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Are you????

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Hey just wondering
if people are prepping toons for BfA twinking in SL. Legion 110 twinking is a lot of fun right now, bg pop in 10 mins.
There are somethings you might want to be trying to get.

This thread is updated with Shadowlands item levels. SL dungeons seem to drop 110ilvl gear. M Nyalotha boss 11 and 12 drop 140ilvl gear/145ilvl azerite. First 10 drop 130ilvl gear.

This thread is mostly aimed at people looking to pvp/pveBoost on BfA capped accounts.

US 50 Twink community links:

Horde US 50's community
In-Game code: 7YedXNqsv2Y

Alliance US 50's community
In-Game code: gPDl79jTYyR


Azerite essences, azerite armor, and the legendary cloak’s mainstat proc will not work in Shadowlands zones or instances.

Rewards That Cannot Be Earned after Shadowlands Launch
Rewards That Cannot Be Earned in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch
  • corruptions, as the system is gone
  • Season 4 PvP rewards
  • Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge Ny'alotha achievements
  • Conflict and Strife essence
  • R4 Vision of Perfection
M+ and Rated PvP for high ilvl gear: All non-azerite dungeon gear from m+ is of GF’d ilvl once SL comes out and you can’t do it any more. There is no titanforge for any items in M0 or other 8.3 updated content. There are many interesting and powerful items from BFA dungeons. SAME THING for pvp trinkets obtainable at ilvl based on pvp Rating.

M14/15 items are 120ilvl in SL, m15 Weekly items are 130ilvl(same as the first 10 bosses in M nyalotha, your main legit source for gear). Even if you have some "boring" 130 M+ items. you could have items for slots with stat combos that you wouldn't have otherwise.
Examples of interesting gear that I'm lucky to be able to share:


The staff has 47 int less than a normal weapon/1h combo its not too bad. I have 700intellect. Though you could have 2 sockets on 1h/Oh.
from the end chest of 15's.
Gear From pvp::
Rated PvP if you want the multiple available pvp trinkets at high ilvl. For the weekly chest or Warlords Trophys: 2400 for 130ilvl gear in SL, 2100 for 125. 1800 rating gets you access to 130ilvl PvP Azerite Gear. Every armor type has 2-4 available azerite items per slot. These would have GF ilvl azerite traits in SL(the traits unique to pvp armor, located on the second ring are the important thing here). You will need to obtain trophies before pre-patch
Conquest cap for 460(115ilvl) BFA trinkets without pvp rating.
You can get 460(115ilvl in SL) pvp trinkets by Capping your Conquest Bar NOW BEFORE SL RELEASE. Conquest cap is available during the prepatch.
You get trinkets at Cap 13, 17, 22. So thats 3. You can chose from the 6 available, and they can proc a tertiary stat. 4 new PvP trinkets were added in BfA, not sure if those will come from SL warmode pvp. The best choice for your 3 trinkets would be Maledict>Badge>Emblem in that order. (might not work after corruption removed)
(spite still adds corruption to training dummy on ptr, not sure if any negative corruption would proc, it only goes up to 39 corruption anyways)

You can cap your conquest reward bar as many times in a week as you want when you are behind weeks. There are MANY ways to earn/farm Conquest points that dont involve Rated PVP, however the most efficient are time-gated so you need to start NOW.

Essences: There is 1 Azerite Essence obtained from Rated PvP. After the prepatch, this essence can only be unlocked for your account via a level 60 alt in Shadowlands. It looks like it will require the level 60 to get 1400 rating in any pvp bracket to buy it. (1000 for rank2)

Essences are obtainable via an account wide system and buyable for Echoes of Nyalotha currency afterwards, so you only need this, or others done on 1 character. Only up to rank 3 though.

Legendary rank 4 cosmetics needs to be earned on specific characters except for Spark of Inspiration, and the 3 M+ Essences. They can be bought from Vendors account wide BEFORE THE SL LAUNCH.

Power still obtainable in Shadowlands:

SL Gear: All I know is that dungeons should be dropping 110ilvl gear. I'm not gonna look into SL professions or PVP gear obtainable at 50 just yet. I guess I'll post what I find but if they make it so you can't use the items/power on a BfA account it's the power abusers' faults. The first dungeon might not be available until level 51.

Heart of Azeroth Level: You can infinitely increase the ilvl of your neck, it will be something like 1ilvl per azerite rank.
2nd one is 89 rank.

The Heart of Azeroth essence system uses your neck level as a coefficient in the formula for the strength of the azerite essences that deal numeric healing/damage, or give a numeric value of a stat. Vision of Perfection increases cooldown reduction up to 25%, ending at neck level 84.

Legendary cloak: Heavily nerfed progression system as of May and June 2020. You can enchant this cloak with BFA tailoring, or possibly others will work from SL.
max cape.PNG

Essences: Life-Binders Invocation, Essence of the Focusing Iris, and Anima of Life and Death essences will still be obtainable in Shadowlands via currency looted from the last boss of Mythic dungeons.

Conflict and Strife can be bought for "Honor", (a new currency?). The text says required 1000/1400 rating for rank 2 and 3. This is probably only obtainable for your first time on an account, as a level 60, once shadowlands releases.

Because essences ARE an account wide system up to rank 3s, Conflict and Strife will still be obtainable for your account, to purchase via Echoes of Nyalotha currency on a level 50, if you have a level 60 alt.

Visions of Nzoth content: these scenarios are a 1-5 man dungeon, (better to solo based on class). You can obtain a 470(125ilvl in SL, 5ilvls below mythic) item weekly if you do a "5 mask clear". You upgrade your Legendary cape Rank/ilvl in these. You do these to buy a socket adding item*.

Gouged Eye of N'Zoth(8.3 patch SOCKET ADDING ITEM):
*When you have completed your Research Tree system with MOTHER, per character, you will gain the ability to buy an item from Wrathion to ADD A SOCKET TO ANY 8.3 GEAR. you will get .5-1 of these items a week depending on how many daily quests you do and your amount of vision grinding.

All vision scenario content is available for solo or group queue in Shadowlands.

Punchcards at above 430 ilvl: right now the brawler chest on mechagon still drops red punchcards at last tiers levels. 404 and can titanforge up to 455. Rares also drop yellow punch cards in the same fashion. Uncle T’rogg is a rare with 100% chance to drop a yellow card on a daily lockout. Punchcards obtained not from these 2 sources are fixed 430 ilvl and can’t titanforge.
These are bugged on beta, I submitted a ticket. The trinket is defaulting to 74ilvl regardless of your inserted cards. The trinket is a pretty interesting item but being hampered in ilvl via a bug makes it not competitive enough likely.

Azshara+Crucible of Storms Gear: These 3 bosses drop some interesting items with procs. Also font of azshara trinket, and the 2 dps ones from U'unat are really strong. They have a max ilvl of 455, which is 110 in SL. There will be little reason to do these raids in SL for max level people.

If titanforge is completely removed from all parts of the game in SL (a theory) then you would want to be killing her on Heroic weekly. (unlikey any average player kills her on mythic these days). Its too hard to do Crucible of Storms, so I doubt anyone has any 455(110) ilvl items from there.

Wierd shit: Probably bugged or not scaled correctly yet. Left is a base one (its a pretty good trinket... if u upgraded to 111ilvl) Right is a max upgraded.

Covenants: what the fuck are they?

A Covenant is like an order hall. There will be 4. Joining a Covenant gives 1 movement focused spell, and one combat focus spell. You can obtain Conduits(relics) that have traits that boost/alter class/spec abilities, or your Conduit's combat ability. You link with a story NPC to gain access to an upgrade talent tree within your players Covenant power called Soulbinds.

For players who like to play more than one character—once you’ve reached maximum level with one character and chosen a Covenant for them, you’ll be able to immediately choose a Covenant for any additional characters who reach Shadowlands.

This will get you your base convenant ability at level 50??

Covenant Callings
Once you have joined your Covenant and started your Sanctum, you will begin to receive Covenant Callings. These are specific world-level quests that call upon you to perform great deeds for your Covenant, with high rewards for success. You will receive three Covenant Callings at a time, and like World Quests, these have specific durations and rewards. These can only be picked up inside your Sanctum, not out in the world.

Covenant Callings are scaled to begin at level 50, so alts who join Covenants from the start can also begin Covenant Callings. Callings will reward Renown, a currency that:

  • deepen connections with Soulbinds
  • raise maximum potential of the features within your Sanctum
  • increase item levels of items acquired from World Quests
  • unlock a wide variety of features, including rewards, quests, followers, cosmetics, etc.
  • give access to recipes, including Legendary Runeforging recipes for the Runecrafter in Torghast
  • allow you to acquire Covenant-specific items such as mounts, pets, a title, back attachment transmogs, and transmog armor

    obviously most of this is unimportant to a level 50
Unless you can complete stage 3 of the covenant campaigns at 50, you probably won’t be able to upgrade with any conduits(covenant relics). Link below shows sources for conduits.

Tldr: hit 60 on a character first to unlock covenant (and covenant callings world quests) for your level 50s. Leave questing on 50s for after this, so you can travel to any zone, and kill all rares, stuff like that.
Then account transfer probably, unless you are trying to go for max renown level on 50.

I’ll update this thread if anything new is learned about items or power becoming GF or similar outcome in SL.
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I wasn't extremely geared, but I got a warrior and mage to around 265 Ilvl at 110. I tested a few bgs and /afk out of them to not ding, man that shit felt broken! I might totally give it a shot though with the 50 cap. Might be sick.


never thought about it, but it could be fun... but to answer ur question: no, not prepping one, but I might paly one once SL is out. Depending on what they make with the brackets and pvp in general. Until then Im going to ride the 20s Train until the bitter end!

Maybe they kill of f2p and/or the " 10 " bracket. maybe there wont be a 50-59 bracket. maybe they switch of any gear advantage... who knows?!
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It might make for a fun bracket in the future. But perhaps only for the couple dozen people reading this thread.

For new twinkers deciding on where to spend their time and energy, there is nothing more discouraging than finding out the best twinks in the bracket are all Titanforged up and grandfathered in.
Pretty much grinding dungeon bags since we might replace the current items.

For new twinkers deciding on where to spend their time and energy, there is nothing more discouraging than finding out the best twinks in the bracket are all Titanforged up and grandfathered in.

As a person that plays in the 20 bracket, I can tell ya that titanforged has been already replaced by purple quest/rare drops and the grandfathered items are gradually getting weaker as time goes on (blame the tattletales for that).


First off, most grandfathered twinks from days past are 19s.

19s have been having their existential crisis for long enough now. Thankfully there’s such a huge population coming in at F2P cap that the tiny handful of folks at 20 with grandfathered items from Classic is minuscule.

Getting upgrades from Legion raids, etc, so that you can have the best grandfathered 50
is cool and all, but if that shit is near impossible (or for Titanforged shit: fully impossible) for new lvl50 twinks in Shadowlands, then it’s going to put a damper on that community.

No need to deny that basic psychology just to circlejerk on XPOFF lmao


then it’s going to put a damper on that community.

No need to deny that basic psychology just to circlejerk on XPOFF lmao

yes this is true, however in this specific case we are not looking at extreme power gains. You will be completely fine in just Nyalotha gear on a toon made in SL compared to a guy with a +15 dungeon trinket

the purpose of the thread is to help people who do want these things know what will be gf’d. When you can completely prepare for it and know exactly what’s going to be changing, I feel it becomes a different dynamic. Where you can’t shift fault for not having these things, because everyone has the opportunity to get the gf BFA ilvl Items by playing the current game as it’s meant to be played.

I just want people to read the thread and get their toons set up, who otherwise wouldn’t if they didn’t see it. And the more people invested in the bracket on a more casual reader level, the better.

as for bracket health with these kinds of GF availability... you can look at 110 now. The majority of players are just regular people on legion accounts. The minority is levelers, and super twinks. And the queues are similar to ftp, especially at peak times. I don’t expect there to be any problem with this brackets activity in SL, especially with the higher interest in twinking prev xpak that BfA showed in the first part with all the island and freehold twinks

Sorry I came at you hard
A reason was due to previous stigma that 19 are dead, epic bg don’t pop, etc, when we have recently all seen that everyone was wrong. I guess I Just overreacted at negative talk xD
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Even 110's now you can still get amazing gear. The only thing that will be gf'd in the new 50 bracket is going to be mythic plus gear, but thats going to be a minor upgrade. The only thing + keys have on the raid really is trinkets and maybe a handful of weapons, and bracers for fire mage. The rest of the gear nyalotha will do just fine. Whether or not corruptions will really come into play is unknown to me, and a grind i really hated. 470 rogue is an option for me, and my dk with the titanforged font of azshara though! Ayyyyoooo


Really curious how BFA accounts will work with queues, will we only queue against other BFAs or will we queue with levelers, etc.


Really curious how BFA accounts will work with queues, will we only queue against other BFAs or will we queue with levelers, etc.
It will likely be just 50s, with 51-59 in their own.
Leveler 50 toons on SL accounts would be in the same queue for their one level.

Just hypothetical guess based on how it works now with legion

Tom Ganks

I'm going to procrastinate maxing out the legendary cloak on 2 toons, but will get to it as soon as blizzard states they will remove the ability to acquire/upgrade the cloak in the next xpac. Assuming they do so. I couldn't give much of a shit about getting mythic 15 gear. I stopped caring that much about grinding endgame in Legion.

I'm also assuming they will try and nerf/remove essences in the necklace, or make it to where it's not usable past 55, same goes with azerite gear bonuses.

I guess I'm mostly waiting to see if the pre-patch will give us any powerful gear, and maybe BOA ones at that.

I really hated the BFA prepatch. we got 2 ugly mounts we never use and was only available to max lvl players via a short shitty questline. I like the scaled legion invasions quite a bit (but I would argue the gear drops for low lvls were a bit too unfair with warforging.)
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