Talents Preview Discussion [w/ Calaculator Link]

MORE HUNTER BUFFS! And some other changes, I guess.

  • The top of the Beast Mastery tree has been shuffled around a bit, and now starts with Cobra Shot rather than Barbed Shot.
  • Barbed Shot damage has been increased by around 75% (this is unrelated to talents and just a change to the ability)
  • Loaded Quiver has been removed. Barbed Shot is now 2 charges always.

  • Primal Primer is no longer an option in the tree.

  • Death Coil - Runic Power cost reduced to 30, down from 40.
  • Epidemic - Damage increased by 20%
  • All 3 max rank talents have been reduced to max 2 rank (where applicable)
  • It appears as though the talents have been shuffled but it isn't clear what they are (I didn't look too deeply into it but here's a picture). The only thing I can see is Outbreak on the left now.
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Sorry if I'm missing some changes. I'm not even playing the game anymore but I enjoy seeing the 20s changes.
Where is this info from? I don’t see any updates on the calculators?
Some of these updates look juicy.
Death pact is also replaced with some buffed death strike
[doublepost=1660981884,1660981801][/doublepost]Also stormstrike replaces primal strike :FrogeTorch:
Huh? MM Hunter currently looks like 20's can get 2/2 Careful Aim with Lone Wolf in the row.
They are throwing the talents at new places everyday.

And dude those monk trees look fantastic.
I'm so hyped to play my Windwalker Monk in DF, even tho i probably can't decide between the talents. Gotta change them every week.
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Hey mate, all G there's so much changing right now almost daily

The changes are about upcoming hunter changes on the next build, probably our Thursday when they update the alpha

Blue post, at the very bottom of this here: https://www.wowhead.com/blue-tracker/topic/us/feedback-hunters-1279513
Much appreciated Sil.
I gotta be honest, some of those Hunter changes are looking good - can’t wait to see the updated calculator.
And also an updated Death Strike - hope it beefs up the heal!
If any Blizz spies around….. give me Alpha!
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Hot streak and rank 2 fire blast become baseline for fire next build, is it the end of the meme spec at long last? COPIUM
lol gotta ask why is this the straw that broke the camel? :thinkW:

Because something that always bothered me with Blizzard was them foregoing design versatility in the name of some stupid balance that they were never capable of achieving anyway. Even if that's an illusion.

I dislike this concept where your spec defines everything you do, instead of being guidelines on how to play your class. Why can't we have SnB fury? Why can't we have a melee resto? I don't even care for the specs to be optimal, i care for them functioning in a way that allows you to simply play them and tailor them how you want.

Instead, my shield-naralex dreams were dashed and i find myself again at a crossroads where i ask myself why in the name of shitfuck almighty do i even care about a game that keeps a raid designer as a lead developer. It's no secret that Blizzard doesn't care about twinking, or anything outside their 25-men enviromental simulators, but jesus.

It's not that it's this big of a thing, it's just another small thing on a billion small things when i was already on rocky grounds with this company.
I still dont think that this changes anything, the game will still be shit and returning to a super simplified talent tree doesnt remedy the current issues with it.
Kinda sucks you cant get imprison and speed from mastery at the same time. Also blade dance build looks kinda good but thats like the only good build from what it seems, but this tree will probably drastically change so whatever
you could definitely spec into a melee resto druid though, take the feral talents over the balance talents? Resto already gets decent damage out of cat form and we literally have 2 abilities

assuming spec auras don’t get changed going into next xpac. Remember most healing specs have a flat 25-50% damage bonus to all abilities just for being in healing spec. This was done to allow healers to play solo content more quickly, among other things.

I wish it would go away

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