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  1. 20-29 Simplified Guide to Dragonflight Pre-patch for F2P/Vets

    Simplified Guide to Dragonflight Pre-patch (10.0) This is just a brief overview of the major points of the Pre-patch, as well as an introduction to the Invasion Pre-patch event. There is no definite date for item scaling, but if I had to guess, it will likely happen at launch. There will also be...
  2. Gaara

    +4 Versatility finger enchants

  3. Monkeyflip

    Reputation Guide - what is possible for 20-29s?

    Reputation Guide [WORK IN PROGRESS] - missing Battle of Azeroth. This guide contains all reputations that I've been able to achieve, and plan to achieve, whilst being a level 27. This guide is made simple so everyone can have an idea of how many Factions they can reach Exalted with. If you're...
  4. Lopió

    <Better Luck Next Time> Draenor EU

    Better Luck Next Time (BLNT) is one of the oldest guilds on EU, a former 19 guild for many years which now have reformed for the 20 bracket. We welcome players to come and join us on Draenor EU. "Why do i wanna go horde, when i can sit in 45 minute que and stomp in enemy graveyard ;)" you might...
  5. Germinus


    Where and when (eu) duels happen.. I found 1 person to duel with and he was from classic. Feels like none want to duel anymore...?
  6. dereksquadov

    20s Arena Rating Leaderboard?

    Hey guys. I remember seeing a post about a macro/arena rating leaderboard that used to be maintained for twinks competing in arenas (specifically 20s bracket). I tried doing a search for it but couldn't find anything. I'm working on SquadOV (a WoW arena VOD replay app) and we recently added a...
  7. Ariant

    Warrior guide

    Hello guys, could someone point me to some good 20lvl pvp warrior ? Im looking for help with itemization, or just what stats to focus, also what weapons etc.
  8. 20 Paladin Twink Solo Classic Dungeonmaster Completed!

    I shared this on the bliz forums, wanted to share it here of course! I finally completed the Classic Dungeonmaster Achievement on my lvl 20 Paladin twink: Solo!!! "I’m so pumped to have gotten this done, to my knowledge no other 20 paladins have pulled it off, just hunters so far. At any rate...
  9. ilvl 45 Heirlooms?

    Hello, I'm brand new to the twinking scene and have been doing my best to get geared up before my wow time expires, I was late to the party with getting the azerite and ilvl 49 artifact weapons so i have just been running around with ilvl 32 ones, but I saw a level 20 horde twink (I'm alli) with...
  10. Shadowlands - Legion gear fix?

    First of all, hello! I'm septvm/yutoh ingame. So as everyone knows now, the legion dungeon gear was nerfed from ilvl44 to ilvl25ish, We all can see so many posts about it already (including this one, sorry!) But i made this thread in the hopes of finding a solution, as it seems some people...
  11. WTS Black ogre kickers level 20 ilvl 32

    I have epic upgraded level 20 ilvl 32 black ogre kickers for sale. Frostmourne US
  12. Scapegoat

    20 Rogue gearing advice.

    Hello I have decided to put healing on hold for a bit, and mess around with a rogue. Does anyone know a BIS gearing list? Also stat priorities and such? Thanks for all advice in advance!!
  13. US <Plenty Twinks> HORDE Tichondrius 20-29 Twink Guild

    <Plenty Twinks> was founded as a place for level 20 twinks to find other twinks for battlegrounds or arenas and is supposed to be a friendly environment that welcomes everyone in the bracket, so please remember to be kind to all members. We're a new guild looking to recruit any level 20-29...
  14. Nkopala

    US Quel’Thalas: The highest level 20 population in Latin America.

    Greetings, I am Nko, a player from Quel’thalas, the Latin American server, I have played to Starter Edition since 2011 (9 years ago) where I have always been interested to contribute to the starter community. Between 2011 and 2020 this ‘game mode’ have had many changes. Nowadays, we, the active...
  15. 1v1 Quel'Thalas server - Starter Edition

    1v1 Quel'Thalas server - Starter Edition

    Quel'thalas server Starter Edition pure community
  16. Starter Edition 1v1 Quel'thalas Server

    Starter Edition 1v1 Quel'thalas Server

    Quel'thalas player pure Starter Edition
  17. Starter Edition - Quel'thalas Server

    Starter Edition - Quel'thalas Server

    Starter Edition pure from Quel'thalas 1v1
  18. EU+US Wondering If Blizz Reverts Level if accidentally leveled??

    My buddy just leveled his 20 monk to 21 on accident, I was killing murlocs and we were grouped but didnt tell me he had exp unfrozen prior... I leveled him and I feel horrible. Hes at 1 percent on the dot and I was wondering if they do level reverts? Do they make any exceptions or do they just...
  19. EU+US Level 20 Enhancement Shaman Armory

    Yoooooo Ive Been Wanting to Make a Enhancement shaman, can someone Link me their Armory or link a BiS/Near BiS Enh Shammy.
  20. EU LF Horde Twink Guild on Earthshaker

    Hi all, Old school Twink player here from the Vanilla/TBC good old days back on EU-Sylvanas Alliance, and looking to get back into the action! Currently playing Horde on EU-Earthshaker, and interested in the 19 & 29 brackets. Would really appreciate any advice or information regarding 19 & 29...