shadow lands

  1. blue09

    How to one-shot boses (Vanilla up to WoD)

    Seeing as coming next patch, they are nerfing all SL items, I want to share with you guys a fun method to help you get easier gear from those zombie brain runs of WoD or to enhance your speedruns. Use this trinket It drops from last...
  2. Elementalx

    [EU] WTB twink items pls

    Looking to find Scaled to 20 also after: Feverflare cloth bracers and shoulders with socket + speed Feverflare Mail bracers and Boots with socket + speed Feverflare offhand with socket Intellect trinkets with Mastery, socket and...
  3. Vasquez

    Which Rogue

    I have never play pvp with rogue as a twink, only had experience with rogue at late cataclysm period. I made a level20 rogue, but really dont know where to move with specs, stats, etc. Mostly playing random bgs solo or in small 2-3 ppl group. My profs are engi/alchemy. I have access to any...
  4. AlucardX

    Alucard Warlock Guide

    Hey guys Alucard here and today I share a brand new Video Guide. It took me a while making the video I tried my best for new Warlocks to understand my Tips and tricks and aswell the Talent choosing. So here is the video with some Gameplay hope you Like it :)
  5. Is ticket to re-enable exp still working?

    Hello, at the moment I am subscribed on one account. Was thinking about going vet and canceling subscription to re-enable expierence but from what i've been looking at support (been searching for 1 hour), there is no way to make ticket to turn exp back on. Only option is a very small article...
  6. Chromie only available if you have a level 50 character on your account?

    I'm in the EU but opened a NA account and subbed. Can't use Chromie/timewalking like I previously did on EU. Someone told me the SL patch made having a level 50 character on your account mandatory. Is this true? :O
  7. DeLindsay

    49's Gear Guide (best practice) + Rares to farm

    **Starting The Maw denies you access to Chromie Time, possibly forever (until they fix the Bug), so grab any Gear you might want from past XPacs via Chromie Time 1st** First thing you MUST to do after getting through The Maw and into Oribos is continue on with the Storyline that sends you to...
  8. DeLindsay

    Threads of Fate + Covenants

    TL;DR Complete all 4 Zone's Storyline Quests Hit 60 Finish 1/9 of your chosen Covenants' Storyline Quests on that 60 Log into a 49 and choose 'Threads of Fate' which forces you to type FATE in the dialog box* *To clarify this part, crediting @zazzyfraz here, You can accept the Quest but DO NOT...
  9. DeLindsay

    SL Breadcrumb Quest, do it NOW

    49's can do the complete Shadowlands Breadcrumb Quest that gets you to Oribos and the 1st area of Bastion (then it Level gates you). You need to do it on any 49's that you plan to keep RIGHT NOW, as in NOW!!! The XP disabling effect that Blizz is stupidly implementing because they can't be...
  10. Wildlands

    Best Spec for Lvl 20 BGs in Shadowlands

    Title Let's also assume all the OP stuff gets nerfed. What will be the top specs?
  11. Daltert Moropi

    The Renaissance of the 20s is here.

    i'm posting my findings on here, i'll update what i find. might take a bit to update this thread, so please be patient. also, might need a mod to change location of this thread later. Overhaul Update: due to evidence of both ftp and vet on Hashbrown's thread will be level 20, i'll be updating...
  12. CHRIS4818

    Shadow Land alpha

    Hi I would like to compile the info release from wowhead but if someone has access to the alpha I think all of us will love to see what I had found So far the threads related to this twins branche First of all the new beginning area Exile's Reach there's also the new dungeon darkmaul citadel...