1. Huntw

    WTS LvL 1 Legion Epic Boe on EU

    Welded Hardskin Helmet(Plate) = 14 armor 5 str/5 int 7 stam 6 crit 3 vers :D Comment offers
  2. Huntw

    WTS Legion 35 LvL Boe EU

    Demar's Band of Amore +15 stam +50 mastery -> Ring
  3. Huntw

    WTS 25 LvL Legion Boes EU

    Fran's Intractable Loop +10 stam + 32 haste -> ring x2 Queen Yh'saerie's Pendant +10 stam +18 haste +14 mastery --> necks Eyasu's Mulligan 11 int , socket , on use: after 5 sec you get 73 of a random secondary stat for 20 sec you may reactivate it once within 5 sec for an other granted...
  4. Huntw

    WTS x3 Crit +10 Gem (SOLD!)

    I got these gems up for sale. I got them on EU and currently there is a person giving 6m, write your offers {SOLD!}
  5. Tee

    Where are the 30's?

    Looking to see if anyone has any information on level 30, Dragonflight characters for running old raid content.
  6. zazzyfraz

    379 ilvl Zaralek Caverns greens fixed after 6 months

    After 6 months blizzard has finally nerfed the 379 ilvl Zaralek Caverns greens. Lol There's still some other stuff that isnt fixed: Cobalt Watchers Cloth set Ottuk Hide Leather set Ohn’aharn Falconers Mail set Wrymforged Plate set Season 2, Upgrade Level: Explorer 1/8, Required 60, ilvl 376...
  7. IamaLama

    Anything useful to be gained from the Dragon Isles?

    Other than the epic fun of riding a dragon mount, is there anything useful to be obtained from taking a twink into the Dragon Isles? I was exploring today and as far as I can tell, every vendor, rare and treasure is gated behind at least a level 60 player level restriction. Has anyone...
  8. Nelthax

    [New] Newer to the 20 Scene, Looking for some Guidance (PVE Oriented)

    Hello everyone, New to the F2P PvE 20 PVE Scene. I was wondering if I could get a little help with some things, and help choosing what's the best way to go. The account I'll be playing on is completely new and trial account/F2P account, meaning no game time will ever have been activated on it...
  9. Szivexe

    How long does It take to fully gear a warforged 20s twink?

    I'm not new to twinking, but I quit after they implemented the seperate xpoff brackets. I see the vet 20s are still good though... I was thinking of going all out and having every class as a 20s twink but it would entirely depend on the time to gear and I have zero idea what the rates are having...
  10. Jonnes

    A Comprehensive Guide to Farming BiS BoE i29s/i42s in Dragonflight

    Hello, it’s Jonnes again – bringing you another farming guide for level 1 twinks, but for Dragonflight this time. This one will specifically be an outline on farming your Bis BoE i29s/i42s. This guide is up to date as of patch 10.0.2 (Last edited Jan 6, 2023). What to Know I want to go over...
  11. Jonnes

    A Comprehensive Guide to Level 1 Twinking in Dragonflight

    Hello, it's Jonnes again! After the warm reception to my Shadowlands guide, I've decided to go for round two and make a guide for Dragonflight. Again, this guide will be edited as new information comes out, as I would like to take every effort to keep it up to date. Please leave as many...
  12. Newaccount

    WoW DF Dragon Riding Race Records

    This thread has become negligent, if you want to post your race record go to https://www.speedrun.com/wow and click dragonflight races.
  13. Slynx

    EU Dragonflight - any f2p access?

    After an extended nightmare of trying to reinstall/upgrade/patch WoW programme, found invites to Dragonflight on login with alts. Was busy with real life, but ran some of the (Azeroth-based) intros with three alts. On going back on Monday, these intros were closed, and trying to get an alt on...
  14. AlucardX

    Alucard- Destruction Warlock PvP Dragonflight (pre Patch)

    Dragonflight arrived and warlock lookin fun =D With the new talent system we can do a lot of new stuff and make New Talent Builds My Characters- 29 horde) https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/eu/ravencrest/alucardxd 29 ally)...
  15. Did everyone but me know....?

    Max characters per account increased to 60?!?! OMG that's so awesome. I need to start paying more attention to stuff, I guess....
  16. Bakedaflol

    20s Dragonflight enchants

    Note: Post-launch or Pre-launch is referencing 15th of November. Wich is when the pre-patch event, and the new Chromie updates are likely scheduled to kick in. Hence why you can't test the scaling changes on the PTR yet. So even though pre-patch is set to start on the 26th of October, Not all...
  17. KenaX8

    Dragonflight Stat Squish

    You heard it right, on beta right now and after the recent beta/ptr update it seems as though 20s just lost a looot of stats. Gems seem unaffected but the stats (primaries and secondaries), enchant values and effects on gear seems to have just been nuked. Examples: Crusader also seems to be...
  18. Dragonflight Expansion slated for Dec. 2022 Release Date, Pre-Orders Available

    Dragonflight Expansion Now Available for Pre-Order (rel. Dec 2022) Looks like the expansion is finally getting an Official-ish release date of December 2022, this year. Pre-orders available here: https://us.shop.battle.net/en-us/product/world-of-warcraft-dragonflight Collector's edition here...