn't record that guy repeatedly raping you the PTR... And yep, that's what I'm known for, taking stuff seriously
  2. jwl

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    I wish I had bad games. I tried, and tried again to find a single game on my stream where we've lost due to me making a horrible play. Unfortunately, every loss is in the hands of my teammates. I perform not only at the level I claim I do, but at a level beyond my own comprehension. Even my winning games, I manage to try and correct myself...I just dont know how to improve and it drives me insane.

    @The Saint I did record all of the PTR games. I knew raz would get on the forums trying to talk down to me. That's more publicity for me & I love that shit lol. My 120 paladin is like 60-2 in duels on live, do you really think im gonna lose 9 times in a row to someone on PTR? Watch how I let him pummel every cast I make. I am a fucking clout genius kid.
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  3. The Saint

    The Saint I won't like you

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    Don't be jealous of true genius man :(
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    This I believe...
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    You purposely made yourself look stupid... Mission accomplished. Grats man
  4. Chops

    Chops Veteran

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    Dude is doing THE WORK to get double digit views in a niche playstyle of a dying game. Like the dude who gets first place in speed walking, you gotta respect the hustle no matter how stupid the sport.
  5. Voc

    Voc Give you slep

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    All I did was shake the 19s bracket and then made a thread about it if you think this is in any way similiar to my flexing which was ofc backed by my repeated proven greatness as a multiclass player you might as well delete yourself

    today with my almost zero interest to improve I would run circles around the players you consider good with my eyes closed hands tied pressing binds with my toes while speaking 5 languages

    You were once considered a great shaman even by me but in late wod/ early legion you as well as other players with years and years of bracket xp were outmatched on a mechanical level by actual good players and your repeated attempts to try and paint a different picture only distance you further from the player you once were aka you were washed years ago sit down

    But you'll just hold hands with the rest of the washed players and pretend you're not trash
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    Key factor to remember is I played this game 99% less time of the other tryhards. Imagine if I played as much as some of you.

    noobs haven't even seen my final form but they think they can hang
  6. Leek

    Leek Veteran

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    ...wait why do they all sound the same?
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  7. Sairentokira

    Sairentokira Member

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    When you're an agility stacking rogue and enter a pub vs 3 mages, 3 druids you may as well afk because you're not killing anyone and living to tell the tale.
    Can't switch to vers stacking gear as I'd need to actually win the bg's to get a small chance at those boxes. But in those stacks you can't win pubs.
  8. OP

    Potatosoup Veteran

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    It takes time Sairentokira. Months. I've done around 500 random bg's on my rogue, and I didn't get my first crate weapon of the quickblade until after 300 wins. But I got lucky on legs, chest, ring, bracers from the crates, all of the quickblade.

    With my full balanced setup I can get around 155 AP which is almost the same as a glass cannon rogue setup, but with 18 crit and verse and over 1500 hp, as opposed to most glass cannon rogues 160 or so AP, less than 15 crit and vers, and borderline 1k hitpoints.

    A good many of my crates came from WSG and AB, because as a rogue I could actually turn games around easier in those bg's by playing objectives. One flag return at the right time, or a few bases ninja capped/defended and it's a win. Sadly though, Eye of the storm seems to pop the most out of the three bg's. According to my statistics it pops around 40 percent of the time, and some evenings like 5 times in a row despite queing up as ''random'', and in eye of the storm alliance seems to dominate more often due to just getting lucky on class comps. They have more druids, resto shams, and mages. This allows them to take mid right off the bat and zerg bases forcing my team to be spawn camped while I SLOWLY try to take a tower, only for some druid to finally come over in the nick of time and retake it. My influence as a Rogue in that particular BG isn't as pronouced as in the other two.

    People hate rogues mostly because of bad memories from 5 years+ ago when they dominated the bracket along with huntards. This hasn't been the case for years. The only reason they are still useful is stealth, and we now have a slow thats spammable and an opening stun lock. But long gone are the day's of critting 1500 ambush and 2 shotting people.

    They don't like to admit it but in terms of OP classes we are the fourth or even 5th one from the top. Yes, I have killed druids and shamans, but they usually just suck to begin with and I got lucky on procs. Once that kick is on CD it's over if they are even remotely skilled, I'll die of Dots and finally some 800 insta crit if it's druid.

    Best thing you can do as a rogue just starting out is to go glass cannon with some crappy crafted swords, chest, boots, legs, slap enchants on all of it and try to find another rogue to stunlock people with until you get your crate items. Once you have about 3 months or so of farming pugs under your belt and you do finally get all your gear like I have, then you can potentially 1v1 some of the other classes.

    Ya'll that are saying rogues are OP are just being killed by myself and a couple others in the bracket who have put in 50 times as much effort and time into gearing up. It's not a class issue, it's an out-twinked issue in that case.
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  9. The Saint

    The Saint I won't like you

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    You're basically saying you're the only class that needs to gear up to be competitive... And just because it to you that long doesn't mean it takes everyone that long. Rng is rng mate...
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  10. OP

    Potatosoup Veteran

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  11. Chops

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    Forgive me for suggesting something so bold but, um... have you considered a different bracket?
  12. Fxv

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    i dont really see what your getting at
  13. Iild

    Iild u suck dude

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    2015 - 'Hey Feral Druids'

    2019 - 'Dat FOTM Life'

    where did it go wrong for you
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  14. OP

    Potatosoup Veteran

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    I just unsubbed until vanilla hits or druids get a low level nerf. Been playing overwatch the past three days and the first BG i log into on WoW is an eye of the storm with 5 druids. So it isn't changing anytime soon. It was a fun 3 months of grinding crate gear, I did like 500 plus bg's. But I managed to finally get full quickblade gear and I got my name on the armory list for the bracket. So I guess I accomplished a lot this time around. I'll be playing Overwatch and going back to OSRS like I usually do. Met some cool people and stuff but I can't play the bracket anymore in this state, it's a circus. Cya later folks.

  15. Chops

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    We'll miss your threads
  16. Druiddroid

    Druiddroid Member

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    Come join the 39s scene @Potatosoup next time you sub. It's got fotms of all different kinds, not just ranged dps. You can play your favorite melees such as fury warrior, outlaw rogue, ret paladin, and survival hunter.

    Cheers enjoy the Overwatch
  17. Iild

    Iild u suck dude

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    ?????? is this what bfa twinks aspire to
  18. The Saint

    The Saint I won't like you

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    We're really sorry your class isn't S teir... Please try again later or phone our help line HeyGuys
  19. Psilocybine

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    So funny......que WSG specific and your problem is solved.

    I'm curious though, when you were gearing this rogue, what did you expect to happen?

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