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you should separate the archive from changelog, I imagine the changelog will get very long overtime and if the archive is at the end you’d have to spend like 5 minutes scrolling to get to the archive. If you want to keep the archive, that is. I would imagine you could just add a spoiler for different levels, instead of having an archive where you would have to put every category inside.

@Dragpz The entrance of BF is considered outside and allows the use of Gun Shoes.

idk if gunshoes and invisibility potion interfere but it would be a fast way to get to the final boss door and still have the nitro boots for the tunnel.

Upon entering you would have to step back to the doorframe to be considered outside.


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2:19 S/Skip G Slave pens

2:19 S/Skip G Slave pens
I really appreciate the music choice as well as the submission. Thank you!
[doublepost=1674530934,1674530486][/doublepost]After Slowing down to .25 speed and enhancing the enlarged footage, I noticed that you moved the direction of your toon to the left 1 second before the timer starts. This results in a 1 second addition to the time(Turned at 16 sec and moved at 17). Sorry Mario but your 2:19 is in another Slave Pens.
[doublepost=1674532284][/doublepost]@Fungalfury is this a G run? if so how? the slowfall isn't a G imo but an S.
Yeah I had my ooze trinket equipped - Here's a slightly cleaner 2:17 run for your approval.

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At 1:52 (into the yt vid, not into his run) you can see a green splash on the ground, which means an ooze has spawned.

There is also an ooze on screen at 2:13
I was referring to the first one, sorry for the miscommunication.
I dont see an green explosion at 1:52 in either video. I swear I've looked in this fridge a dozen times I still cant find the butter.
I see the boss obviously die to oozes in the 2nd video though.
[doublepost=1674559451,1674558749][/doublepost]Anyone got ideas on how we can get Ajax slowfall to go faster/further besides/with Swiftness potion.
Anyone got ideas on how we can get Ajax slowfall to go faster/further besides/with Swiftness potion.

Just save Nitro boost for that part, pretty sure he only got time for one use in the run anyways, use it so that it just runs out when doing the jump, to get as much use out of it as possible
[doublepost=1674608392,1674591335][/doublepost]I'm kinda on a break from speedrunning dungeons while I gear my Demon Hunter, but decided to just test this skip cuz it looked fun.

F2P / Solo / Glitches / Skip Stratholme Baron Rivendare 00:41
inc exile reach runs? 1-10 heirlooms no mailing wr looking kinda... juicy to take
[doublepost=1674960005,1674950726][/doublepost]i already beat my record and the heirloom no mail record, just cant get a run that I like !!! always something wrong

Utgarde Keep 2 Min 58 sec
Solo / Skip / Uzi
12:40 exiles reach
[doublepost=1675041742,1675041445][/doublepost]am going to improve, lots of mistakes

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