1. Vito.

    Reviving Wargames/Plebmades

    Well, I guess I am back for a bit and thinking of bringing back 10v10 wargames. There were many questions on rules and how these usually are ran, but those who have already played plebmades in BFA this will just be a refresher or rules have been added. First off there are many viable comps...
  2. Chainz

    Cross faction wargames are bugged at low lvl

    Tested 5v5 wargames today since we were planning on playing 10v10s again on EU & it's bugged. People can attack the opposite faction members on their own team, but not the other way around. They also get teleported back to spawn point when they move. It's the exact same issue as at endgame, but...
  3. Kakakaka

    SL 20 Wargames

    With the amount of response on the previous thread, I'm going to organize wargames again. The first form will be on: January 14, 2022 at 8:00 PM EST. There will be streams available for those who want to watch. Rules regarding the games are in the discord under the info tab. I hope to see you...
  4. Kakakaka

    Wargame Interest?

    Hey. Been about half a year since the previous set of wargames, and since then a lot of changes have gone through that have changed the meta a bit. To the point, I want to know how many people are still around and willing to play. If this thread gets enough votes to satisfy me, then I will...
  5. CigNus

    AB Wargame

    Spur of the moment upload of a very close wargame we had the other night. This was probably the most fun I've had in a wargame in a long time. It was a nice change up from the usual WSG where you just clash 9v9 in mid while the FC does their thing. I play a Disc because I don't know how to...
  6. Outofspace

    Thunderfury Ally (US West PvP) <Early Endgame> Recruiting

    This thread is aimed at players who are interested in structured competition but are unable to participate on their home server. If you are currently wargaming regularly, skip this pitch - we want to grow the community not play musical chairs and pull from active guilds. Matches are on Sunday...
  7. Diminisht

    39 Premade Video w/Comms

    Hi all, Wanted to continue the saga of PTL vs DoD matches to gain more interest in the 39 bracket. Below is Frost Mage POV DoD Alliance with comms. Game 1: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/644434288?t=0h10m22s Game 2: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/644434288?t=1h16m37s Game 3...
  8. Asylum

    US [retail] Official XPOff F2P/Vet Schedule

    hey, twinks! thought i'd attempt to put together a schedule for the purpose of designating weekdays to arenas/bgs/wargames/etc., submit your ideas & let's see what gains traction. Mondays: TBC Dungeons Tuesdays: WotLK Dungeons Wednesdays: Cataclysm Dungeons Thursdays: MoP Dungeons...
  9. Kakakaka


    Wargames will form 8pm EST. If you have any questions, PM jUaN#4829 on discord. Reply with your character name (horde), join the discord (https://discord.gg/G9egWxr), or add Possim#1561 on Battle.net for an invite at the given time.
  10. Kakakaka

    US Wargames and stuff

    Salutations, my fellow twinks. I am here to gift a discord which, hopefully, won't fail. The goals of this discord is to achieve one thing: Literally anything competitive. Now, ideally this would be in the form of 10v10 wargames, but the likelihood is low as of right now. So, chances...
  11. Radical

    US Starting 39s Arena Community

    I'm looking to get anyone interested in getting use out of their 39s and occasionally queing up for some Arena Wargames. In an effort to do so, I made a community just to see how many people are interested. I literally just made it so if you have any interest at all please follow the link below...
  12. Jabz

    Sick of class lacking in ur bracket..need more competive gameplay...well...

    Well i reckon joining 59 daily war games will be ur answer with socket gear and all quests from 20-59 ava for upgrades ....all classes are viable...non toxic environment..everyone happy to help gear ...play a unique play style thanks to sockets being ava....we have acheived what no bracket has...
  13. Banishedjr

    US 70s WGs Planning

    Hey guys, interested in knowing when we would have the highest turnout for 70 WGs. Currently in need of more Alliance side players! Please respond to the poll; you can have more than one response. Thanks!
  14. Knightfall

    EU+US 19s Flag Carrying Meta Strategies and Advice?

    Good afternoon everyone, I wanted to request some advice from the veteran community here for some basic and/or advanced strategies for flag carrying in 19s. Since my return to the community I've been making a solid effort to give every role I can a solid shot, and proper FCing has been on my...
  15. Jabz

    US 59 daily war games on US- Horde vs Ally

    Hi Guys, Every night there has been 59 wargames happening. 9-11pm EST / 7pm PST is around group forming time Btag community link : https://blizzard.com/invite/0722MDkUv0D Discord https://discord.gg/DfZZwzE Community ingame links: Horde = qPwPymzhOdg Alliance = lAWKnXbhm92 (first letter...
  16. Bugkiller

    US Fresh 29 Guild. Emerald Dream

    Good evening beautiful people, I have about 6 people, including myself looking to start up a 29 ( focused but all twink bracket ) Guild on Emerald Dream Server horde side. I used to do A LOT of 39 Twinking, with a few BIS Toons. Mostly my shaman. First of all if anyone is interested in joining...

  18. Gmac

    "This Game is Too Easy!"

    First off, Yes, I have played in multiple 10v10 twink wargames and premades and I fully understand that you CAN have fiercely competitive games as a twink and it is a lot of fun to do for bragging rights. Probably going to get flamed for this opinion from all the rank 1 twinks out there...
  19. Gucciyo

    EU Battleground culture

    Is there a reason everyone just spams bgs and avoids wargames? Is it the lack of an official rating system? Do people actually enjoy shitting on levelers all the time? In this Ted Talk I'm gonna Jk But really BGs are so boring so please try and be more active and willing to wargame :) We...
  20. ScumoftwinksREALOADED

    US <Bloodthirsty Twinks> TWINK FOR FREE MG ALLY

    <Bloodthirsty twinks> A Random BG and Wargame Team in works. A open bank to help assist you, plus runs for you're gear. Learn to be (BiS) Best in Slot, /w for BiS classes to pick. Bring your best to fight the best, BLEEDING HOLLOW (no surprise) ! Will be going for Gladiator on xpoff.com (here)...