1. Nutsmite

    Azerite Gear (theorizing)

    Just to clarify, I know that currently there are no plans at all for twinks to have it aviable, I just want to make this threas in order to have some fun living in a bubble of possibilities. So, what do you think would happen if we were able to not only get azerite pieces but also unlock the...
  2. Boognish

    Azerite gear for 20s?

    Looking for some quest chains and/or any other sources of azerite gear for my 20. I’ve got the piece from the great sea scrolls/chest quest, I’d like to get another piece in the remaining slots. I am aware of a quest line on ally side that rewards a piece but have been grinding Zaldazar horde...
  3. necroaqua

    110 Quick Start Guide [BfA]

    NOTE - XPOFF brackets have been separated. 110s with xp OFF will probably not get BG queue pops. 110s without BfA will queue with other 110s who don't have legion. If you want to PvP, you may want to look at gearing your 110, then transferring to a second account that does NOT have BfA. Join...