Which old video games do you still play?


The Beast Within
Age of Empires 3. Moved to the DE version and I enjoy knocking about in it when they do the events from time to time. I’m a sucker for collecting things, so currently started on the March Madness event. It’s probably the game I’ve played the most apart from WoW.

Other games I’ve parked up, but do enjoy from time to time are the old Gold Box Games from SSI. I particularly like the Pool, Curse, Secrets and Pools series. They got a cool mod for them now which improves the QoL in the games.


If you know you know

Tbh the only other game I play is Pokemon, sometimes the older games for nostalgia or hackroms (haven't touched a new game since B/W 12 years ago) but more often the competitive side on Smogon.
I'm a simple man, this and WoW is enough games for me :D

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