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    Join the discord and this question can be reliably answered at any given date in the future, but as an fyi- I don't form two days in a row.

    (Link is buggy, message me for a new one or @ me in this thread and I'll update it)
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    Forming Wargames wednesday at 8:00 P.M. EST (Tomorrow; 12/4/19)
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    I can beat a lot of the people in a duel (especially other hunters), and I'm a huge asset in a rbg, but wargames are an entirely different ballgame. Voc is frustrated, I get that! I got really fucking mad every single time we have a wargame together!

    The first time I wargamed with these guys, I pissed off my entire team, even though we were murdering, by repeatedly Stubborn Surv Suiciding and then I got ticked off because I felt like a wet noodle out there fighting the same classes I usually murder in rbg and everyone kept telling me not to spec surv and I love playing it.

    I've invested too many hours into gearing my toon and practicing my mobility and attack rotation to feel like I have the viability of a really angry kitten in a wargame. I've been around for a long time, but this situation was new to me, and tbh it's annoying to feel like your dps is being shrugged off when you're used to dominating. I don't like changing to a ranged spec, especially when I'm forced to pick MM over BM. I really hate playing conservatively when I'm used to being able to overtake a base by myself.

    Ultimately, adapting to a different situation requires stepping outside your comfort zone and being willing to take advice from the people who want you to do better. It's part of improving your utility within your class and as a player. Everyone was really helpful even though I resisted and continued to play it wrong, but I eventually listened to them and adjusted what I was doing. It sucked and I'm still not entirely confident in my abilities in a squishy ranged role, but the last game we played, I went 6-1 and felt pretty awesome about myself. I improved enough within a week or two for it to be competitive and fun instead of keyboard smashingly bullshit, thanks to some guidance I begrudgingly took from this 20s community.

    Not calling anyone an asshole, but maybe give them a chance to show you what's up, and eventually you can be a sore winner instead.
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