US <Golden Twinkiees> - The Largest & Most Social guild is recruiting 20s for inhouse wargames & arenas on retail! We’re back!

<GOLDEN TWINKIES> The Largest, Most Social, & Fun Having Twinking Guild is recruiting all TWINKS! We are prepping and organizing for Cataclysm! We are going to go into the new expansion with an explosion! I want 10v10 Pugmades in all 3 brackets in-house for GT 19/29/39’s!

WELCOME TO THE PARTY!!! Let’s be FRIENDS!!! We’ll get you geared, & enchanted up! We welcome all! Our motto is if you’re a twink you belong!

We focus on 19s/29s/39s!

19’s: Recruiting ALL 19's for fun! We’re the Largest 19 twink guild for the Alliance! We pre(creamade everyday in a SOCIAL setting! Let’s do inhouse games, 10v10 AvA pugmades! Let’s celebrate our victories in the gulch. I host 3 events a week for 19’s! Let’s be the best and stay GOLDEN!

29’s: Recruiting ALL 29’s, we're the Largest 29 twink guild for Alliance! Join us for fun, relaxing, and sometimes sweaty battlegrounds together in a SOCIAL setting. We do 10v10 AvA pugmades for 29's as well! Let’s win every game! Taking home the gold daily! I host 2 events a week for 29’s!

39’s: Bring your 39's here as well! We run 39 pre(creamades) daily! We just got our 39 officer back! We are building the guild for 10v10 AvA 39 Pugmades as well! Join the Largest Alliance Twink Guild and actually have friends to play with CONSISTENTLY! Don’t join another dead guild! Working on events for the 39's team! One event a week for 39’s atm.

Let’s give Horde the cream!

We do 7 events a week in the guild: We host our <Wednesday Warsong Night> for 19’s, <Thursday Night 19’s Party>, <The 29’s Party> on Friday, <Saturday 10v10 AvA Night> for 19's, <Sunday Night 10v10 AvA> for 29's.<GAME NIGHT/ MOVIE NIGHT> On Mondays, and lastly <39’s Tuesday Party!>.

Guild trailer: Come join & follow my twitch for more information, and to see the activity & health of the guild!

Join our Public Discord and be welcomed with OVER 700 Twinkies in Discord to be friends with! And 900 in game! Come hangout in our famous public coms "TheHangout Oven!" Make friends in wow! /

Come on! IMAGINE A REAL GUILD! We'll be your friends & family! Our mission statement is: Let's bring the twinking community together! If you need anything, come to me <3!

See you on the battlefield! Your Sweet Treats Host, Life!

Add my btag Life#13615

Whisper Anyone in Guild for an Invite! Just Follow the rules and we will be okay!

GM: @Life
Officers: [@Epichealtime

Instagram: Life_gstwinkies (@life_gstwinkies) • Instagram photos and videos

Twitch: life_gstwinkies - Twitch

Twitter: Life GM of Golden Twinkies (@life_gstwinkies) / Twitter

Slogan: Get Creamed! ✨

Don’t tell hostess!(brand who owns actual twinkies.)
Toss me an invite to KottnKandi
We are recruiting 70s to pvp on retail at late night potential rbg team. as well as sod members to raid to lvl 40 with us. as well as continueing to dominate 19 and 29 twink pvp on wotlk classic moving towards cataclysm
What server are you guys on for SoD?
Our Vod Of last weeks 20 twink wargames!
Vod of todays arenas for 20 twinks :D
Recruiting 20 twink healers / off healers / well mannered team captains for wargames!

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