110 Quick Start Guide [BfA]

Discussion in 'Level 110-119' started by necroaqua, Oct 17, 2018.

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    • [November 2018] Moved armor into spoiler tags. Mail pieces are all updated - thanks to @Warglave for those.
    • [November 2018] Added Bonesplinter band.
    • [October 2018] - Azerite pieces mostly determined. Core guide created.
    • TODO - There are several always-280ilvl pieces of gear (from HoA intro quest and rares) that are useful for offspecs and different sets. Add these, but slightly separate so its clear that they are not part of the path.
    Its pretty easy to started at 110 with a basic set of gear, but theres also a lot of potential for finding those rare antorus upgrades later on to get even better. This guide is aimed at helping you figure out the general set of gear you’ll want to look for - but won’t tell you exactly how to play/gear a given class/spec since there are so many options and multiple ways to play them.

    General Gear Slots
    Here is the general possible gear options for most 110s, listed in no particular order of what is best.

    Head: Azerite Gear (295 or 280)
    Neck: Heart of Azeroth
    Shoulders: Azerite Gear (295 or 280)
    : Legion Legendary, Legion Tier Piece, Mythic Antorus, BfA Quest
    Chest: Azerite Gear (295 or 280)
    Wrist: Legion Legendary, Mythic Antorus, BfA Quest
    Gloves: Legion Legendary, Legion Tier Piece, Mythic Antorus, BfA Quest
    Belt: Legion Legendary, Mythic Antorus, BfA Quest
    Legs: Legion Legendary, Legion Tier Piece, Mythic Antorus, BfA Quest
    Boots: Legion Legendary, Mythic Antorus, BfA Quest
    Rings: Legion Legendary, Mythic Antorus, BfA Quest, Bonesplinter Band
    Trinkets: Argus Legendary, Argus Pantheon Trinket, Legion Legendary, Mythic Antorus, BfA Archaeology, BfA Quest, Alchemy Trinket
    Weapons: Legion Artifact (with good relics), Scythe of the Unmaker, BfA Quest

    So lets break that down a bit more…

    • Heart of Azeroth - Your BfA artifact takes up the neck slot. Its got lots of stats. It enables your azerite armor. Use it.

    • Azerite Armor - See below, as it makes up the majority of the guide. In short, you can get some 295 azerite pieces that will have azerite traits and upgrade to 300. There are also a number of 280s available through questing and rares. It’ll take a bit of planning to get the right 295s for your main spec, and then you can aim for 280 pieces for possible off-specs. Only in the Head/Shoulders/Chest Slots. Cannot proc an upgrade.

    • Legion Artifact Weapon - Even with the traits/abilities disabled, this weapon can get pretty beefy with good relics. Since relic traits don’t matter - only the ilvl matters, which makes getting good ones a bit easier. Mythic antorus titanforged relics are BiS.
    • Scythe of the Unmaker - Really rare drop from Argus. Really rare. Blue versions can drop from any difficulty, but obviously harder means high ilvl gear. Red version only drops from mythic. Not 100% sure what ilvl this can be, but mythic is at least 250.

    • Legion Legendaries - You can equip 1 legion legendary by default, and can equip a 2nd if you have the second-to-last Order Advancement from the legion order hall. It’ll take a significant bit of resources and some time to unlock if you haven’t already - but dailies/emmisary quests give lots of order resources. Figure out the best legendaries for your class/spec that are NOT in the head/neck/shoulders/chest slots (if possible, there are a few legendaries that are worth not using the azerite gear, like the DH eye beam helm) and use those 2. You can farm 1000 wakening essence to purchase a specific legendary. You can also purchase BoA class tokens that will become a random legendary for that class if you have extra essence on another toon.

    • Argus Legendary - Argus drops a legendary trinket. Its really good. It does NOT count as one of your 2 legion legendaries, so you can potentially have 3 legendaries. Rare AF.

    • Argus Pantheon Trinket - A role-based trinket that drops from argus. Killing argus each week rewards Pantheon’s Blessing, which can eventually buff the trinket to a max of ilvl 280.

    • Antorus - Any gear that drops from mythic (or even heroic) antorus can proc an upgrade to be very good. Getting various titanforges, sockets, and tertiary stats like leech/speed can make for some rather compelling gear. Note that you may need to do a couple of quests to unlock the zone on a new character, but not the entire questline that was required in legion.

    • Legion Tier Pieces - Depending on your class, certain tier bonuses might be very good and worth going for. You can only get 3 pieces due to azerite armor slots, so we can only reach the 2-piece set bonuses. Note that this could mean antorus or even previous legion raids. Try to get at mythic level and hope for upgrade procs.

    • Sanguinating Totem / Fetish - BfA Archaeology provides two possible ilvl 300 trinkets. While high in ilvl, they aren’t particularly great as they only provide stam and a rather meh active. Might be ok for certain tank classes or for a tanky set. One can be found on Kul Tiras, while the other on Zuldazar. BoA, so you can do the archaeology on another toon.

    • Alchemy Trinket - At 110, we can't get the BfA alchemy gear, but we can use the legion Alchemy Trinket. It can be pretty useful if you use health pots, because 40% is 40%. There is a 111 BfA alchemy trinket for 111-119 twinks though.

    • BfA Quests - There are a lot of random green quest rewards throughout BfA. For the most part, they aren’t too exciting, however they can upgrade a decent bit. Theres a lot of RNG here as to what upgrades, but you might have a pretty strong contender for a few slots this way. There also might be some trinkets that are pretty good even without an upgrade - at some point I’ll see about making a list of notable ones. This will make up a lot of your gear when starting out, and can be replaced with mythic antorus pieces later if you want.
    • Bonespinter Band - Drops from a rare in Stormsong Valley. Unlike most rares which only drop their rare item once, this rare seems to reset daily. The item itself isn't too special, but since you can farm it daily, you can continually farm it until you get upgrades like leech and a socket. M Antorus or legendary rings are going to be better, but this is a fairly easy option to farm (at least, for alliance).
    Azerite Gear
    Azerite gear covers the Head/Shoulders/Chest slots. They have different traits for each class. For a 110 twink, we ideally want them at 295->300 ilvl. Since we can only get 4* pieces at that level, you’ll want to figure out good traits for your main spec and focus your efforts there. You can then go for 280 ilvl pieces for your offspecs or alternate sets.

    The first piece you get is from Infusing the Heart (the heart of azeroth intro questline). This piece is always 280 and does NOT count towards the 7 main story quests. Look for a piece that might be useful for an offspec or while doing the main quests, but don’t stress about the choice too much.

    The Great Sea Scrolls quest is an easy first option. It ALWAYS provides a 295 Battered Vyrkul helm slot. Theres only one choice for your armor type, so if the trait is good, then boom - you’ve got a head piece. If it isn’t good for your main spec, then maybe its a good off-spec piece.

    With the main story quest rewards, things are more complicated. After a lot of people tested on the forums, and I think @izesells got the final details first (or at least summarized it best) here.

    Basically there are several quests which reward azerite gear at ilvl 280, but those rewards could be 295. There are 3 zones for each faction, with 2 quests that reward azerite armor each, for a total of 6 pieces of azerite gear from your island. You can also do one war campaign to the opposite faction’s island for a piece of PvP gear (the other war campaign quests are level gated) - which makes for a 7th piece. The first 4 pieces you get out of these seven will be ilvl 280. The last 3 pieces will be ilvl 295 (you may need to relog if you’re already holding onto a quest).

    The rest of this guide is about helping you figure out what azerite pieces are available, where they are from, and how to get the 295s you want.

    Don’t forget about your offspecs - the first 4 story quests are only 280, but are great for having some pretty good offspec gear. There are also a number of rares that drop 280 pieces. I hope to add those in eventually for people looking for offspec gear.

    And in general - hold onto ALL of your azerite gear. Blizzard may rebalance traits and completely change what is good.

    Determine your Path
    Step 1 is to know what you want. I can’t tell you what you want or help with that. You’ll want to look up class guides, dps charts, and do some theorycrafting yourself for what is strong for your 110. Here are some resources:
    • Wowhead/icyveins/other class guides (just google em)
    • Class discords - generally focused on 120, but a lot of knowledgeable people who might be able to help out for 110 specific stuff as well.
    • Azerite.info - easy way to pick a class and filter gear to see what traits it offers
    • Bloodmallet - dps sims for traits
    • www.thelootdistrict.com/pvpstats/ - see what azerite traits most pvpers are using (and talents/stats/enchants/etc) at max level
    • XPOff 110-119 Forums! Search for your class/spec. Look at armories. Ask questions.
    • Got more good resources? Throw me a comment and I’ll add it.

    Once you’ve found your traits, go ahead and find the right Armor/Faction combination below to look at gear. For helms, the Great Sea Scroll quest is always first, always 295 and does NOT count towards your 7 main story quests. Eventually, I’ll also be including the initial HoA questline azerite reward as well as rare drops, which are always 280 and do NOT count toward your 7 main story quests. They will always be below the main story quest gear and will have NO ITALICS. They are NOT part of the path. They are useful for off-specs and keeping pieces in case traits get buffed/nerfed later on.

    The more difficult part is the Main Story Quests - will be listed out with a designation like Tiragarde1, Voldun2, and WarCampaign so that you can clearly tell where it comes from and that it is part of the path. All designations are italicized. If it isn’t in italics, it isn’t part of the path.

    You’ll want to figure out your good traits, look through the main story quest reward gear (check wowhead or azerite.info to see traits) and pick a head/shoulders/chest (and 4th piece including the sea scroll quest, maybe for an offspec?), and then see if you can make a plan that will work. For example, If you want both pieces from Zuldazar and the 2nd piece from Nazmir, you can go…



    The last 3 pieces will be 295. Here are some things to look out for while planning your path.
    • The Great Sea Scroll head slot will always be 295 - see if its good for you before considering helms. It does NOT affect or count towards your path.
    • Zone1 must always come before Zone2 for a given zone.
    • So it follows that if you choose an item from Zone1 to be 295, then the same Zone2 will also be 295.
    • You cannot choose more than one of the first zone items due to that.*
    • You can only choose 1 WarCampaign item (aka PvP piece - honorbound/7th legion).*
    • Each zone offers a slot twice. Zuldazar1 and Zuldazar2 both offer head pieces. However these are different pieces with different traits. Double check which you want.
    *Unless you switch factions, see below.

    Faction Switching
    Note - I have not done this, so if anyone who has faction changed sees anything wrong, then please leave a comment! See here for more info.

    Faction switching is a bit interesting with BfA. You will NOT keep the opposite faction pieces - they will convert to the equivalent piece for your faction. So if you want to end up back as alliance, you can ignore what the horde traits are. You’ll instead want to look at the equivalent pieces that you’ll get on the alliance side.

    Zuldazar <> Tiragarde Sound
    Voldun <> Stormsong
    Nazmir <> Drustvar

    You can then choose gear based on what it will turn into, and get your 295s that way. So you could get a 295 piece from Tiragarde1, then faction transfer to end up as horde and that item will be the equivalent slot from Zuldazar1. Then you can transfer back to your intended faction and do all the quests again and instead get totally new 295 pieces. This gives you a lot more opportunities to get upgraded gear. It will also give you 6 ilvl 295 pieces instead of the usual 3 from the main quests. The scrolls quest is only done once regardless of faction, and rewards the same thing for both sides.


    Please read the Azerite Gear section above and determine a path before charging forth to get the azerite gear. Trust me, you'll want to know how to get 295 pieces before you start.

    Plate - Horde
    Plate - Alliance
    Mail - Horde
    Mail - Alliance
    Leather - Horde
    Leather - Alliance
    Cloth - Horde
    Cloth - Alliance
    And thats that. Lemme know if you see any mistakes or know of any other useful gear.
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  2. Shadesofred

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    This guide is absolutely beautiful. The only thing I have to add is confirmation on the alchemy trinket. Just like the rest of the crafted items in BFA the level requirement is 111-120. Great work !
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  3. totw

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    Great guide!
  4. Veechard

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    I use the 110 version of Alchemy stone in PvP because I pop health pots like they are going out of style. So it’s a pretty big upgrade for me. And on top of it, it’s 210 some odd intellect when it procs. Which is one of the highest available that doesn’t get nuked when you enter a BG
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  5. OP

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    Thanks - made a note about 111+ for alchemy trinket.

    Good stuff - added the Legion alchemy trinket.

    Added. Not quite sure at what ilvl it drops. Looks like mythic is 250 - which is comparable to a weapon with good relics. The version you linked is 265 which would be amazing.
  6. Iridora

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    thanks for this... just plotted out my traits for my DH... Shammy and Warrior next
  7. izesells

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    outrigger coif is from tiragarde1 im pretty sure. I know I had to faction swap to get it at 300 since I took shoulders the first time around.
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  8. Elemental Force

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    about the scythe it is only 15 ilvl titanforge which to my knowledge is not the highest it can be (not sure tho)
  9. Warglave

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    People are making their own LFG groups for it, quite a few are getting really high ilvl now.

    So are we saying here that all we need to do is have 4 azerite quest pieces left and those will always bump up to 295? Or is there more to it? Leveling a rogue now that I already did both Stormsong quests and the PvP too, because I was just heading to 120... so that being the case, after one more azerite quest reward, the rest should be 295?
  10. OP

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    There are 7 story azerite pieces that matter. 2 from each zone, and the war campaign. The first 4 of those you do will be 280, the last 3 will be 295.

    The great sea scrolls quest is always a 295 helm and has no bearing on the story pieces.
  11. Srs

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    So essentially, save the best (quest rewards) for last. Too easy. Thanks mon!
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2018
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  12. OP

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    Yup. It can be a bit difficult depending on which pieces you really want. Sometimes you can't get a specific 3 pieces without switching factions. But thats what the guide is for. You figure out which pieces you want and what the best way to do the zones is so that you get the good ones last.
  13. tfrye01

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    Planning on Starting a 110 here soon... Found out the 3 I want are from Tiragard2, Drustvar2, and the War Campaign. When I lock my XP, how can I start the new zone quest without turning in Tiragard2 and Drustvar2?
  14. Elemental Force

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    I don't know how to link it but you should also add the sword from aggramar
    And also the hammer from maiden
    not sure how high their ilvls can get but I would think same as argus scythe
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 24, 2018, Original Post Date: Oct 24, 2018 ---
    Also add the
    it is better than the one u include
  15. Veechard

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    That’s one raid behind. I’m pretty sure highest IL you can get on non KJ loot would be 230 titanforged. Making artifact weapon still better.

    Also, I mentioned that alchemy stone earlier, not sure why he added infernal. The proc on Astral is one of the highest int procs in BGs fully upgraded at like 215 int for 20 sec. as opposed to 280 pants trinket giving like 100 in BGs
  16. OP

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    I'm pretty sure you can, but I'm not 100% sure how. Hoping someone can chime in with their experience.

    Fixed the alchemy trinket. Didn't know there were multiple options. I had looked at adding the sword and hammer when I looked at the scythe, but it looks like the ilvls don't get high enough to compete with the artifact weapons.
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