Which old video games do you still play?


I sometimes miss and play my fav. old school games. I keep my ancient Playstation 1 for some games. I still play Medieval Total War 2 and Classic WoW a lot on my PC :)
Does halo count? (lol not halo 5 i didnt play that one)
I also sometimes log on to Adventure Quest and AQW to unlock free stuff
My phone also has a collection of pokemon from crystal all the way to pokemon black and white
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For Never-Winter!
I've finished Neverwinter with pure Barbarian, Paladin and multiclass fighter. It was a super game. Neverwinter 2 was a huge disappointment for me. Camera angles made me cancer and inventory was so ugly and shitty. I uninstalled it after an hour.
Plenty but mainly Dreamcast powerstone etc, have an original Dreamcast Store Kiosk in my room and a Sega Naomi Arcade machine running from a pc perfect for quarantine can play any old game.
I still play "Super Mario Bros" and other games from my childhood. I have emulator for NES and other old consoles. Also I watch AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd).

KOTOR (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) is my favourite game.

PS: I just bought "Warcraft 3: Reforged" a few weeks ago just for the Meat Wagon mount and I just played it to get in touch with WoWs lore. I just played every campaign with cheats "whosyourdaddy" and "iseedeadpeople", just to rush them and watch the cutscenes/story. I played WoW for 10+ years now, but never cared about the lore. WC3 showed me everything.
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As the one and only Mcdonaldsman, the only game that befits my exquisite taste among the foul stench of petty, pathetic, and outright brain-dead common games is but the true sun of the solar system, the light in the darkness, the Mcdonalds drive-through- Dark Ages of Camelot (DAOC).

As someone whose opinion far excels the normal Xpoff user, this game is simply much better than any game anyone else could think of. If anyone would disagree, then it's quite obvious that they are joking- for their IQ simply cannot possibly be low enough to comment such an outrageous statement as to say Mcdonaldsman is incorrect in any capacity whatsoever in our modern society of gamers.

anyways bros, mcdonaldsman out thx 4 reading gamers keep gaming heck yeah gamers pogchamp

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