guild recruitment

  1. RudolfTT

    EU Looking for a guild on EU Horde or Alliance both is fine!

    Helllo, I Twink for a couple of years now but I'm looking for a twinking guild that does raids & Dungeons! I dont mind what Realm I can make a new toon I'm on Aerie Peak at the moment. I have a handfull with twinks Shaman & Mage is my main for now I play twink on the lvl 10, 20 and 30...
  2. Junoo

    EU <XL> mirage raceway Guild 19s

    <XL> is an established guild on the EU wotlk server Mirgare Raceway Horde for 19s, paid transfers now open from most servers. We are no longer accepting fresh rerollers, paid transfer only. We have moved from NGK to mirage raceway realm. XL transfered from Giantstalker to Nethergarde Keep...
  3. Life

    US <Strawberry Twinkies> - Horde Moonguard! Guild is Recruiting 20s!

    <Strawberry Twinkies> The guild is recruiting! Get your characters “twinkied” out! Let’s get you to that yellow crisp! With extra limited edition strawberry cream! (This Guild is BRAND NEW!!! Not everything is fully available at this second we are in the process of moving stuff to and from both...
  4. Life

    US <Golden Twinkies> - The Largest & Most Social guild is recruiting 20s CROSS SERVER / CROSS FACTION (TWW PREPATCH) for inhouse wargames & arenas!

    <<GOLDEN TWINKIES>> The Largest, Most Social, Most Active, & Fun Having Twinking Guild is recruiting all TWINKS! We are prepping and organizing for the War Within! We are going to go into the new expansion with an explosion! I want 20v20 / 15v15 / 10v10 Wargames for Retail 20's. WELCOME TO...
  5. Gehennas Horde twink guild support

    Hello, I'm an experienced twink who just rerolled to Gehennas horde to twink. I've decided to roll lock as a support class with lots of cc for bg's. I was wondering if theres a twinking community/guild on Gehennas horde who would like to pick me up in their roster and help support me a little...
  6. soovage

    US Echoes of The Past

    Echoes of The Past is a new old content progression raiding guild on alliance bleeding hollow. We are starting in BC the goal is to clear as much BC end game as possible then move onto Wrath content then Cata content and so on. I have been involved in guilds like since Cataclysm so I am...
  7. Thalour

    [A] Enjoy Your Token - Anathema

    Hey! We are a new level 19 twink guild looking to get a good group together. We are accepting all classes and are gladly welcoming new characters and help those gear and level. We are also looking to start a level 29 group as well! If you are looking to start something new or have been in the...
  8. Killer

    EU <Deck Me Out> (Shazzrah-PvP)

    Server: Shazzrah (WoW Classic, PvP, high population) Faction: Horde Guild: <Deck Me Out> Content Focus: main: PvE, secondary: PvP Deck Me Out* is a group of people who play together because progressing through content in a good atmosphere is the best way to do it! Our Team 1 clears MC and...
  9. <Tiesto Power Mix> - (A) Incendius is getting fired up!

    Hello there! <Tiesto Power Mix> Alliance side on Incendius is currently looking for more players! Our current roster holds 20+ 29 twinks along with a few 19s and 39s. We plan to add premades in the 39 bracket in the next several weeks. We currently run premades in the afternoons/evenings and...
  10. LeetMeep

    <Aspire> (A) Kurinnaxx is looking for a Dedicated FC and Healer! Will pay for your transfer!

    As the title says^ We've got alot of fire power here but we're lacking in other departments. If you're interested in this opportunity shoot me a msg on here or Bnet. #nuttybuddy#11752 -Learn (Kurinnaxx)
  11. NoxxicSham

    US NOXXIC TWINS - Tichondrius.

    Noxxic Twinks is a lvl 20 twink Horde guild on Tichondrius. We'll show you how to get into regular battle grounds as a twink and own the 20-29 bracket. We have all bank tabs with a stock of inventory to help you level up your professions so you can get the most out of your twink. If you're...
  12. ProfThiccamore

    US <Insane Brrst> Bleeding Hollow Ally

    *I KINDA FORGOT THIS EXISTED AND HAVE SINCE QUIT WOW JUST ABOUT. I CAN'T FIND HOW TO DELETE, SO THIS IS ALL I GOT. GL TO ALL, SORRY TO ANYONE WHO STUMBLES UPON THIS THREAD* Overview: Insane Brrst is a brand new 10-29 twink guild. The goal (when we have enough twinks) is to set up 3s, 2s, and...
  13. ProfThiccamore

    US Bleeding Hollow Ally guild. Need names

    Alright, some of you may have seen my post about making a 19 hangout, while I'm taking it a step further and I'm making a guild. So, I'm looking for a good guild name that has some reference to everlook or winterspring or the cold in general. Any Ideas? (For those interested, it's going to be a...
  14. soovage

    60-120 progression raiding guild

    The Pride of Progression is a Horde guild on MoonGuard now inviting anyone interested in starting at vanilla content and clearing all the raids then moving onto the next expansion. This is the plan for every expansion all the way to 120. You can level with BoAs and can use LFG while leveling...
  15. Zisa


    EDIT: Hey everyone, quick update. Due to the changes that Blizz has made to twinking, Insurrection has opted to pursue a main focus in 120's. We may be accepting 20 f2p and vets in the future as our guild restructures. If you are interested in that or 120 / endgame content, please send me a...
  16. Fourheead

    US [H] Tichondrius Old Content Progression Guild (TBC)

    Hiya folks! <Iust now pls> Is a recently formed old progression legacy content guild starting in the expansion The Burning Crusade. (UPDATED) Server: Tichondrius Faction: Horde Level: (70) Info: We are a great and growing community seeking more members to fill our roster! We allow anyone who...
  17. Fourheead

    US [H] Tichondrius Progression Old Content Guild (Starting TBC)

    Please refer to our new UPDATED forum post. Thanks!
  18. US 79 Marks/Survival twink lf Alliance guild.

    Hey there, title says it all. I'm looking for an active guild or group of folks that runs level 70-79 twinking on the Alliance. Currently on Illidan however that will likely change due to ally inactivity. Thanks in advance!
  19. US [H] New all level twink guild formed <Twinks> - Barthilas

    Hey all, A new guild has been formed on Barthilas for everyone who enjoys twinking and the communities that come with it. Having the guild name <Twinks> gives it a nice little added touch. If you are interested in joining chuck me a /whisper - Lolurnoob-Barthilas. Since this is a new guild we...
  20. Warlord Daboo

    US Warlords of Warsong resurrection

    For the past few months I have been very busy with real life, moving into my own place out of my dads for the first time made me more busy and consumed than I thought it would. I am still busy working daily and taking classes for my trade twice a week but I am ready to revive The Greatest twink...