Which old video games do you still play?

  • Helldivers (Look it up, pretty cool!)
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts (It has a cool PvE mode against Aliens )
  • Metal Fatigue (Mecha RTS)
  • Warcraft 1
  • Rise of Nations
  • Wyrmsun (An open-source new-ish RTS made to look like classic ones like Warcraft 2. I am trying to create some mods for it)
I still play a lot of moo2 and civ4 also play a crap ton of oblivion although its heavily modded to be as difficult as possible. Been playing a crapton of brutal doom on black metal difficulty, its pretty hard and lots of fun. Anytime a NA server pops up for legend of ares I play it but its a pretty rare occurrence and usually implodes fairly quickly.
A run of Shining ForceI/II every so often!

shining force 3 (all 3 scenarios) and suikoden 2 get a yearly playthrough from me

never gonna sell my suikoden 2 or panzer dragoon saga no matter how tempting ebay makes it look every year
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An old Pirated Warcraft 3 that hasnt been touched by Blizzard's filthy hands to be Reforged.
maybe a little of Digimon World 1,2,3 on the PSX emulator aswell.
Super Mario Bros. 3 is my all-time favorite
I've played on a couple DAoC freeshards but never max level/endgame pvp
Some melee on GameCube, or on slippi if I wanna get demolished
About to start a run of Pokemon Crystal Kaizo
MarioKart64 - DK main for the bigdick-energy. - Any traditional Zelda game, every now and then. Tekken3 for Ps1 Classic.
I love old games. I especially love games from the Sega Genesis era(such as Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intentions), N64 era(GoldenEye), Gamecube era(Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, best played on an older CRT TV), or from the Sierra/LucasArts Games era(such as Beneath a Steel Sky and the whole Monkey Island series).
I’m currently playing World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic as I joined the game during this expansion but had no idea what I was doing. I played the game from Wrath onwards so both Classic and TBC have been fun to go back and play.

Age of Empires II. I don’t really play this game as much but I have the most recent DLC packs. I normally just play an 8 player skirmish, biggest possible map, make a load of villagers and attempt to get as much resources as possible.

Call Of Duty when I’m not playing either of the two above. There is currently only one server I can play on however I used to play a lot on the rifle only ones where the real skilled players would go ;)

Pokemon on my iPhone using Eclipse Emulator is the best when having a shit.

Damn I’m old.
OK, this is my thread now






A lot of you guys play some real classics. Kinda boring ngl. Expand your horizons.

Here's an updated list of games I have played recently:

- Oldschool Runescape
- Mordhau
- Chivalry 2
- BF 4
- Overwatch

hows your OSRS progress? I think I remember you starting out after watching Settled?

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