Talents Preview Discussion [w/ Calaculator Link]

Several talent trees have been updated on the calculator! Things I noticed:
  • Berserker Stance and Battle Stance now share a spot and are only available for Fury and Arms/Prot respectively, and the class side tree looks a LOT better imo (notably, Impending Victory is row 2 now and can be obtained with your first talent point)
  • Feral druids have a wider tree and got Primal Wrath (AoE Rip)
  • Warlock Spell Lock replaced by Demonic Circle at the top. Demonic Circle's old spot replaced by the damage reduction passive for using the ability.
  • Shadow priests got Dispersion and Silence on row 2 making it basically free for all shadow priests to get
Tactician got moved below the point gate and Sudden Death got moved above it. Thats a pretty substantial playstyle change for arms. After all this shuffling of trees, Arms basically trades Colossus Smash and Ignore Pain for leap/shout/die by the sword/zerker rage
Eclipse no longer alternates? So how does it get triggered and what happens after it ends?
Same way you just aren't forced to go into the opposite eclipse after it ends now

full notes https://www.wowhead.com/news/balanc...new-mastery-major-updates-for-starfall-328728
I dislike this concept where your spec defines everything you do, instead of being guidelines on how to play your class. Why can't we have SnB fury? Why can't we have a melee resto? I don't even care for the specs to be optimal, i care for them functioning in a way that allows you to simply play them and tailor them how you want.

have I got a holy priest boss melter for you
The number of charge or charge like abilities warriors get...it's absurd.
Bounding stride not reducing heroic leap cooldown somehow, weird.

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